The scene meets Neue Heimat (yummy!)

Here’s one for the all the lovers of our beautiful german language out there – das Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk (RAW). When you’re done untwisting your tongue, the idea might hit you that this must be some sort of complicated german disease. Nope, all wrong. The world actually means „repair station of the imperial railway“and as it happens with most things in Berlin that you take your eyes off for a few years, it was soon stripped of its initial purpose and revived to a totally different life. The RAW premises are now known for their wild mix of night clubs, bars, artistic spaces and trend sport activity venues and attract thousands of visitors on any weekend of the year. Now the makers of the infamous Bar25 and Chalet Club joined the fun to add yet another facette to the beloved RAW.

The village market „Neue Heimat“ recently opened its doors in two industrial halls located on the premises. Thankfully they’ve been going easy on the renovations – you can still smell the scent of Berlin hanging in the air as you stroll through the area and be sure, it is by far not the only scent that draws your attention. Delicious food is to be had on every corner of the beautifully arranged  village and food market. We got disquietingly close to several culinary orgasms while eating our long way through the food shops.

Two friendly looking french guys had us coming close for the first time when cooking some spicy mediterranean sausages with a sensational yoghurt&herb sauce, served in a hotdog bun. You like meat, this is the place. If you’re brave enough for a daring cultural blend – behind the „Buns“ truck an english fella cooks tasty chorizo burgers and fish and chips.

All in all there’s more than 20 culinary options to choose from and enough food to feed even the hungriest of stomachs. Specialities from all around the globe and a mix of well-known street food veterans from the area create an international flair right in the heart of the city. You’ll also find entertainment here throughout the weekend – they also feature a design market with fashion shops, art and music. Their website even announced an extended christmas market a few days ago!

With the makers of Bar25 running this place, we’re sure there’ll soon be even more on the menue. And now, off the Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk! (extra points for correct pronunciation)