Berlinagenten Goes Europe

Big news, everyone! We’re thrilled to annouce our award-winning Gastro-Rallye concept is setting sail for gourmet temples all across Europe. The list covers cosmopolitan pearls like London and Barcelona, but also features raw and upcoming gems like Warsaw and Tallinn.

While the cities vary, the concept stays the same: „Dine like a local.“ But don’t be fooled, there’s nothing basic or low-budget here. Our in-the-know local guides take you on a gourmet feasting journey, revealing savvy eats and well-kept secrets in each city. Between the courses, your insider guide will point out the city’s highlights, so you’ll always know where to go during your whole stay. And before you ask: Yes, we carefully selected and personally tested each eatery to bring you nothing but the best. This way you dive right into the culinary scene of each city, finding the hottest restaurants in an instant. No matter if Budapest or Lisbon, Sofia or Stockholm – our Gastro-Rallyes are sure to surprise you with the latest innovations, delicious food and the best eats in town.

Getting hungry? Great! You should join us for a delicious Gastro-Rallye and see what all the fuzz is about. To find out in which cities our Gastro-Rallyes are available, check out our website.

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The Scene meets To The Bone

To Beef Or Not To Beef, that is the question! Well, let’s be honest. For meat-lovers, that’s never the question. It’s certainly never been for Giacomo Mannucci, either. In his identically-named restaurant in Schöneberg, he’s been pleasing demanding meat lovers for the past 5 years. Now he’s taking us on his next delicious adventure: his newly opened Italian restaurant To The Bone.

It’s called To The Bone because you choose between steaks off and on the bone. From dry-aged Bistecca Fiorentina (on the bone) to finely marbled Flank Steak Fassone (off the bone), the carefully selected menu pleases gourmets and casual foodies alike. Don’t worry, you can bring your vegetarian friend too. Aside from more contemporary dishes like beef filet with glazed carots or bone marrow crostinis, you’ll find veggie delights such as pumpkin with wild herbs or risotto with hazelnut and honey.

So, is that enough to deflect the judgemental looks of Mitte’s vegan-soy-milk-drinking thirty-somethings? After all, this venue is celebrating meat to the fullest! We like to think so. If meat isn’t your thing, just enjoy a veggie meal in a saloon-like atmosphere with design influences from various epochs. It’s both tongue- and eye-candy, complimented by a cocktail menu that’s paying hommage to Nothern Italian’s aperetivo culture. What could go wrong? When you and your significant other are trying to figure out where to eat tonight, grab her (or him) by the hand and finally ask that big question… „To beef or not to beef?“ We already know the answer.

On Tour with RBB TV channel

People often think Berlin turned into this crazy party metropolis after the Wall went down. Well, it’s true! But then, Berlin has always had a history of celebrating life to the fullest. Ever heard of the roaring twenties? We teamed up with TV channel RBB  moderator Urs Rechn for the new format „Erlebnis Geschichte“ („Experience History“), which is on TV every Tuesday at 9pm and explores Berlin’s history. This time, we dived into the remnants of the roaring twenties’ decadence, glamour and hotspots.

You can watch the whole video here.

Insiders – Ralph from ic! Berlin


He did a naked catwalk, secretly dreams of being an opera singer and became a millionaire by selling screwless design eyewear. Ralph from ic! Berlin is a bit of celebrity, though he doesn’t quite see it that way. He’s a cultural pedagogue gone founder, who now spends a good deal of his time living in the day-to-day anarchy of a life with three kids. Here he talks business, Berlin and what he would as Germany’s chancellor.

Important things first. You did a catwalk… naked. Why? (Watch the video)
We had this idea. We wanted to sell jeans besides our glasses, but just one single model. So obviously we couldn’t just present it. It needed to provoke. Maybe even hurt a little. My idea was this – the modern man has so much clothes to choose from, he can’t decide what to wear and accidentally goes out naked. And so I did.

