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On Tour: 25 years fall of the Wall

A quarter century ago the whole world witnessed the most powerful symbol of the end of the Cold War – the historic fall of the Berlin Wall. In many ways it still feels like it was yesterday when a whole army of rusty Trabants invaded West Berlin after the Wall went down, causing odour nuisances amongst the incredulous spectators along the way on a lovely sunday. „Where is the next bank, good sir, I want to collect my welcome money!“ No open banks on sundays though, so most of them had to be content with an extended tour of window shopping. Now, for the anniversary of the fall 25 years later, Berlin has been invaded again – but this time its invaders have thankfully had the decency not to appear in a grey cloud of stinky emissions.

It was a wild mix of of curious onlookers, eager tourists and cheerful Berliners who populated the city throughout the weekend for countless anniversary ceremonies and glamorous celebrations. Naturally, Berlinagenten was right in the epicenter of it all! We’ve done more tours than ever and are super glad this marathon weekend is over. All our guests and tour guides can now proudly say they were part of this historic weekend – bigger than ever, better than ever, united forever!

With a huge variety of events and tours taking place on that weekend, it wasn’t easy for us to decide which to present to you. Here’s our top picks.

Our guests from mac cosmetics were here to experience an extended special edition of our popular Urban Insider Tour, focusing on the fall of the Wall, Berlin’s art scene and aiming to provide a detailed „behind the scenes“ insight.

Since we’re always trying to please our customers with tours that dig deeper into life in Berlin and its history, we started off by paying a visit to our friend Edwin Seth Brown. He’s an international media networker and a well-known art collector – insider knowledge all the way. After he shared his wisdom with us, we hit the streets – with eyes and minds wide open we explored some of the coolest places for urban art Berlin has to offer. Walking down the roads of the cult borough Bergmannkiez eventually got us thirsty and led us to a popular edgy bar that’s opened 24 hours, 365 days a year. The bar creates its own atmosphere – a dark wood interior, numerous antiques hanging loosely form the ceiling, heavy smoke filling the air and not a single sober soul to be seen. We felt a slight jolt of guilt hit us when the bartender greeted us by name, but of course that’s only because we often pass by when guiding hardcore VIPs. Cough cough. 

But then… yes! The memory hit us, we’re here to do a tour. We quickly left the Schlawinchen before getting caught up in the bar’s maelstrom for good. We can reveal this much already: the rest of the tour was awesome. One of our guests left us a heart-warming message on his way back to Paris: 

As I am about to head back to Paris, I would like to thank you for having me and my friend on a tour in Berlin. I feel privileged, blessed and lucky to have crossed your path! You certainly have added interesting nuances to our Berlin tour (and honestly, to my vision of life).“ – Idris Henry

Too kind, really! But not even that surprising, with the rest of the tour still to come. We got a glimpse on secret locations that feature some of the coolest graffitis and of course we had a look at the spectacular light border near the well-crowded East Side Gallery (the last remains of the Wall still stand tall here). The light border consisted of roughly 8000 luminous white baloons along the whole route of the Wall, visually displaying the dimension of division the Wall once brought upon Berlin’s inhabitants. Before visiting an underground museum that we’ve already had the pleasure to introduce Madonna’s daughter Lourdes to, we paid a visit to a real „rockstar“. Well, he’s not really playing music but has definitely altered the playing field of the trendy (sun)glasses scene in the city. Ralf from ic!Berlin showed us around in his glasses manufactory – his brand has already become a cult label.

After the last stop at a trendy vietnamese restaurant (that cooks the award winning best burger in Berlin), our guests felt exhausted but wore a dreamy expression of content on their faces. They had gotten a better view behind the scenes of life in Berlin and its history than many do in a lifetime!

Other tours

So, what else was on the menu for the weekend? Our charming tour-guide and legendary blogger Lollie Barr had the pleasure of guiding two groups from Atlanta and Detroit around the city. Lollie daringly led them through the city’s hidden oases and secret pathways until her feet had worn sore. Our guests were given the chance to not only experience many of the landmarks, but to also hear numerous insider stories about the vivid nightlife, the developing creative scene and had the chance to get an exclusive feel for the city’s atmosphere. Then there was the brewery tour (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like) – 16 norwegians tasted their way through Berlin’s most popular breweries. If the exquisite supply of fresh beer hadn’t played tricks on their senses, they might even have noticed they passed by some of Berlin’s Pink Pillow Hotels.

