Berlinagenten Goes Europe

Big news, everyone! We’re thrilled to annouce our award-winning Gastro-Rallye concept is setting sail for gourmet temples all across Europe. The list covers cosmopolitan pearls like London and Barcelona, but also features raw and upcoming gems like Warsaw and Tallinn.

While the cities vary, the concept stays the same: „Dine like a local.“ But don’t be fooled, there’s nothing basic or low-budget here. Our in-the-know local guides take you on a gourmet feasting journey, revealing savvy eats and well-kept secrets in each city. Between the courses, your insider guide will point out the city’s highlights, so you’ll always know where to go during your whole stay. And before you ask: Yes, we carefully selected and personally tested each eatery to bring you nothing but the best. This way you dive right into the culinary scene of each city, finding the hottest restaurants in an instant. No matter if Budapest or Lisbon, Sofia or Stockholm – our Gastro-Rallyes are sure to surprise you with the latest innovations, delicious food and the best eats in town.

Getting hungry? Great! You should join us for a delicious Gastro-Rallye and see what all the fuzz is about. To find out in which cities our Gastro-Rallyes are available, check out our website.

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