That sounds like it required a lot of bravery. Maybe a bit of craziness, too?
Most of all it required a lot of radicalism. Being radical in the role I was playing was the key. If you told me to run through Soho House naked now, I would do it.

Okay, run through Soho House na-… just kidding. Can everyone learn being radical?
You can teach anyone the tools to stay in character. In that case, being naked was the role’s costume. So actually I wasn’t naked, I was wearing the role. It only gets embarrassing when you can’t to pull it off and stick to the role.

Are you playing a role when you go out there as Ralph from ic! ?
Not really. I’m the guy who comes to a party, says hello to everyone and then leaves. I don’t drink, so I’m not really the party guy.

You don’t… what? why?
Drinking isn’t my cup of tea and parties are literally made for drugs. Remove drugs from the nightlife and it’s done and gone. The only exception is music – when the music is really really good, that’s all the drugs you need.

What sucks about Berlin?
Friedrich Liechtenstein is a good friend of mine. He’s a gifted singer and songwriter. But sometimes, he completely fucks up his show. What he says then is: „Yeah, I know. Just imagine this was a very very well made movie about a guy who completely fucks up his show“. He’s the prime example for all of Berlin – people just don’t try very hard. At the same time, that’s also the best thing about Berlin.

Did you ever want to quit ic! and just leave it be?
There was a point when I was close to quitting. The other two founders and me were these three guys from Oldenburg having this big business love affair. After 5 years a fight over the company’s future broke out. I went through it with clenched teeth and didn’t like it one bit. I was close to calling it quits, when an adviser told me to fight through it. In the end I was glad I did – it earned me the company.

Do you work extra hours?
I don’t actually work that much. ic! Berlin was designed to run on its own at some point. And it does.

So what do you do on an average day? Usually one of my kids sleeps over, I cook some breakfast, do Tibetan yoga, go jogging, grab some lunch and pick up my smallest kid in the afternoon. After that, I’m usually living in my children’s day-to-day anarchism.

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?
Become an opera singer.

Your future CV says you’ll be chancellor from 2034 to 2044. What’s the first thing you do? I’d stop speaking. Once, I didn’t talk for 3 days for an art event. It creates a crazy tension. Since politics is essentially made of words, not speaking as a chancellor would be a great experiment.

Berlin in 3 words?
Laid-back. Lazy. Creative.


Global Hotspot – Tallinn

Men and women in thick furs, medieval cobble stones tucked under snow and a warm glow from nearby window shops. Plus, you’re freezing your butt off. Welcome to winter in Tallinn, capital of Estonia! With its 100th independence anniversary in 2018 growing near, it’s one of Europe’s youngest capitals. Tallinn is defined by a rich mix of culture, architecture and influences from all over Europe. That’s because Estonia was invaded by the Danish, Swedes, Germans, Soviet and Polish – and all of them left some some of their culture behind. The sum of all these pieces is the Tallinn you see today: a vibrant, modern city rooted in colorful tradition. At the same time, Tallinn has become a real powerhouse for technology, giving birth to global players like Skype and TransferWise. How does that fit together?

Start Ups
In digital Estonia, everyone’s always on the hunt for the next big idea. Every 2 weeks IT experts, designers and developers share their knowledge on extensive hackathons. Within 48 hours new ideas are born, pitched to investors and could land heavy financing. Then there’s digital infrastructure. Internet-access is a fundamental right and Wi-Fi coverage is more comprehensive than in most European countries. Your next start-up is just mouse-clicks away. The big idols „made in Estonia“ are Skype and TransferWise. Skype was paid to Microsoft for a whopping 8.5 billion dollars, TransferWise was named Europe’s start up of the year in 2013. And all that comes from a country with a little more than a million residents – 430.000 of them in Tallinn.


Kalamaja translates to „fish house“. The eye-catching neighborhood just outside Old Town was mostly inhabited by fishermen until factories started sprouting up during the industrial revolution. To house the influx of workers, Kalamaja was turned into a sea of wooden houses. Now, 150 years later, Kalamaja is quickly turning into a bohemian stronghold for young creatives. At its heart lies Telliskivi with its integrated restaurant-cafes, art expos, antique shops, flea markets, theatres and clubs. The best place to start exploring is Telliskivi Creative City – an array of old factory buildings turned into hangout for gourmets and music lovers.