Wait… what? Pink Pillow Hotels? Surely, this must be an idea that our gay mayor Klaus Wowereit came up with! Close, but no. VisitBerlin invited a group of french media representatives and event managers to stay at one of the Pink Pillow Hotels – hotels that especially welcome gay and lesbian guests. They experienced the city during the anniversary celebrations, with a special emphasis on the open-minded Berlin gay scene. Naturally it was up to Berlinagenten to do the guiding. Our Berlin by Night Tour set the mood for a vibrant night out – originally we wanted to visit just a few selected trendy bars, but of course ended up partying until early in the morning. Berlin, baby!

Last, not not least…

Journalists and travel agents from Japan, Denmark and Israel. After a 5h Urban Lifestyle Tour, we joined sunday’s final night of the anniversary celebrations. After a reception at the legendary hotel Adlon, we were off to the biggest event the weekend had to offer. Exclusive VIP access to the grandstand facing the Brandenburger Tor – it was concert night. Peter Gabriel, Udo Lindenberg, die fantastischen Vier and global super star Paul Kalkbrenner enchanted thousands of visitors with their perfomances, right in front of the historic landmark. Doesn’t matter if you look 25 years ago or today – what unites us in our hearts and spirits always remains the same – the love for music.

Our selection of the best videos “25 years Fall of the Wall”:

Berlin Wall baloons are released for anniversary

Kick-Off: Fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years later

Light border in Berlin: From the ground and from above

Peter Gabriel sings “Heroes” at Berlin Wall ceremony

Huge Party as Berlin celebrates 25 years since Fall of the Wall

25 years Fall of the Wall – Light illumination

Red Carpet – Henrik’s Glamorous October

October descended on the city with a sexy red cocktail dress on and generously supplied us with the one thing we can never get enough of: grand openings. Our inbox was bursting with invitations and many a tear was shed over deciding which event to dump and which to attend to, but eventually we managed to handpick the five finest.


Silver aliens hovering over our heads on flashing surfboards, dozens of drag queens jiggling along with a bunch of smoking egyptian goddesses and a fabulous looking Nofretete rocking the stage. To answer the question that immediately arises: no, we have not taken any acid. The brand new 10 million euro show in the Friedrichstadtpalast by fashion tsar Manfred Thierry Mugler literally blew our minds. We were introduced to a concept of energetic, modern and timelessness performance missing a comprehensible narrative. When it got too confusing we just counted the celebs who had lined up to be part of the premiere: Inka Bause, Thomas Hermanns, Wolfgang Joop, Inka Bause to name just a few.


We were especially looking forward to this one. Our friend The Beautiful Jewels opened the doors of her new vaudeville bar/night club hybrid, destined to become an uninhibited get-together location for artists and all sorts of wondrous looking folks. A steady tickle of people shuffling down from Eberswalder Str. U-Bahn station got the place packed in no time and quickly befriended the excessive booze supply. Shortly after our arrival the lights were dimmed down low and Jewels warmly welcomed everyone to her fancy world of underearthly delights. Loud grunts of approval from the wildly mixed audience were the last things we heard before immersing into a night of magic, belly dancing and the constant thrill of escaping from a homosexual blue rabbit drinking vodka on the rocks. Read more here.


Berlin has a new healthy food temple. 100% organic. 100% vegetarian. 100% overcrowded opening. The idea of an organic restaurant doesn’t seem new, but it really is. By juicing the ingredients later used for cooking are extracted at the best quality possible and can then be easily absorbed by the body. The juice isn’t heated and hardly comes into contact with air, hence it keeps a very high percentage of the healthy ingredients. Pure. Raw. Superfoods.

The opening itself felt very raw, too. Huge masses of hipsters forced the not-so-joyfully-looking waiters to climb through the windows (!) in order to serve food samples to the waiting guests outside, who never even stood a chance to get inside. Now we wouldn’t be Berlinagenten if we hadn’t somehow squeezed in to see what was really going on – a nicely decorated wall (feathers sticking out of it, making it seem alive), pumping electro beats, hungry visitors eagerly devouring whatever food they could get their hands on and thank god, champagne to assist our mood in disregarding the fact our feet were constantly being stamped on. The food itself? Delicious.

