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Red Carpet – Henriks World Unplugged

We’re famous, we’re famous! Finally we’ve joined ranks with Hanno Kofler, Will Smith and the Power Rangers. Yes, you guessed correctly. We were on Pay TV! (for autograph cards please contact the office).

The renowned programme Spiegel TV Wissen shot an episode dedicated to Berlin’s flourishing clubbing scene. Guess whom they chose to be their star for the night? That’s right. Our one and only Henrik DiCaprio, Emperor of red carpets and Defier of booze curfews.

Film crews are’t the most popular guests in the clubbing scene. Few people apart from us enjoy seeing their faces on YouTube looking totally hammered, and understandably so – most people just don’t have the face for it. But give Henrik 5 minutes and a cell phone and club doors swing open faster than a Primark door on Summer Sale. The film crew couldn’t believe their luck.

And it wouldn’t run out, either: our nightlife tour set new standards. There was everything from enjoying the sunset with drinks and laughs high above Berlin’s rooftops to dressing up as sexy dancers in an edgy Burlesque wonderworld called Prinzipal Kreuzberg. We got some scandalous looks from the Burlesque dancers when we took the film team into the dressing room, but who cares! Before completely dancing our socks off at the Pearl, we served a refreshment that made the film crew drool over their equipment. Currywurst and champagne – the style of West Berlin.

By now both guests and film crew had realized what we do is far from your usual pub crawl. We took both guests and camera team to a world they hadn’t even dreamt of before. Berlin’s nightlife, 100% unplugged. Check out the full video here.

Barca Avenue Night

You don’t win the Champions League in Berlin every day, but if you do, you better get ready for the craziest night of your life. And there’s no better club to pop champagne bottles in than in our second living room, the trendy Avenue club! We always get in, no matter the party, hence we feel obliged to present to you this rare exclusive footage of the night of the champions. With guests like Shakira, Dirk Nowitzki and of course the whole Barca crew the atmosphere was completely off the hook. But see for yourself!

5 Years Volt

Food porn! Food porn, everyone! Restaurant Volt has been a real heavy weight on Berlin’s culinary radar for quite some time now, so the invitation for their 5th anniversary almost made us wet our pants with excitement. A premium selection of Berlin’s finest chefs served an immensely satisfying range of tasty snacks, cheese and how else could it be – booze. Champagne upon arrival? Why not, it’s 1pm already! Another one? Yessir! We were especially impressed with Christoph Hauser from Herz&Niere, who served tartar of duck heart with wild cherries, marjoram and mustard seeds. So good. Hungry yet? Have a look at the pictures and you’ll wish you were a Berlinagent yourself.

Thaos Lindner’s Euphoria

“Euphoria. Suspense. Extasy. Excitement. Frenzy. Fever. Excess. Fire. Ember. Courage.” Let me think… uhm, yep, this must refer to us. Why else would an other worldly creature wearing close to nothing but a reflecting mask pick us from all the audience and give us a card with these words on it? The Trust Bar in Mitte set a dark yet atmospheric mood for the extraordinaire launch event for Thaos Lindner‘s latest collection “Euphoria” – definitely one of the hottest fashion week events. The models took a remarkable liking to us, handing us not one but four of the much coveted cards of wisdom as they went down the catwalk. The envious fashionistas sitting next to us wouldn’t get over it – why did Berlinagenten get all the attention? After less than an hour the strangely satisfying show was over and we got a little tipsy, before taking the trip back to reality.

Amerano Fashion Summer Night

Flashy club nights with hot chicks and overpriced booze are your favourite thing? Welcome to the First Upper West Club. Once a sleazy afterhour bar, the club has been completely remade and with flashy 360° surround LEDs now looks like a wet partying dream. Amerano, known for making awesome-but-pricy tailor-made suits, was the perfect candidate to hold their fashion week party at Upper West Club. Since Berlinagenten won’t be forced into roles, we came their looking casual cool as usual, opposed to the fancy-schmancys who nervously eyed us from the corner. What can we say? We rocked it.

