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The Scene meets Tommi’s Burger Joint

Berlinagenten is known for loving our meat. Tender meat. Slightly pink and sandwiched between two seedless buns. Yep, we love our hamburgers! So, we were happy to check out Tommi’s Burger Joint, the latest in Berlin’s burgeoning Berlin’s burgeoning gourmet burger bar scene.

Tommi’s started in Iceland 31 years ago and now have five branches in Iceland and two in the UK. Situated on Invalidenstrasse in Mitte in a former tea-shop, they’ve gone for a minimalist hipster interior with cardboard signs. They also offer a simple no frills menu. They essentially offer burgers and fries! It’s a burger joint, that’s why!

Tommi’s approach is that to make a bloody brilliant burger, it all starts with the meat. According to Tommies, the best place to get it is in Scotland! The well-seasoned organic patties are then cooked in the open kitchen at the front of the restaurant on an open flame-griller. This means you get a char-grilled burger with a nice smoky flavour.

Once you get your burger, there’s a big selection at the filling bar – every tomato based source going, pickles, jalapeños, horseradish, and posh whole grain mustard. Fancy.

We tried the milkshakes using Icelandic ice-cream, which made them almost like the kind of a thick shake you’d find in America. Yummy. Or you can grab a soft drink, or a beer. Hey, it’s Berlin, of course, you can get a beer.

Nice to have you in town Tommi’s!

Global Hotspot – Lovely Sofia

Bucharest, Odessa, Zagreb, Tirana, Prague, Warschau, Bratislava, we’ve delighted in exploring the former East Europe. Last month, we finally made it to Sofia, which had been flickering brightly on our radar recently. But be warned, this is a destination that won’t stay untouched for long. Sofia has been called the Paris of Eastern Europe and it lives up to expectation. With an amazing historic architecture that contrasts between old buildings á la Vienna, and the soviet monolithic style constructed during the Soviet era, fused very much with Balkan chic.

Locals tell us would that just five years ago, you wouldn’t see many trendy places, but now it´s booming. Think Berlin 15 years ago, when the cool bars were hidden behind secret doors, hip restaurants in old villas and fancy clubs in palaces. It is the fusion of retro, unpretentiousness, raw, underground, trendy, stylish and ultra-luxury, which means there are many worlds to explore in one night! Plus it’s one of the cheapest capitals in Europe, so visit now!

While the city is already an Eastern pearl full of relics from the communist era, there’s a definitely a shift towards fashionable western style places – with restaurants, cafes, bars, fashion stores and art galleries opening up. But don’t expect Parisian luxury! This city that creating its own vibe. The future is best explored along the semi-pedestrianised Vitosha Boulevard and its side streets. Vitosha cuts through the centre of Sofia and here you’ll find Sofia’s nicest buildings and many upmarket stores, restaurants and bars.

Best hotel

Our top pick is the Sense Hotel, which is a member of the Design Hotels group. We stayed in a magnificent corner suite with a stunning view, overlooking the rooftops and top attractions of the historic heart of the city. The hotel boasts a spa with pool and a sky bar with a divine 360 degree view.

Best bars:

1.     The Roof Top bar at Sense. With a cool DJ, the trendy crowd drink or cosy up on the cosy sofas taking in the atmosphere and the view.

2.    OneMoreBar is situated in an old villa. It’s probably the best cocktail bar in town! It’s a very busy with sexy staff offering great service.

3.    The Black Label Whisky Bar is one of the coolest bars of Sofia. It’s tucked away inside the former Central Military Club, a beautiful Neo-renaissance building from the 19th century.

Where to eat?

The food scene is becoming trendier with western oriented concept restaurants popping up all over town. Many restaurants have an Americanized bistro menu with burgers, steaks, Caesar salads and pasta dishes, but there also lots of creativeness. Don’t miss the Shopska salad, which was voted as the most popular dish of Europe in 2014!

The best restaurant scene is found in the neighborhood of Sredets. It is full of trendy cafes and restaurants in the beautiful old buildings.

 Our top picks:

1. Opened for 10 years, Checkpoint Charly is a local favourite. It offers delicious Bulgarian cuisine and has live jazz every Friday night.

2.   Spaghetti Kitchen  is a reflection of the cool new Sophia. They specialize in an American style smoke grill offering yummy meat and seafood.

3.   The cosy tucked away Lavanda Restaurant is hard to find but worth it as it offers delicious comfort foods like risotto and roast chicken. Sit in the pretty garden in summer.

Where to party!