Rio Party by Design Hotels

Till Harter came up with the brilliant idea of creating a so called pop-up hotel in Rio de Janeiro during the hot sommer months that have been home to this year’s FIFA World Cup. He hosted a series of parties called Berlin de Janeiro over in Brazil and their vibrant atmosphere made them a great success –  now he’s back in Berlin to celebrate that triumph. The coming home party of their brazilian success story took place in the luxury boutique hotel Stue, nestled in the Tiergarten park near to the Zoo. Berlinagenten was invited and we followed the call to battle! Who would look the most stylish? There really was no way of telling. The guests looked just as chique as the hotel and blended in perfectly. If Henrik had worn a red jacket he would have blended in pretty well, too. Why red, you ask? After half a dozen well-mixed cocktails Henrik spent a surprisingly large amount of time crawling across the red carpet while making incomprehensible sounds. Go Berlinagenten!

Hotel Ultra

This will be the first hotel in history to never receive a single complaint from their guests. That’s because all their guests are furniture. Since we’re still in 2014, furniture isn’t very likely to complain. Yet. The owners of Hotel Ultra are however pushing open the doors to the future by re-inventing the concept of selling furniture – from a total of 36 rooms, customers are free to pick any piece of the interior furnishing and take it home right after they’ve finished their cake&coffee. Technically you can’t spend a night in the hotel (rumor has it that the chairs come alive at night and take up the most comfortable rooms), but Berlinagenten has never been a friend of restrictions! No, we didn’t sneak in, but we were invited to the opening party that went on well into the night. The dressed bell boy with his guest list made it feel like a real hotel opening and all the fashionably dressed folks around us added up to the impression. As with most parties that offer free booze many seemed to feel it was time for the old game: „I came, I saw, I conquered all the drinks I could before the supply ran out“. The poor bar staff never got a rest and still had to cope with many a soul who’d flash them angry glances if they didn’t have their glass of champagne in 5 seconds. After sobering out the next day the foremost impression we had the night before still remained in our heads: great concept, great venue. Good luck!

Insiders: Berlin legends – Britt Kanja

Berlin always drifts somewhere between left and right, rich and poor, success and failure. We’re a city of thousand faces and maybe the most prominent face over the years has been that of our nightlife. Ask anyone who’s been to Berlin and they will gladly tell you, the never-ending parties are beyond good and evil. Some might even tell you about the many stars and legends that have once shaped the surface of our nightlife to what it is today. One of those stars is Britt Kanja and we talked to her about the craziest parties in Berlin, the meaning of life and the secret of her seemingly everlasting beauty.

Q: Hey, Britt. As you know we have many international readers who might not be so familiar with the Berlin nightlife and its history, so let’s start from the bottom. Could you tell us about the infamous 90° club that you and Bob Young founded in the 80’s?

A: Bob and I were both very life-affirming and full of joy. But no matter where we went, it was never quite what we longed for, so it wasn’t long until we began throwing our own parties. In the beginning it was just a theme party called Tanzstelle in various different locations, but eventually it came as it had to come and we founded our own club, called the 90°. Life was very intense back then. Our parties went on forever, the nights became days and days became nights again. The vision of beauty united us and we were always glad to find like-minded spirits. The kind of people who realized that fame was just a game and you’ll only ever be a winner at it if others win as well. 

Q: You toured Europe as a professional dancer and lived in San Diego for five years before coming back to Germany. Did that have an influence on your idea of giving birth to a new nightclub?

A: I really had a cultural shock when I got back to Berlin in the 80’s! Many people had left the city and others moved in, often from smaller villages. They moved in for financial and political reasons, to study or to avoid being drafted. I studied nutritional science back in the US and I looked like blossoming life itself when I returned, but that really wasn’t en vogue here. It was cool to look sick and broken and walk around with your nose high up in the air, feeding on your own arrogance. So the vision of beauty that we brought to the table was something completely new.

Q: So where did you find your inspiration?

A: Berlin was the gay center of the world in the 60’s and the nightclubs and coffeebars were buzzing with life. When I returned home in the 80’s, it had changed into a city with a very low spirit for community. That was the time I figured that any place I came back to, people rejoiced and told me how everything had fallen apart while I was gone. It was right then that I realized I have always had the gift of connecting people and bringing them together, so founding a nightclub was an easy choice to make.