Old Town
Cobblestone, gothic spires and Wi-Fi: Old Town is a must-visit for everyone interested in history and architecture. It’s the perfect mix of culture and historic ambience, and at the same time all of the small cafés and eateries offer Wi-Fi (as everywhere in Estonia). The great thing about Old Town: it’s tiny. You can easily explore amazing sights like the Town Hall, city wall and and Holy Spirit Church by foot without breaking a sweat.

City Center
The real contrast waits in the city center. Medieval churches, nestled between high rises and stylish design buildings, remind of past times while Tallinn’s modern mindset becomes visible all around. Tallinn’s official center point is Rotermann Quarter – a meeting point of three roads. The rebuilt area is bustling with restaurants, cafes, boutiques and design houses, but also company offices and residential apartments. The real highlight for any hungry traveler: the food street with amazing treats like Flamm (Flammenkuchen), Røst for coffee and bakery, and gorgeous R14 for great wines and tasty eats.

Pirita is the place to go when you’re visiting Tallinn in summer. It boasts a beautiful beach, a yacht harbour and even an adventure park. Though it’s not far from the city center, you’ll discover idyllic nature and perfect conditions for an easy Sunday trip with canoes and water bicycles. Further inland you’ll find the TV Tower, Estonia’s highest rise. It boasts spectacular views and is just a stone’s throw from Tallinn’s Botanical garden.


Patkuli & Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform
Tallinn is beautiful from every angle. But from Patkuli platform, it’s spectacular. With the town wall’s picturesque red-tiled towers and it’s perfect views over the harbor and church area, you’re just waiting for the Disney jingle to play. Kohtoutsa Platform offers a panorama of the Old Town’s rooftops with the city’s highrises towering in the background and is probably the city’s most popular photo spot.

An elegant park within walking distance of old town, Kadriorg’s cornerstone was laid by Tsar Peter the Great when he established an estate with a public park. It’s locals favourite place for a stroll.

Kumu Art Museum
By far the nation’s largest and most cutting-edge art museum, Kumu displays Estonian-created works from the18th-21st centuries. The building is a modern architectural masterpiece, curved with sharp edges.

Master’s Courtyard
Home to the master craftsmen of Old Town, this courtyard invites visitors to shop handicrafts, jewelry and confections by Chocolaterie Cafe.

Katariina käik
This half-hidden way ranks among the most picturesque of Old Town’s lanes. You’ll find St. Catherine’s Guild’s workshops hidden in the lane, where artists use traditional methods to create glassware, quilts, ceramics and other wares.

Balti Jaama Turg
A hybrid of traditional food market, food hall, street food and gourmet shops, Balti Jaama Turg is an absolute food heaven. If you decide to stay for food- check Mealover Butchery & chef for top-notch steaks and meat dishes. This market is the perfect kick-off to explore the cool area of Telliskivi City.


Salt  (top pick)
A lovely corner bistro with an even lovelier owner – Tiina Treumann. Send our regards, but be sure to book in advance – it’s usually very crowded.

Mon Repos
Chef Vladislav Djatsuk is famous for his Russian Tchaikovsky restaurant. It was crowned best restaurant in Estonia numerous times, and now Vladislav is back with his new restaurant: Mon Repos. He says this is the place where he cook what he really likes.

An eclectic mix of fashion shop and restaurant. The food is good, but not spectacular. What really stands out is the humming atmosphere and stylish interior.

Tchaikovsky celebrates the fusion of French and Russian cuisine. Extra: it comes with a lush summer terrace.

Tuljak’s menu includes large sandwiches, Baltic herring in tomato sauce and cognac-flavoured cakes in a contemporary make-over

For more great restaurant in Tallinn, check this great guide.


