Daily Archives: 4 July 2014

The Scene meets Tommi’s Burger Joint

Berlinagenten is known for loving our meat. Tender meat. Slightly pink and sandwiched between two seedless buns. Yep, we love our hamburgers! So, we were happy to check out Tommi’s Burger Joint, the latest in Berlin’s burgeoning Berlin’s burgeoning gourmet burger bar scene.

Tommi’s started in Iceland 31 years ago and now have five branches in Iceland and two in the UK. Situated on Invalidenstrasse in Mitte in a former tea-shop, they’ve gone for a minimalist hipster interior with cardboard signs. They also offer a simple no frills menu. They essentially offer burgers and fries! It’s a burger joint, that’s why!

Tommi’s approach is that to make a bloody brilliant burger, it all starts with the meat. According to Tommies, the best place to get it is in Scotland! The well-seasoned organic patties are then cooked in the open kitchen at the front of the restaurant on an open flame-griller. This means you get a char-grilled burger with a nice smoky flavour.

Once you get your burger, there’s a big selection at the filling bar – every tomato based source going, pickles, jalapeños, horseradish, and posh whole grain mustard. Fancy.

We tried the milkshakes using Icelandic ice-cream, which made them almost like the kind of a thick shake you’d find in America. Yummy. Or you can grab a soft drink, or a beer. Hey, it’s Berlin, of course, you can get a beer.

Nice to have you in town Tommi’s!