Q: You must have seen some really, really wild parties over the last decades. Which of them were really off the hook?

A: The style of our parties always was something between genius and chaos. The guests were a mixture of all ages, hetero, gay and androgyne. You know all these bad taste parties people always go to and have a blast? We were the first ones to pull that trick out of the hat. 20 years ago we threw the first „Bad Taste Is Back Again“ party in Berlin and it was mindblowing! Celebs from around the globe joined in. Unforgettable memories, especially since everyone was dressed up like in the 70s, no matter which background they had.

Q: That does sound marvelous. Are there any oth-

A: Wait, I remember an even better party! Berlin, 1995. All the stars and politicians were invited to the unveiling of the Reichstag and half of Europe’s Royalty booked flights to Berlin to become part of this legendary happening. And so we threw an immense party the night before in Café Moskau. The theme was Indian night and all the celebs were dressed up as Indians, turbans and everything. That might be one of the most legendary nights I remember.

Q: So you’re saying Berlin’s most popular public figures got totally wasted and the next day it was off to the historic unwrapping of the Reichstag?

A: Yes, exactly! And just think of it, everyone wearing those hilarious indian costumes.

Q: At the unwrapping?

A: No! At the Café Moskau, the former club-restaurant for priviliged people during the communist era. We were the first to bring back life into the venue after the political turnaround, the fall of the Wall. The army had to clear the place of wiretaps first, though. The place was Honecker’s entertainment „palace“ in the GDR, featuring many private séparées and hidden rooms. I can only imagine what kind of things Honecker did at the Café back then. Hence all the wiretaps! Then we found the biggest surprise yet. The basement was filled with pineapple tins, up to the ceiling. Hundreds of them, no, thousands! What a view that was!

Q: Haha, maybe Honecker was secretly undertaking pineapple experiments in the basement. But enough of the parties – you’re a woman of many talents. What else do you do?

A: I designed a collection for a knitting manufactory, I did the choreography for the fashion show as well as the production of the fashion catalogue. After I retired from working in the 90° club I started studying graphics- and film cutting programs at a media academy and did a traineeship at the Circus of Now. Nowadays I spend a lot of time painting. I am currently working on an art exhibition – each piece consists of three pictures and covers a whole wall and there’s five all together. So far it has me a 3/4 year and it’s not even finished.

Q: That sounds great, you’re still going strong! How did you manage to stay so fit, mentally and optically?

A: Life offers us nuts, but cracking them is up to you. Everyone faces their challenges and some people become desperate over time. That’s bound to make you old, grey and bitter. You’ll only get in trouble if you run away from your challenges instead of facing them and I prefer clarity over bitterness. I’m constantly trying to broaden my horizon and I feel I’m expecting less and less and am able to give more and more. We’re living in tough, exploitative times but it’s up to you to make the best out of it and stay fit.

Q: Truer words have never been spoken! Last question – could we please get an insider tip for a wild night out in Berlin?

A: If you’re a little crazy and tolerant and maybe a little gay, too, then I know just the spot. It’s an underground party called Chantal’s House of Shame and it takes place every thursday. As excessive and uninhibited as it gets these days. There’s a wild mix of gays and heteros and things can go from normal to hunky-dory in a split-second. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you are, everyone’s welcome.

Q: Any last words?

A: There’s hope for humanity. You. It’s in each and every one of us. Fill up the treasury of your beauty. Only when the power of love overcomes the love for power, this world will find its peace.

Thank you, Britt! We wish you the very best and we hope to see you in Berlin’s spotlights for many years to come!

The scene meets Neue Heimat (yummy!)

Here’s one for the all the lovers of our beautiful german language out there – das Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk (RAW). When you’re done untwisting your tongue, the idea might hit you that this must be some sort of complicated german disease. Nope, all wrong. The world actually means „repair station of the imperial railway“and as it happens with most things in Berlin that you take your eyes off for a few years, it was soon stripped of its initial purpose and revived to a totally different life. The RAW premises are now known for their wild mix of night clubs, bars, artistic spaces and trend sport activity venues and attract thousands of visitors on any weekend of the year. Now the makers of the infamous Bar25 and Chalet Club joined the fun to add yet another facette to the beloved RAW.