Tallinn isn’t very big – but the density of bars and clubs isn’t lacking. In fact, Tallinn offers a surprisingly high amount of nightlife venues. Are all Tallinners hopeless hedonists? Dive into the thriving nightlife and find out. A whole array of electro, funk and rock clubs is waiting to be discovered.


F-hoone (top pick!)
Located in a 100-year old remodeled fabric building, F-hoone ist a culinary hotspot for young gourmets and bar lovers. With its high ceilings, rough brick walls and graffitis on the outside, F-hoone feels like it could be located in the trendy part of Kreuzberg rather than Estonia.

Pudel bar
Pudel Baar probably has the most honest name – it translates to „bottle bar“. Not exactly very creative, but then, Pudel offers a fine selection of those bottles. Tucked away in Telliskivi Creative City, you’ll find 10 ales on tap and more than 200 beer bottles from around the globe.

Clayhills Gastropub
Clayhills sits in the heart of Old Town and offers an excellent selection of local and imported beers in a heart-warming atmosphere. Bonus: there’s a large outdoor terrace ideal for cool drinks on hot days.

Cafe Maiasmokk
Tallinn’s oldest cafe still boasts a pre-war interior. They offer a variety of pastries, fresh coffee and an inhouse marzipan museum.

It’s a bit of a tourist catch, but still worth the visit: Draakon is a medieval theme bar built into the historic Town Hall. Waitresses wear costumes and you get to sip on traditional ale and Estonian schnapps.


Hollywood (top pick)
Hollywood is a melting pot for Tallinn’s party owls – no matter if tourist, youngster or youngster at heart. It boasts Estonia’s biggest video screen, so expect mind boggling visuals to complement both local and international DJs. Their sound system ranks among the best in Tallinn, with fat basslines punching you and the rest of the crowd to nirvana. 10/10 will come back!

Venus is living up to Tallinn’s party spirit – in summer it’s opened 7 days a week. They rank among the most popular clubs in Tallinn, especially for older audiences. People below 21 don’t get in as a rule and the parties go well beyond the first rays of morning sun.

Located next to Freedom Square, Privé is a club that’s paying close attention to musical detail. The owners make sure to select DJs and acts who play to the crowd and know how to rock a dancefloor with style.

Vabank is the poshest of the posh clubs in Tallinn – make sure to dress up properly. It’s the place to see and be seen, to shake your assets and impress the show business’ elite dancing around you. The 3 floors range from disco to pop and R’n’B

Club Studio
Club Studio is a trendy club that’s always crowded, so make sure to come early if you don’t want to spend half of the party standing in queue. The music concept: mainstream beats get mashed up with electronic beats to create real dancefloor blasters.


Telegraaf Hotel (top pick!)
Telegraaf is just 100 steps from Old Town’s medieval square – its location couldn’t be much better. With 84 rooms it’s relatively large, but its contemporary design and spacious interior create the feeling of a small boutique hotel in the heart of Tallinn. It’s also the only hotel in Old Town with spa facilities – a place that pampers you.

Three Sisters Hotel
Located within the 16th century walls of Tallinn’s fabled Old Town, The Three Sisters Hotel enables you to explore the crevices of Old Hansa without sacrificing style, convenience and luxury. Its original building was one of the most famous medieval merchant house, originally built in 1362.

Savoy Boutique Hotel
Small, private and luxurious. Savo locates at the very heart of Tallinn – in a place where the city center meets the medieval old town. It the perfect place for people who travel for business as well as for pleasure. The capital city’s most noteworthy business, entertainment and shopping centres are just a stone’s throw away.

Swissotel is a world of ease, luxury and Swiss hospitality. It’s also the tallest building in Tallinn, so you’re in for breath-taking views over the Old Town and Baltic Sea.

The Centennial
A great brand new 4-star hotel in the centre of Tallinn, 5-10 min’s walk from the Old Town. The interior is Nordic minimalist and Estonia’s centennial anniversary is reflected in the artistic design of the hotel featuring the main periods in the history of Estonia over the last 100 years.