Sofia has a bonafide nightlife. There is an energetic scene where party hungry citizens, dance the night away to international DJ´s. Like Berlin, the smaller cooler bars are harder to find, meanwhile the hip and bigger venues are easy to locate. The best place to start looking is Vitosha Boulevard and its side streets.

 Our top picks:

1.     Club Yalta was voted one of the 25 best clubs in the world by DJ Mag this year. It’s got a pedigree, opening in 1959, it started playing electronic music in 1989 with big names Tiesto, Boy George, Armin Van Buuren, Laurent Garnier and Roger Sanchez spinning there lately.

Summer time, the crew behind Yalta goes Cacao Beach/Sunny Beach for the Solar summer festival.

2. With its super arty interior, Culture Beat Club doubles up as a bar and club offering live music, as well as DJ’s. It’s right on the backside of the National Palace of Culture.

3. The Mascara Club is where the super cool, super rich of Sophia meet for some serious posing. It’s about looking good, feeling great, drinking lots in a classy location beneath the National Sofia Opera and Ballet building.

On tour: The AIA Asia Berlin Gala Dinner Spectacular

One of the absolute pleasures of Berlinagenten’s repertoire of services is creating incredible events. Our end game is always mind-blowing spectaculars that reflect Berlin’s true nature. Hence we’ve created events Levis, Wella Japan, Roche, DDB and AXE, amongst others.

When Berlinagenten received the brief from Tumlare, a leading European destination management service out of Frankfurt, we knew this was going to be a huge one. AIA, the huge pan-Asian life insurance group were hosting 230 people from 12 countries in Asia, including India, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Korea, in Berlin.

They were looking for a company to produce a spectacular final gala and awards show that would leave their guests breathless, with an indelible memory of Berlin that would last forever. Originally, they floated the idea of an Oktober Fest event! Hang on for a second guys, this is Berlin, not Munich! Berlinagenten isn’t that kind of company. If we’re on board we wanted to give them the real Berlin, based on the city´s history and passed époques.

The client loved our idea of producing an event that showcased performances to reflect Berlin from roaring twenties, the divided city, the destruction of the war, reunification and what is quintessentially modern Berlin today. Okay, so how do we pull this together? First off, we needed a location that screamed Berlin. You want something baroque, put your event in Vienna!

Berlin is full of factories, abandoned spaces and industrial halls that reflect the city’s raw, edgy and creative vibe. We chose Umspannwerk am Alexanderplatz, a former power plant that hosts concerts, fashion shows and exhibitions. Ambion, an international event production service company, were brought on board to customize the space. When it came to catering, beverages and service, our brief was it has to be the best that Berlin has to offer. The Intercontinental hotel’s catering team sprang immediately to mind. They host everything from small exclusive dinners to immense catering events.

Now for the world-class entertainment! Berlinagenten has long since collaborated with the amazing Salon K.  We worked with creative director Patrick King to choreograph a brand new show, created especially for the event. The international cast came from Germany Italy, Sweden, America, and Norway and included ballet dancers, singers, hula hoppers and break-dancers.

After six months of intensive planning, it finally was show time! Our guests were standing on the huge balcony, glasses of champagne in hand, surrounded by billowing curtains. Then the curtains dramatically fell to the floor and the show began.

By far the most emotional moment of the night was when a replica of the Berlin Wall was constructed, as the guests sat down for dinner sectioning them off from each other into East and West. We commissioned 0815 Industries to construct the Wall in its actual three metre height. Two ballet dancers played a couple in love who were separated giving our guests a sense of the emotional context of the divided city.

The end result was an incredible night of fine food, amazing entertainment and a spectacular that could happen in Berlin, imprinted onto everybody’s consciousness.

To celebrate the event, we have made a brilliant video documentary of it! Enjoy!


Black carpet: Goodbye Cookies :(


It will be the end of an era on July 19th, when one of our favourite clubs in Berlin, Cookies will spin its last disc. It was way back in the early 90’s that Cookies opened its doors for the first time in a shabby basement in Mitte. Henrik arrived in town some years later and found himself naturally drawn to the hottest ticket in town. ‘Berlin’s Studio 54,’ as he recalls it.

Once he put his hand in the Cookie jar, he just couldn’t take it out! It was Cookies that cemented Berlin’s status as a city so happening that he just couldn’t leave. Thirteen years later, he’s still here.

Back then it was wild, a crazy mix of creatives, cool kids, fashion victims, bohemians, artists who partied like there was no tomorrow. Often there wasn’t. Tomorrow was obliterated by the night before that just went on and on. For a long time, it was ‘Nur für Freunde’ (only for friends). Hollywood stars like Jude Law, Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson, Nicolas Cage and Halle Berry only just managed to pass the door bouncers!