The village market „Neue Heimat“ recently opened its doors in two industrial halls located on the premises. Thankfully they’ve been going easy on the renovations – you can still smell the scent of Berlin hanging in the air as you stroll through the area and be sure, it is by far not the only scent that draws your attention. Delicious food is to be had on every corner of the beautifully arranged  village and food market. We got disquietingly close to several culinary orgasms while eating our long way through the food shops.

Two friendly looking french guys had us coming close for the first time when cooking some spicy mediterranean sausages with a sensational yoghurt&herb sauce, served in a hotdog bun. You like meat, this is the place. If you’re brave enough for a daring cultural blend – behind the „Buns“ truck an english fella cooks tasty chorizo burgers and fish and chips.

All in all there’s more than 20 culinary options to choose from and enough food to feed even the hungriest of stomachs. Specialities from all around the globe and a mix of well-known street food veterans from the area create an international flair right in the heart of the city. You’ll also find entertainment here throughout the weekend – they also feature a design market with fashion shops, art and music. Their website even announced an extended christmas market a few days ago!

With the makers of Bar25 running this place, we’re sure there’ll soon be even more on the menue. And now, off the Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk! (extra points for correct pronunciation)

The Scene meets Horns & Hooves

A man in a compellingly tight blue bunny costume, a woman sitting in a bath tub who looks like she just broke out of the Moulin Rouge and a whole crowd of unrestrained strange looking people armed with generously filled champagne glasses see themselves confronted with an ochestra of the senses…what does that get you? One thing for sure. A whole lot of fun.

Last month saw the opening of the brand new venue Horns & Hooves in Prenzlauer Berg. Eccentric, bizzare and unpredictable – that’s what the folks behind this bar/club are going for and that’s what they’re achieving. The owner is no one less than The Beautiful Jewels who’s known for her unusual habit of swallowing swords and possibly other objects for training purposes. She’s toured through 22 countries and has had a very successful season with Mugler Follies in Paris before returning to the best city in the world. As entrepreneur in the burlesque scene she has opened a legendary, exciting landmark in Berlin’s nightlife scene, which is likely to draw a colourful audience seven days a week.

Her venue is a really promising attempt of breathing some fresh air into the nightlife in Prenzlauer Berg – it’s the ideal place for artists, eccentrics, performers and anyone who doesn’t mind the chance of being chased by a gay rabbit drinking vodka on the rocks all evening. The pre-opening party featured a slightly irritating magic show (just HOW did she know all these things?!), a big-breasted lady jiggling along with more hula hoops than we thought physically possible, an excess supply of champagne and the lively chatter of numerous loose-tongued guests trying to figure out just how those magic tricks worked. Last but not least it delivered the promise of a bright future as a bar. And as a club. And a cabaret. And a circus. And if this still isn’t enough, you can get access to a private magician show for some extra euros. Be prepared for some hocus-pocus. This concept could very well turn out to be great – this is Berlin after all!

Global Hotspots: The German Riviera

Forget about overpriced St. Tropez, pay no heed to touristic Cannes, nevermind overcrowded Portofino! A new star on the map of luxurious holiday destinations is burning bright and it’sin… Germany! With high hopes Berlinagenten made the trip to the seaside resort Binz on Rügen, the country’s largest and most popular island in the Baltic Sea.

Known and appreciated for its well-kept resort architecture, the exquisite resort has been drawing the rich like and famous like a magnet of late. There’s good reason. The splendid waterside promenade is sheltered from chill breezes and has become Binz’s new walk of fame, a place where the wealthy show off the latest fashion and unsightly dogs, who faithfully follow their noble vocation as guardians of Gucci handbags. Binz has lately seen a boom of high class restaurants and many of the new establishments outside the hotels offer set menus for “value for money”, meanwhile the hotel restaurants can be a bit pricey. Overall, Binz has become an unforgettable joy for the culinary heart.

1872 hours of sunshine a year. The perfect conditions for relaxed strolls through the picturesque town. Getting away from the promenade’s hustle and bustle we found the resort’s art mile. Galleries,art&craft workshops and tastefully designed shopping venues offer satisfaction for the culturally interested. Of course you’ll also discover numerous fashion boutiques for every need, jewelries, wine stores and design shops.