Haapsalu is a calm town with narrow streets and romantic wooden houses just 2 hours from the capital. With the first spa opened in 1825, it enjoys a long history as a spa resort. Its idyllic nature and beauty have attracted the Russian aristocracy as well as travelers from all over the world. Today, it also hosts a number of international festival and houses a number of charming restaurants.

The definite summer holiday destination in Estonia, Pärnu attracts holiday makers with its long sandy beach, seaside restaurants, cocktail barsand a laid back vibe.This medieval city has an easygoing and romantic flair to it. Being the largest resort in Estonia, Pärnu is also a home to a variety of spas and historical bath houses.

Located in close proximity to the beautiful Lahemaa national park, Rakvere is the ideal holiday destination for urban comforts in a rural setting. Rakvere is also an attractive and rapidly developing town with an edge, being the host of a range of alternative punk music events and festivals.

Saaremaa & Muhu islands
These two islands rank among Estonia’s most popular holiday destinations for international tourists and locals alike. Their deserted beaches, lively culture and historical folklore add to create a welcoming place for all travelers. It’s the mix of sleepy villages, windmills, cottages and unique wildlife that caters to those looking for some quality time in nature.


Food sightseeing
Tallinn is a mix of cultures. And since every culture has its distinctive taste – it’s also a melting pot for an exciting culinary diversity. Influences form the East, West and North come together here, and the perfect way to explore the taste of Estonia is a food sightseeing tour! Of course it’s as much sightseeing as sighteating, so tuck in!

Useful website
Flavours of Estonia
Visit Tallinn
Visit Estonia

Berlinagenten Wins Two International Awards

Henrik Tidefjärd - Berlinagenten-07

We won! We won! Yes, that was repetitive. But only because we won two awards. First: Berlinagenten has won the 2018 Luxury Travel Guide Award for „Tour Guide of the Year – Germany“! Each year LTG’s subscribers, hotel guests, travel agencies, and industry experts world wide vote on companies they feel are deserving of recognition. It seems our scheme to make people love Berlin (and us) is working out nicely! Now we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll attend the Global LTG Awards in London next year. With a little luck, we’ll take home the global award like we did in 2016, when our Gastro-Rallye concept won the award for „Culinary Experience of the Year“.

Gastro-Rallye Tour

Secondly – we were awarded „Tour Company of the Year 2018“ by Travel & Hospitality Awards. The T&H Awards is a global awards programme appreciating hotels, travel companies, restaurants, wedding planners and spas – basically all sorts of companies that make your life a little more comfortable. Just like LTG Awards, at T&H subscribers, users and guests can vote for their favourite company. We’re absolutely stoked by the love shown for Berlinagenten. You guys rock! You can learn more about LTG Awards here. More information about T&H Awards can be found here.

The Scene loves Craft Beer

The shortcut to a German’s heart is made of hop, malt, yeast and water. Yep, we love our beer! It’s delicious, nutritious and makes everyone around you look so much better. While Germany’s industrial-made beer is still considered holy by most, Berlin’s creative heads have started taking things into their own hands. Literally. Self-brewed craft beer is taking the city by storm. New breweries, bars and pubs open up by the day. If you’re a man (or woman) of culture, do not hesitate to try these amazing treats of German taste-engineering. Berlin is a big city – so where to start? Here’s a list of must-visits for your next sophisticated pub crawl. Prost!

Before you ask – it’s pronounced BARE-LOW. Yep, we did ask. Located in a spacious container structure in Gleisdreieckpark, BRLO is a slightly hipsterish brewhouse and aspiring beer brand alike. With their laid-back park view and delicious brews, the trendy hotspot is the perfect location for cozy summer beers. Since beer gardens and cold temperatures don’t go together very well, they also boast a cozy indoor area with a fabulous food concept: shared vegetarian dishes with meat as sides.