The Scene meets The Bowl

What comes to mind for most people when they hear “vegan” is: hippies, scrawny weaklings, salad leaves and a sad, sad life without meat. Poor vegans.

Our visit to The Bowl made us rethink our well groomed stereotypes. Their concept is “clean eating”. That means the food is 100% vegan, there’s absolutely no additives, no white sugar and no trans fats. All the ingredients are fresh from the farm and their quality is second to none. Honestly: we haven’t had such a good meal for a long time. Just reading the menu card kept us busy for 15 minutes, because ALL the dishes sound so good. One of the famous bowls reads like this:

California Bowl

lemon quinoa, fried sweet potatoes, sesame tamari spinach, raw apple carrot salade, avocado slices with sesame, tomato coriander salsa, teriyaki hibiscus sauce, mixed greens with superfood dressing.

Even us, known to be amongst the most prestigious meat lovers on the planet, had to admit their menu sounds amazing. We were just as surprised to see that all the customers looked like regular people! The place itself knows to impress with a light hearted interior design, matching the “clean eating” concept perfectly. Other than bowls, you can choose between starters, smoothies, side dishes, tapas and dessert, all of the finest quality. There’s also super tasty self made lemonade and of course various coffee specialities.

We can whole heartedly recommend The Bowl, even for meat lovers. There’s more than enough alternatives to make up for the lack of meat. And just in case: there’s no entry control, so in theory you probably could smuggle in a Schnitzel or two under your jacket. But psshhh, you didn’t hear that from us!

On Tour – The Great Summer Event

Many tour guide companies bore their guests with old busses and faulty air-conditionings. Luckily, Berlinagenten never took a liking to anything boring. Here’s what we did when our guests from a leading supplier of enterprise applications arrived: we provided four fully loaded steamboats – stacked with free beverage, snacks and the vast knowledge of our top notch guides. Our 280 guests lost their minds when they realized they’d dive into the Berlin-feeling right after getting off their plane. No matter how big the number of guests, we can handle it. All aboard and full speed ahead, here comes Berlinagenten on the Spree!

The moment you think it can’t get much better is the moment we like to shine. After the steamers took us into the city’s heart, we revealed the next surprise: we rented the whole restaurant and viewing platform of the world famous Panoramapunkt. You can’t visit Berlin without seeing its unique beauty from above – the 360 degree panorama is bound to blow your mind. And if this doesn’t, our handpicked flying buffet and selection of fine drinks will. Note: Don’t drop your ice cream. And if you do, make sure to at least aim for a hipster.

After catching some fresh air at Scandic Hotel, Berlin’s members’ club for the creative elite opened its doors for us. Usually celebs like George Clooney, Leo DiCaprio or Madonna are known to stroll through Soho House Berlin, but we had a whole level reserved for our guests this night. Sorry guys, can’t compete with Berlinagenten. Better luck next time!

The DJs Bader & Bernhard made sure the guests wouldn’t stop dancing until early in the monring andtThe notorious blue bunny Scotty was back that night aswell (we wrote about him in The Scene meets Horns&Hooves). He didn’t let us down. Last time he asked us if we were homosexual porn stars, this time he did something that came close to sexual intercourse with a balloon. Live. On stage. It was the best night ever.

Last but not least, what would a party be without a perfect celeb host. We flew one of Germany´s most famous drag queens Ruda Puda and she mingled, danced and lip singed in the spotlight the entire night.


Sunshine and 28 degrees. What could be more suitable for a late August day than a beach club experience?

Since we’re always trying to infuse our guests with the unique Berlin-feeling, we rented the famous Club Rummelsburg, to get a nice little daytime clubbing session going. Our unbelieving guests were greeted by a beautiful Open Air location located right at the Spree. We divided the premises into different areas: Copacobana – a chill out area by the water where you can chat and relax, Vimmerby – a small, cozy area with wooden furniture that essentially looks like IKEA, just outdoors, and of course: Ibiza – complete with an awesome pool, live DJs, bar, dancefloor, a sandy beach with cabanas and even a volleyball and boccia field. Not the usual picture of Berlin, is it? Delicious refreshments for inbetween included self made stone oven pizza and tasty burgers fresh off the grill.