Right, that much for the cozy part. Now get this: just 8km from Binz, sharing the very same beach, there’s a 4.5km long building complex called Prora originally built as a beach resort by the Nazis. Prora was a propaganda project of the German Labour Front and operated by the leisure organization „Kraft durch Freude“(„Strength through joy“), which became the world’s largest tourism operator in the 1930’s. Its monumental size is only exceeded by the madness behind the vision of the Nazi building authorities (they have a history of building monuments). So, what to do with it now, more than 69 years after the end of the second world war? Investors have been renovating large parts of the complex in the last years and now offer luxurious holiday apartments for sale, sitting right behind the sanddunes. Definitely worth a visit!

We’ve summed up some of the finest locations the resort has to offer:



Cerês Hotel

Our top-pick! 5 stars, super luxurious, distinctive architecture and a valuable member of the „Design Hotels“cooperation. This hotel has won more awards than most hotels have stars. The in-house restaurant „Negro“serves great food and easily puts a good handful of other restaurants on the promenade to shame. The spa seeker won’t be disappointed either. In the basement you’ll find the spa with a small pool, steam rooms, saunas chill-out areas and treatment rooms.The place looks great (really cool sleek design) and serves great international food. Nothing to complain here. Fun gimmick: Cerês also offer a 400PS Porsche to drive yourself and private yacht to the customers with big wallets. Jetset life pure. Book a room on the upper floor with balcony and you’ll wake up with a smile every morning!

niXe Hotel

A nicely designed venue sitting right between the beach and a spa park. Expect style-conscious modern elegance and the finest restaurant in the whole of Binz. It’s one of the few restaurants on the island awarded with a Michelin star and received 16 Gault-Millau points (that’s a whole lot). Definitely one for the connoisseurs out there!

Hotel am Meer

Reopened after renovations in 2012, you’ll find Hotel am Maar to be another chique boutique- and design hotel, offering beach access, a spa and a handful of sport activities. If you haven’t noticed already: design hotels are the latest trend on the island. Not a bad thing if you ask us!

Rügen Beach House

Since you can’t always spend your time sauntering up and down the streets of Binz, here’s a very exclusive option that’s off all the hurly-burly of the rich and famous. Located on the edge of a nature reserve, the beach house features 130sqm of space divided into a double bed room, two twin bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining room and a living room. It comes in at a generous 1800€per week in high season. Boom!

Grand Hotel Binz

Now, of course, Binz would be nothing if it didn’t have its own Grand Hotel! Sitting at the lower and less busy end of the waterside promenade, the atmosphere surrounding the hotel is very clean and laid back. The mushroom-shaped private space for weddings or parties is an iconic building set in the sanddunes just in front of the hotel. They are also famous for their Thai-Bali spa (ranked as one of Europe’s best!). Enjoy ayurvedic treatments, massages, turkish baths, manicures, pedicures…anything you could ask for, really.




As mentioned before, restaurant Negro can be found in the Cerês Hotel. The food is great, the visuals are even better, especially the black columns dividing the big space into a restaurant and a bar in the evening. If the weather is nice, we recommend to dine „al fresco“on the promenade terrace, perfect for observing people and enjoying the sea breeze. It broke our hearts to leave after we were done eating (well, almost).


The BEST fish restaurant in town. They make a habit of serving traditional regional dishes fused with a modern touch.


The Fischmarkt restaurant is part of the Strandhotel Binz. As the name says they also specialize in fish dishes, fresh off the hook and served in a nice maritime ambience.


The Maxim and its french cuisine bring in some international flair. They’re mainly a breakfast & brunch restaurant but also offer a fine selection of wines to their gourmet food served in the evening. Mmm. Wine.

Hans im Glück – Burgergrill

YES! BURGERS! If you’re fed up with fish and all the classy restaurants Binz has to offer, swing by at Hansi’s. Quality burgers, crunchy fries, cocktails and the beach outside the door. Who needs a Burger King in Binz? We definitely don’t!


A young, creative kitchen staff found inspiration in regional recipes and added a little mediterranean flavour. As with most restaurants on the waterside, their fish dishes are excellent. Style factor: bright white wooden interior.


Another Michelin star candidate. Possibly the best restaurant on Rügen. They’re going with traditional nordic recipes and be assured – chef Ralf Haug has brought them to perfection. Yummy!


Day Trips


The giant 4.5km Nazi monument right on the beach, currently being turned into apartments. You’ll also find some of Rügen’s most interesting museums here, e.g. the documentation center, the culture & art institution and the Prora center.