Henrik, however, became best friends with club and could be found on the dance-floor during their opening days Tuesdays and Thursday in their 6th location, a former bank in the Charlottenstrasse/Unter den Linden. In 2007, the club opened its door for the seventh time ina  movie theatre of the former French Cultural Centre in GDR, during the legendary era of electronic music, featuring the Germany´s biggest DJ´s, Dj Hell, Turntablerocker, Sven Väth and Miss Kittin. Before moving to its current location in a smelly lane behind the Westin Grand Hotel.

Berlinagenten has not only partied with friends here, but also arranged events and dinner parties for our style-pack leading clients. In 2009, Henrik arranged the official party for Levis during the Bread & Butter fashion fair.

Now Berlinagenten will definitely be at the Berlin’s hottest July ticket for the final ‘Black Carpet’ parties. The last days of disco are very close, so see you on the dance floor!  To find out more, check out the line up at Cookies.



Insider fashion: Sevil Uguz from LNFA


As it is Berlin Fashion Week from July 8 to the 13th, we have chosen to feature a young woman tasked with getting Berlin’s fashion’s hippest and brightest out in the world. Sevil Uguz runs the fashion-forward store and PR agency LNFA (Live Networking for Fashion & Art) that champions young designers in their fabulous store/PR agency in the funky Bikini Berlin. She started her career as a editor in chief of a Blogzine named Bloggers Melting Pot.

Here’s Sevil to fill us in her concept and Berlin Fashion Week.

Tell us about your company and what you do?

We’re run as a shop, event platform and agency for young fashion designers. The LNFA Shop cherry picks the best designers such as  Esther Perbandt, Ewa Herzog, Aurelia Paumelle, and Trippen. We support young fashion designers with our work in sales, public relations and advertisements.

Who are your clients and bit about them?

We have a mix of clients – young and older, hipsters and tourists, who love seeking out new fashion. For some, it’s first time they discover this kind of designer clothing. We serve the kind of people  who love a lot of diversity in their wardrobes. We give them the option to jump on board with the young designers before they get too famous!

Is there a Berlin style?

The three words I’d use are brave, innovative and always changing.

Tell us a bit about your store at the Bikini House and how it came about?

I was asked to open the store. We have lots of events and the idea was to build a platform to showcase the newest trends and fashion designers.

How has the fashion scene changed over the last few years as Berlin has become a fashion hub?

The Fashion scene is getting harder. As a PR Agent I know there is a huge amount of talented competition. The biggest problem is that building the scene when many the upcoming designers leave Berlin for London, Paris or New York. For example, Achtland and Patrick Mohr. Fortunately though, it’s such a creative city there are new fashion unknown designers in the wings.

What are you most looking to at Fashion Week?

I can’t wait to see the Marina Hoermanseder & Esther Perbandt shows. And of course, the parties!

What is the best party?

When you’re working it’s hard to say which is the best party.  We usually only get a sneak peak of every party, as there is always another event waiting.

Has there been an influx of worldwide interest in the last few years?

There’s definitely a lot more interest from other countries and their fashion press. I meet a people from all around the world, during the last fashion week. With a lot of hard work, Berlin could be the next Paris for fashion.



On tour: TED loves Berlin(agenten)

TED is synonymous with the creativity, a platform that brings the world’s best thinkers together to explore technology, entertainment and design (TED, get it?), as well as innovation and new ideas. Thanks to the Internet, TED has become a worldwide force for spreading ideas that actually matter.

At the end of June, Ted and TEDxBerlin hosted TEDSalon, the first official TED event to take place in Germany. The ‘Bits of Knowledge’ programme explored the ever-changing forces of politics, technological innovation and science and how they’re combining to create change at a faster pace. And where better to host a theme than Berlin, which has seen an incredibly rapid change over the last 25 years.

Over 1200 people got their heads filled with the knowledge by 15 international speakers about everything from app generation, the Stasi surveillance state, camera drones, the intelligence of a single-celled organism to new online social movements.

TED partners Visit Berlin asked Berlinagenten to especially curate a tour that would encapsulate the theme, ‘Berlin 25 years later’, to showcase the city’s creative development since the fall of the Berlin wall. Most importantly, they wanted to give the international participants an insight into the real Berlin scene and the incredible ​​diversity that Berlin has to offer. No problem! Berlinagenten are the city’s specialists when it comes to espousing Berlin’s creative scene.