Both the organising team from our client and the team from Rummelsburg couldn’t believe their eyes when the atmosphere got so wild, people started taking off their shirts and went into full-blown party mode. At a firm event during day time. But that’s just what happens when we organize a full Berlin beach club experience during the summer. Who needs Ibiza anyway?

Insiders – Zoe Rasch

Zoe Rasch is head of the Berlin based booking agencies Birds and Bells and Mint Booking.

Q: Hey Zoe. Great to have you here. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: Sure! I’ve been a Berliner for close to 20 years now. I originally came here to study, but soon fell in love with the city and it’s evergoing rythm. I went out dancing a lot and one thing lead to another: I became a DJ. I was spinning records in Berlin and performed all over Europe. The past 5 years I’ve been building up my own booking agency called “Birds and Bells”, supporting aspiring female artists, who often don’t get the support their male counterparts do. Last year me and Ena Lind gave birth to another booking agency called “Mint Booking”, which also represents female artists, but only from the electronic music scene.

Q: Only female DJs play at Mint parties. They regularly go through the roof. How did you come up with the concept?

A: Ena and me realized how incredibly hard it was to get booked as a female DJ. Lots of the club owners and party hosts are men and often give playtimes to their friends or people within their network, who often turn out to be men aswell. We analysed the market and came up with a solution: creating our own network within the clubbing scene.

Q: Too often in the nightlife scene the keyword is “sex sells”. How does Mint handle that approach?

A: There’s clubs and parties in Berlin that focus on sexy DJs, but that’s not us. We’re representing serious female DJs who are appreciated for their creative approach on music. They’re liked and loved for their music, not for their neckline.

Q: Your favourite record? Like, ever?

A: Hah. I have a whole cabinet full of favourite records. Same with DJs.

Q: You have a cabinet full of DJs?

A: Not exactly. But if I have to settle for a few…I think the way Aerea Negrot handles music is both brave and inspiring. Same with the Black Madonna – disco, eighties, deep house – she really creates unique mixes within the genres. Or Tama Sumo. You never know what she’s feeling right now, until she starts playing. That’s real expression of creativity.

Q: Techno or Deep House?

A: Deep House.

Q: What does Berlin mean for you?

A: Freedom. And a raw, rough wildness. We’re at a tipping point right now, though. Berlin becomes more and more international, which brings a new aspect to the city.

Q: Coolest thing that happened while you were spinning records?

A: Well…I did feel a little funny about it the next morning. I once literally swapped shirts with Bob Young on stage. While I was playing. A moment I will probably never forget!

Q: Any tipps for aspiring DJs or event planners?

A: Building a career is like assembling a mosaic. Build a network, that’s the key.

Q: Mint is going strong. What are your goals for the future?

A: There’s just so many things that can still be done. We’re promoting the platforms popularity and want to extend the reach of female DJs. We’re looking into hosting a festival in the next 2-3 years, with workshops, discussions and of course gigs all under one roof. We’re also working on bringing Mint to more cities than just Berlin and of course we’re still looking for more artists!

Q: So if I had a gender reassignment…would I have chance to get into Mint?!

A: Haha! Yes, then you would be good to go. After applying.

Q: Favourite Bar?

A: I’m more of a warm, rustic person when I’m in private. Hence I really love Moebel Olfe at Kottbusser Tor. The people there are still real and unpretentious.

Q: Favourite party?

A: Mint, what else!!!

Thanks for taking the time Zoe! Best of luck for the future and we’ll see you at the next Mint Party!

On Tour – All Time Record

Berlinagenten specialises in providing nothing but Berlin’s coolest lifestyle tours. Sometimes we’re guiding groups with just two to three persons. Sometimes customers send 200 guests our way at the same time. Annoying as it may be, from time to time you have to put your champagne glass aside to create a daily schedule that’ll blow your customers off their socks.