Part of the UNESCO world heritage. A beautiful national park, easy on the eye and bound to keep you wandering for hours. This site can also be visited if you’re taking one of the many boat excursions from Binz.

GöhrenSellin and Sassnitz

If you get bored in Binz, there’s three other seaside resorts nearby to discover. They don’t really live up to the flair of the Riviera, but are nonetheless worth a visit!

On Tour: Location Scouting with Berlinagenten


Last month we received very special request. A global travel and data management agency (Hogg&Robinson) exclusively contacted Berlinagenten and wanted us to hook them up with a stylish&edgy location in Berlin to fit their special needs for a gala dinner in spring 2015.

Things still looked good when we started extending our tentacles in search of a suitable location for the first event (yes, we have tentacles). The requirements were clear: space for around 150 persons, prestigious and an elegant feel to it. So far, so good. Having been in the business for more than a decade, we knew just who to call to make arrangements for inspections of four exquisite locations.

First stop was a luxurious penthouse at Potsdamer Platz. Off the radar of the usual event planner, this place offers a panorama view over the city and an excellent view on some of Berlin’s most popular landmarks. A circular terrace surrounding the penthouse gives the place a very unique and airy flair. Our costumers were quite impressed with the view and were eager to see more. (“Look George, is that the Brandenburger Gate over there?!”)

Just a hop and a jump away, the second location already awaited our eager costumers. Offering a modest elegance, the look of the location reminds of a sleek catwalk. Tastefully designed and with a flexible room concept (studio and salon – or both!), this place is perfect for anything from receptions, dinners and conferences to live cooking shows or exhibitions.

Location number three. What a beauty this one is! It essentially is a renovated&refurbished vault of a former bank near Gendarmenmarkt. Antic roman columns and a beautifully illuminated ceiling give the whole place a dreamy shine. Despite the fact one of our guests accidentally smashed a carefully arranged pyramid of prosecco glasses to pieces („ooops..!“) everyone was still keen to check out the last stop for the day.

Last one’s typical for Berlin – an airy, industrial charme, high ceilings and an international reputation. Originally built as a power plant station around 1900, it was turned into a techno club in the 90s. International top DJs like Paul van Dyk paid hommage to the club before it was turned into an all-purpose venue in 1997. Now it is home to all kinds of events from hosts all around the world and one of Berlin’s most popular event locations.

Our costumers were very happy about our selection and stunned about the variety of locations Berlin has to offer. Now that we had proven worthy, our costumers cheerfully announced a week later they were looking for yet another location at the end for their gala dinner. Different requirements this time – cool, edgy, urban. So, no free weekend and back into the game – making calls, arranging inspections and ordering more booze in case our client gets thirsty while laying their eyes on the locations.

Location #2 

This task turned out to be more tricky – there’s a huge demand for that kind of location in Berlin and with only three more weeks to go until their party, we needed to act quickly to still be able to supply our costumers with nothing but the coolest locations out there. We were in for some fierce competition with other location scouts but luckily our charming (and good looking) boss Henrik was able to make use of his connections – Berlinagenten first.

So, there we went again. To begin with, we presented our costumers a 100-year old factory in the city center. The place is a rough beauty – raw walls, custom hand-made furniture and unique accessoires. Materials like waste wood, copper and conrecte that change their appearance over time add an incomparable touch to the location’s overall feel. Awesome place!

We had to drive a little further to find our next location near Berlin Rummelsburg. Once a public river bath, the vast premises (22.000 sqm) is now home to creative heads, freethinkers and organisers and offers spaces from 50 to 900 sqm for even the biggest of parties.

The very last stop (finally!) comes straight from the roaring twenties. We led our guests into the depths of Berlin history – an antique cinema opened back in 1929 with its insides largely untouched, now mostly used as a location for film/TV-shootings. The 150 persons that’ll fit into this room will be able to breathe in the fame of days past, that’s for sure (maybe some dust of the past, too, or even an actor’s ghost from the roaring twenties!)

Our clients were impressed by the huge diversity of locations, which hide off the beaten track in Berlin and now we’re excited to see which location they’ll choose for their gala dinner.

Whatever the results of our location scouting with our potential client, we were able to detect some of Berlins best kept secrets. He who seeks shall find – and we definitely love location scouting in Berlin!