On Tour – Graffiti Workshops

Bain_8Here in Berlin, we embrace graffiti as an art-form. Berlin is literally tattooed with graffiti and street art. Berlinagenten also uses street art, as a team bonding exercise. In April, we helped twenty people from Canon, Germany and 30 from Bain & Company from Switzerland discover their inner Banksy.

Berlinagenten runs this workshop with professionals from deep within the street art scene. While learning to use a spray can and tag is a highlight in itself, the location is mind blowing.  We are the only official company, offering professional graffiti workshops at the abandoned spy station built in the Cold War, atop the hill of Teufelsberg. The location is not only of historical importance it also offer a magnificent views over Berlin! Our guests get the feeling, that they are spraying painting on ghosts of the past.

So, what do companies get out of them in terms of team building? In many cases, a company want to step out of the traditional way of group bonding. This experience is very exclusive, unique and creative. It gives each individual the chance to try something they would never do by themselves.

Also Berlinagenten focuses on ‘building brands through unique experiences’. Companies love the idea of involving their products, logotype or values within a graffiti workshop. For example, the team spraying the company’s logotype or product.

We also offer snacks, drinks, music and can even bring in break dancers, fire performers or Dj-sets. This fun and inspiring workshop leaves our guests with impressions and emotions, which last  long after the paint has dried. 

To find out more, check out this video.