Our new record sounds like this: Three prestigious companies. One week. Dozens of guides. Nearly 900 guests. We know that with a great number of guests comes great responsibility: not everyone shares the same interests and if there’s something we hate, it’s unhappy customers. Here’s our solution. Simultaneous lifestyle tours. Done everyday, for a whole week. The guests were split up into smaller groups to make sure everyone still got the attention they needed and we could still create the famous intimacy between Berlinagenten guide and customer.

The huge variety of tours was a mind-blower for most of our guests. Here’s a selection of just a few tours we offered that week, all with specialised guides:

Urban Lifestyle – Discover Berlin’s artistic sub cultures as you dive into the city’s past and soak up the atmosphere that makes this city unique. See behind the myth and find the real Berlin!

Delicato – Encounter delicious food stores and culinary artisans who’ll let your tongue try the unique taste of Berlin. Sweet & salty, sausage & cheese, tea & coffee, health food, whiskey & wine. Surprises guaranteed.

Art Tour – Discover Berlin’s cultural hot spots and see behind the curtains of Berlin’s backyards. Street art gems, artists’ studios and hidden galleries will soon be your new expertise!

Shopping Tours – We know all the creative labels, hip boutiques and tucked-away design studios. Meet and greet designers at work and get the chance to buy cutting-edge fashion!

One of the absolute highlights of the never ending tour week was our popular Snap Shot Tour. Topic: Blockbusters produced in Berlin. By reenacting the most popular scenes, our guests lived through films like Octopussy, Unknown Identity, Inglorious Basterds or The Lives of Others. The creativity and enthusiasm shown by the participants was nothing short of incredible! Our favourite reenactment was the scene from Unknown Identity, where Liam Neeson slides off the Oberbaumbrücke in a cab. The winner team won the photo competition due to their creativity with a plastic fork and a trabant car toy, creating an illusion of the cab crashing into the river Spree.

We’re proud to have made this week unforgettable for our guests, us and everyone involved. We’re already looking forward to the next challenge!

The Scene meets Mint

Booming basslines, cheerful crowds and dulcet DJs – yep, we’re at one of the infamous Mint parties… but hold on, what’s a Mint Party?

Zoe Rasch and her colleague Ena Lind brought the party series to life in 2013. Mint’s uniqueness stems from the fact that only female DJs get to play at their legendary parties. How’s that special? Female are horribly underrepresented in the clubbing scene and you’ll only rarely see women spin records in Berlin’s famous clubs. That’s a problem Zoe has taken to heart, seeing that she herself has had a successful career as a DJ, making crowds both in Berlin and in the rest of Europe scream with delight to her housey technoid sound for more than 10 years!

In Berlin there’s a traditional approach to fix problems. Throw a party, make it worthwhile, and people will love you for it. We’re a city that fiercely adores its party culture, so it’s no wonder that Mint’s fresh approach to the gender problem in DJing resonates with the spirit of the times. When you send Berliner’s a message they can identify with, you’ve won them. What can we say, Mint has won us over and over again!

Zoe’s booking agencies for female artists called Birds and Bells (all genres) and Mint Booking (electronic music) are the logical results of that line of thought. But Mint is more than just an agency or a party series: with regular workshops for DJanes and producers they create a solid network for female artists, that helps them form their creativity and brings it right where it belongs – on the dancefloor. It may well be the most important platform for female artists in Berlin at the moment, and the best thing about them is they put their emphasis on creativity. On raw talent, sound, the whole creative package. Sex sells may still be true for many aspects of business life, but Mint doesn’t have to blind its audience with deep necklines. Instead, they rely on fat basslines – the real key to Berlin’s heart.

If you want to find out what all the buzz is about, join us at Mint’s next party. Here’s an overview of their upcoming events.

Also you can find out more about Zoe in this month’s insider interview here (link).