Stone Brewing
Hold on tight and try not to drool – at Stone Brewing you choose between 65 beers off the tap! Their selection is big, the location is bigger. 2400sqm, up to 1200 guests and a 100-hectolitre brewing machine. Think big. Can you guess where CEO and co-founder Greg Koch might be from? Of course. USA! It seems he knows a thing or two about gastronomy – for the food concept, he hired Robert Hilges, who has worked for Ritz-Carlton and Adlon. Now he’s turning Stone Brewing into a delicious „world bistro“ in the heart of Mariendorf.

Ever heard of shuffleboard? It’s an American board game where players use a cue to push discs down a narrow court, which comes to rest in a score area with different points. Now imagine a top-notch craft beer pub around that board and voila – you have a recipe for fun evenings with your friends. Kaschk is Germany’s first bar to offer shuffleboard, along with a prime selection of Norwegian craft beer and fresh coffee from a filter holder.

Brewdog Mitte
Brewdog is a Scottish brewhouse chain. While we didn’t spot anyone wearing kilts (awww), they offer a selection of 30 draft lines of beer from German and global breweries. Brewdog Berlin’s boss Dean Pugh successfully ran the dependencies in London and Manchester, where they attract a young-professional crowd aged 25-40. Much like in Berlin. The main difference: Londoners start drinking at 6pm, Berliners at 11pm. Why? You don’t go to Berghain before 4 in the morning, and drinking beer for 10 hours is a challenge even for us.

The Castle Berlin
The Castle isn’t your usual hipster craft beer address. They reserve 6 taps for pubs’ classics: Kilkenny, Guiness, Cider and Pils. That’s because owners Ben Fisher and Gekko (yeah, Gekko) were born in Berlin – they know what people like. They also know you have to go with the flow – in this case, that means letting home-brewed craft beer flow into thirsty customers’ glasses. In their Mitte pub, they fit up to 200 people on a sunny terrace. Don’t worry if you stay too long – their morning coffee is just as good as the beer.

16 taps, 300 seats, indoor and outdoor area, located right on Alexanderplatz. What could go wrong? At Braufactu, everything is set for success. They boast expert German brewmasters working with international partner breweries. You can taste their love for brewing – but you can also learn from it: there are beer tastings, workshops and an inhouse Braufactu store to quench your thirst for knowledge (and beer).

Keen for a beer or two? You can learn even more abut Berlin’s craft beer bars here. If you really want to get under the skin of Berlin’s craft beer scene, don’t hesitate to sign up for our private Craft Beer Tours. We’ll show you the trendiest bars and bottles the city’s beer geeks are obsessed with.
Price: from 450 euro / 3 hour tour
Inclusions: Visits to 3 beer bars, private brewery tour, beer tasting, city tour (between stops), public transportation, private guide and lots of insider tips about Berlin’s craft beer scene.

Send request to


The Scene – 13 New Openings

The first heralds of winter are dancing through Berlin’s streets. Yep, it’s snowing! For some that’s reason enough to heat some mulled wine, for others it’s good reason to pull their blanket to the nose and stay in bed all day. No matter if you’re a winter enthusiast or a couch grouch – no one can resist a cozy restaurant and a hot meal when it’s freezing outside. Here’s the candidates for your next favorite eatery, restaurant or bar of the cold season:

Herrmann’s team isn’t shy about their goals. With their Hermann’s spaces – a mix of restaurant, film set and even location – they want to want to revolutionize the food industry. How? By connecting those who invent food, those who produce it, those who sell it and those who buy it. The first Hermann Space just opened on Torstraße. It stretches over 300sqm, offers air roasted coffee from London, Polish delicacies and exotic blends like cold peanut soup with melon.

Wagner Bistro
Kreuzberg’s emerging dining drag for those in the know has a new member. Located on Paul-Lincke-Ufer, Wagner Bistro is a promising new gastro-pub. It’s run by the minds behind Industry Standard and makes a point of serving delicious organic food from mostly local ingredients. What’s special about their concept: the menu changes daily, depending on the chef’s inspiration and available ingredients. You can get canteen style lunch, coffee and tea from 10am-4pm. Dinner, cocktails, beers and wine are served from 6pm-2am.