Among the 40 participants were TEDx organizers from around the world, including Thailand, the USA, England, India and Kenya. Berlinagenten led them through Berlin’s main attractions such as Reichstag and Check Point Charlie, then into the depths of Kreuzberg, across Tempelhof Airport, up and down the East Side Gallery and into the RAW Tempel, which showcases Berlin’s most edgy events. The highlight was a trip to Berghain, to see the world-famous club. Okay, it was the daytime, but at least the participants could go home saying they’d been in front of the legendary techno club!

The Scene meets Super Lux Berlin

Berlin has a reputation. It’s known as a city of hedonism, wild 24/7 partying, anything goes clubs, trashy bars and even trashier patrons. That’s what we love about it – its bad reputation. But there is another side to Berlin, a more sophisticated grown up Berlin, where luxury is paramount. Over the last ten years, Berlin has got her luxury on. It wasn’t until the mid 2000’s that the gastronomic/bar scene started to take off.  With more Michelin stars than Hamburg, you also get good value for money like nowhere else! Now things have become ever chicer, with a marked improvement in quality, international influences, more stylish interior design and truly creative ideas.

This can also be witnessed in the slew of new five star luxury hotels –The Eddington, The Q Hotel, Das Stue, The Sofitel and the Waldorf Astoria taking up residence in buildings old and new. Grown up Berlin is full of new innovations and stylish locations, all eager to buy into the luxury market. Here’s some of favourite upscale addresses.

 The Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Hotel

Step into pure heaven on the light-infused 5th floor spa that also boasts a swimming pool, a steam room. Each cutting-edge customized treatment starts with a footbath and massage. Then you’re taken to your own divine treatment room that is sprayed in the Guerlain scent you choose. Also on offer are hydrotherapy, Vichy showers, and massages for one or two. The pampering is just what you expect from the Waldorf – 5 star, all the way. Top tip for Berliners! You can drop in and use it as a day spa.

Marcell of Berlin DSCI0158 A young upscale high-fashion label Marcell of Berlin creats basics and evening fashion for sophisticated women. The concept store on in the Schlüterstraße, offers Marcell’s creations along shirts from 5Preview, jewellery by Tina Lilienthal, bags by Jerome Dreyfuss, sunglasses by Thierry Lasry and shoes by Melissa, which was created in cooperation with Vivienne Westwood.


A modern gourmet temple located in the historic Edison courtyard, the restaurant has been awarded with two Michelin stars. Daniel Achilles – “awarded as Chef of the Year 2014 by Gault&Millau. Not surprising, when you taste the exotic German flavors that have been creatively re-imagined into a world class fusion of thoroughly international sensations.  

Soho House Lofts

Big stars needs big lofts. Over recent months, a little birdie told us that George Clooney and Jennifer Lawrence were guests. Each Berlin Loft benefits from an open-plan living and dining area that features a, 5.1 Cinema system, 75” TV, high-spec Kitchen, a dining table for 12 guests and either a grand piano or fussball table. It’s the perfect place for party, ask George! Take a virtual tour yourself.

Quartier 206  

While Ka De We is the biggest and best luxury store in town, Quartier 206 on Friedrichstrasse gives it a run for its money in terms of atmosphere and ambience. Set in an extravagant Art Déco style, there are is over 8,000 square meters of retail space filled with brands like Gucci, Cerruti, La Perla,  Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Brille 54, to name a few.

Ritz Carlton Fragrance Bar

This world innovating bar opened in June. The concept you choose you cocktail by its smell. The menu card was designed by mixologist Henning Heisse, who also happens to be a perfumer. Guests smell signature scents by from Georgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Guerlain and pick the matching cocktail. Specialty bar snacks match the olfactory experience including a macaron with raspberries and vanilla that compliments ‘Signorina’ by Ferragmo.

 IC! Berlin Brille_robert_04 Berlin’s very own IC! Berlin have hit the topend market perfectly, with their Onono glasses and lenses. Made from the long horns of Indian Oxes, these glasses are still the ultimate in luxurious  funky, handmade eyewear. The collection has been presented at Mido in Milan, the Vision Expo East in New York, the Silmo in Paris and the Ioft show in Tokyo. Seeing in believing.

The Mandala Suites Breakfast Room

This terrace is absolute Berlin secret, but we are sharing it you. It’s makes a damn fine  breakfast location on the rootop at the exclusive five-star hotel, the Mandala Suites

Whisky and Cigars

This shop in Mitte does exactly what its name implies, sells a huge range of Whisky and Cigars. An absolute consoeur’s paradise. They have an online store as well.