On Tour: Location Scouting with Berlinagenten


Last month we received very special request. A global travel and data management agency (Hogg&Robinson) exclusively contacted Berlinagenten and wanted us to hook them up with a stylish&edgy location in Berlin to fit their special needs for a gala dinner in spring 2015.

Things still looked good when we started extending our tentacles in search of a suitable location for the first event (yes, we have tentacles). The requirements were clear: space for around 150 persons, prestigious and an elegant feel to it. So far, so good. Having been in the business for more than a decade, we knew just who to call to make arrangements for inspections of four exquisite locations.

First stop was a luxurious penthouse at Potsdamer Platz. Off the radar of the usual event planner, this place offers a panorama view over the city and an excellent view on some of Berlin’s most popular landmarks. A circular terrace surrounding the penthouse gives the place a very unique and airy flair. Our costumers were quite impressed with the view and were eager to see more. (“Look George, is that the Brandenburger Gate over there?!”)

Just a hop and a jump away, the second location already awaited our eager costumers. Offering a modest elegance, the look of the location reminds of a sleek catwalk. Tastefully designed and with a flexible room concept (studio and salon – or both!), this place is perfect for anything from receptions, dinners and conferences to live cooking shows or exhibitions.

Location number three. What a beauty this one is! It essentially is a renovated&refurbished vault of a former bank near Gendarmenmarkt. Antic roman columns and a beautifully illuminated ceiling give the whole place a dreamy shine. Despite the fact one of our guests accidentally smashed a carefully arranged pyramid of prosecco glasses to pieces („ooops..!“) everyone was still keen to check out the last stop for the day.

Last one’s typical for Berlin – an airy, industrial charme, high ceilings and an international reputation. Originally built as a power plant station around 1900, it was turned into a techno club in the 90s. International top DJs like Paul van Dyk paid hommage to the club before it was turned into an all-purpose venue in 1997. Now it is home to all kinds of events from hosts all around the world and one of Berlin’s most popular event locations.

Our costumers were very happy about our selection and stunned about the variety of locations Berlin has to offer. Now that we had proven worthy, our costumers cheerfully announced a week later they were looking for yet another location at the end for their gala dinner. Different requirements this time – cool, edgy, urban. So, no free weekend and back into the game – making calls, arranging inspections and ordering more booze in case our client gets thirsty while laying their eyes on the locations.

Location #2 

This task turned out to be more tricky – there’s a huge demand for that kind of location in Berlin and with only three more weeks to go until their party, we needed to act quickly to still be able to supply our costumers with nothing but the coolest locations out there. We were in for some fierce competition with other location scouts but luckily our charming (and good looking) boss Henrik was able to make use of his connections – Berlinagenten first.

So, there we went again. To begin with, we presented our costumers a 100-year old factory in the city center. The place is a rough beauty – raw walls, custom hand-made furniture and unique accessoires. Materials like waste wood, copper and conrecte that change their appearance over time add an incomparable touch to the location’s overall feel. Awesome place!

We had to drive a little further to find our next location near Berlin Rummelsburg. Once a public river bath, the vast premises (22.000 sqm) is now home to creative heads, freethinkers and organisers and offers spaces from 50 to 900 sqm for even the biggest of parties.

The very last stop (finally!) comes straight from the roaring twenties. We led our guests into the depths of Berlin history – an antique cinema opened back in 1929 with its insides largely untouched, now mostly used as a location for film/TV-shootings. The 150 persons that’ll fit into this room will be able to breathe in the fame of days past, that’s for sure (maybe some dust of the past, too, or even an actor’s ghost from the roaring twenties!)

Our clients were impressed by the huge diversity of locations, which hide off the beaten track in Berlin and now we’re excited to see which location they’ll choose for their gala dinner.

Whatever the results of our location scouting with our potential client, we were able to detect some of Berlins best kept secrets. He who seeks shall find – and we definitely love location scouting in Berlin!

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