Night Kitchen
Be warned: once you try Night Kitchen with your friends it might soon turn into your Every-Night Kitchen. That’s not only because they’re opened 7 days a week from 5pm until midnight, but because they have this amazing special offer. For 32€ per person you’re served a constant supply of hot and cold delicacies. Here comes the bang: All night long! That translates to delicious tomato and eggplant carpacio, beetroot with caramelized walnuts or brioche with tahini butter. In between there’s apple shots for you and your neighbours. An evening well spent. And again. And again.

When we hear „Vienna House Andel’s Berlin“, we bow our heads and hail the culinary king of Lichtenberg – michelin-starred restaurant Skykitchen on 12th floor. Since it’s always booked out for months, hotel guests often can’t get a table. Andel’s Hotel’s solution: Maverick’s. Located on ground level, you’ll find California-inspired meals in a warm-hearted surrounding. Expect quality burgers, delicious beef sandwiches, crab cake and more. Maverick’s is a win-win situation for everyone – hotel guests enjoy a great inhouse restaurant and you don’t have to go hungry in Lichtenberg again.

GQ Bar
We all know the big era of print publication is over. So why not turn your magazine into 3D? Possible outcome: a sleek, stylish and sophisticated bar. GQ magazine did just that. Located in Patrick Hellmann’s Schlosshotel, GQ Bar is aiming to become a new hotspot for fashionistas und creative heads. While the excellent cocktails undermine that aim, wen can’t help but ask: Why open it in Grunewald? Berlin’s district of well-heeled pensioners isn’t exactly known to attract Berlin’s cool kids.

St. Bart
St. Bart is basically a mix of culinary finesse and english pub, with tiled walls and happy faces. The good thing is, they don’t ask you to decide. You can skip going to a restaurant before heading to drink, because the food is so good you simply go there for both. Start your night with tasty eats like fried chicken (how do they make it so crispy?), scotch eggs or even delicious nut cake. Then it’s off to please your inner hedonist with tap beer and a laid-back pub atmosphere. Go in, eat, drink, eat, drink, repeat.

Fifty Cocktail Heroes
Hand us a cocktail and we’ll be your hero for the night. But what if you could have fifty heroes and not just one? Well. You can. At Fifty Cocktail Heroes, you’ll find no less than 50 delicious cocktail creations waiting to be explored. The bar joins the fierce competition for coolest bar in Kollwitzkiez with Bryk Bar and Perle Bar among the rivals. Our recommendation: Prenzlauer Boy with beetroot, bourbon and cherry-balsamico-syrup.

Blend Restaurant
Blend restaurant is a mix of flavors, scents and culinary styles of Berlin. Their kitchen is inspired by contemporary food trends as well as traditional Berlin dishes. It’s what they call the „melting pot“ concept – a mix of Italian, German, Turkish and Asian influences. It’s catered to by chef Steffen Sinzinger who learned at „first floor“ restaurant (1 Michelin star) and developed his own style at Charlottenburg’s Le Faubourg.

Funky Fish
If there’s a name that stands for quality food in Berlin, it’s The Duc Ngo. 20 years ago he opened Kuchi – Berlin’s first upscale, modern and stylish sushi bar. He opened a number of restaurants then, the most recent being Funky Fish on Kantstraße. Funky Fish a Spanish fish restaurant with a Japanese twist. It’s based around The Duc Ngos love for seafood à la plancha, easily grilled with olive oil and seasalt.

Klub 808
Located in posh Bikini Haus – West-Berlin’s hotspot for high-end shopping – there’s a new stylish club designed by Laura Rave. She’s better known for designing legendary “Cookies” in Berlin and “Jack Rabbit” in Munich. Klub 808 (pronounced eight-oh-eight) unites dark blue, pink and black elements to create a contrast to Berlin’s dirty techno institutions. Instead you’ll find mostly soul, funk, r’n’b and hip hop.

