The Scene meets Schillerkiez

Do you know the saying „not all that glitters is gold“? The same could be said about the Schillerkiez in Neukölln. „Schillern“ means „to glitter“ in german and the neighbourhood – largely constructed around 1900 – was originally designed to attract the wealthy bourgeoisie to this part of town.

However, with the increased use of airport Tempelhof, located right next to the Schillerkiez, the wealthy residents of the once prestigious borough went looking for more comfortable areas to live in. The Kiez decayed over time and slowly but steady became a somewhat deprived area – worn down houses roaming the once glorious Schillerpromenade, crime rates going up and a constant rise of poverty among the residents.

But now, for the good news! Things change around here, and fast. With the closure of the airport a few years back, investors have once again found the beauty or rather, the financial potential in this area and be assured – it’s only for the better. With forerunners like Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and the close-by Reuterkiez, Schillerkiez will be the next big thing on the map of gentrification. After walking up and down the Schillerpromenade and checking out some of the side streets you’ll understand why – there really is a lot of potential slumbering in this area. With direct access to the huge Tempelhofer Feld, offering space for all the recreational activities you can think of, living here becomes more and more attractive by the day.

There’s quite a handful going on in the Kiez at the moment – the upspring of numerous trendy cafés and organic burger restaurants, the first confirmed sightings of students and hipsters moving into the newly renovated houses and the transformation of kebab shops into second hand boutiques for once pricey clothing only hint at one thing: The Schillerkiez will schiller once again!

Now the new residents themselves surely don’t see it that way… yet. Comfortably sucking on the straws of their iced lattes, they like to lament about the nearby oh-so-cool-Reuterkiez and its oh-so-cool-residents and how the residents of the Schillerkiez are oh-so-different. The fact the Reuterkiez is less than two kilometers away and underwent the exact same developments over the last years doesn’t seem to get on their minds. 

With all this potential the Kiez has, of course Berlinagenten had to go there and check out the first trendy cafés and the best spots for tasty food, coffee bars, funky eateries, vintage styled cafes, workshops and more.

Café Engels

Café Lux

Café Pappelreihe

Wilhelm Tell




Itzenga (contemporary jewlery)

Gordon Records 

Café Jule 

MJ’s foodshop 


Willi Moeller’s Holz Kohle Bar

Café Frollein Langner

Bar Bruchberg 

Zio Felix Pizzeria

Café Kanel