Tor Bar
The name kind of gives it away: Tor Bar is located on Mitte’s busy Torstraße. The cozy wine and tapas bar was opened by Dieter Meier, also known as Yello’s frontman – a Swiss techno-pop musician pair. Dieter Meier already proved he knows how to attract hungry Berliners with his Ojo de Agua restaurant in Charlottenburg. With Tor Bar, he’s proving he also knows how to attract the more sophisticated Mitte crowd – with good drinks, a snug corner bar and delicious tapas.

The Scene meets Orania.Berlin

When we heard there was a new upscale hotel opening in Kreuzberg, we smirked. Kreuzberg? A district where kebap shops still rule supreme? Where luxury is a swear word and halal is life? Good luck with that. Surely any challenger to the kebap throne would face severe consequences. Luckily, Orania.Berlin isn’t too fussed out. Draped in a red cape with golden elephants on it, the all-new boutique hotel is bringing class back to Kreuzberg.

Actually, Orania is not just a hotel. It’s also a fine dining restaurant. An upscale bar. A literary salon. A music venue. Three times a week, concerts can be attended to in the lobby for as little as 12€. Classic music on Tuesdays, jazz on Thursdays and electro jams on Saturdays, all featuring internationally renowned artists. Orania is far from being „just another upscale hotel“. And yet, some Kreuzbergers don’t approve. The historical sand stone facade had to be cleaned of paint bomb attacks a few weeks back. People don’t trust new things, especially if they resemble luxury.

Inside waits the real highlight – the food. Chef Philipp Vogel is an absolute cooking wizard, inspired by his time in London, Vienna and Shanghai. We kept screaming „YES“ on our way to dinner and went on to scream „OH YES“ with every bite we took. Just mentally of course. We didn’t want to look like the lunatics we are. But damn, it was good. From lukewarm artichokes with octopus to lettuce broth with parmesan-tortellini, we award every dish 11 out of 10 points. Strangely, the first thing that comes to mind is the dessert. French toast with bacon ice cream and a slice of bacon on top. Yes, that’s a thing. Yes, you need to try it.

Let’s be honest. Kebap’s reign in Kreuzberg will continue. But still, Orania is the hero we’ve all been waiting for. True, it’s located in a rough and raw part of town, but that’s just adding to the charm. It’s sophisticated, delicious and unpretentious. It’s everything you want from a hotel and more. We’ll definitely be back!

On Tour – The Great Gatsby

We do all kinds of tours. A mouth-watering Gastro-Rallye? No probs. Wild party nights? Hell, yes. Backstage access? Done. Something more sophisticated, maybe an art tour? We got you. But sometimes, you just need something bigger. 

It’s not like the epic 5-day tour with a Norwegian e-commerce company wasn’t big enough. We visited ElektroCouture, a fashion technology studio pioneering in wearable technology. Then it was off to Berlin’s virtual reality hotspots and Deutsche Bank’s avant-garde bank branch – Quartier Zukunft. In between we slurped on house-made craft beer at Brlo, devoured asian delicacies at Tim Raue’s Sra Bua and relaxed in artists’ refuge Münzstudio. But for the grand final, we wanted more drama. Glamour. Excess.

Destination – Schloss Fleesensee. A luxurious castle with an in-house gourmet restaurant, a private lake and an amazing beach bar. Our guests were relaxing at the beach, taking paddling courses, playing with RC mini boats and having a good time. They had no idea what was the come. But with evening drawing closer, you could feel the tension rising. What was going to happen? 

First – a glamours gala dinner. Everyone smartened up in ravishing outfits. And still, it was just the first course of the night. We handed out masks. „Trust us, you’ll need them.“ And then, it started. With a bang. Many bangs, actually. Fireworks opened a night of exotic geishas, smoky roulette tables, shiny masks, sexy burlesque dancers and lots, lots of confetti. Ladies and gentlemen: the greatest Gatsby party since the 1920s! If there’s one thing we excel at, it’s throwing legendary parties. Don’t believe us? Check out this video and see for yourself.