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Red Carpet – Henrik’s World of Glamour

A long time has passed since our last Red Carpet report! It was hard to choose from all the events we attended, but we’ve chosen a little selection of interesting events. Berlinagenten is back, baby!

Fashion Week Berlin

Every winter Berlin turns into one big fat catwalk that every aspiring fashionista, paparazzi and blogger in the city wants to be invited to! We kicked off the week of glamour and fashion at the luxurious Versace Store Opening on Kudamm, sipping on outrageously delicious cocktails as Vogue’s editor in chief Christiane Arp and Germany’s Next Topmodel winner Sara Nuru were constantly chased by a horde of eager paparazzis.

The Porsche Design night at Tausend Bar  wasn’t any less spectacular. Porsche Design turned elegance and precision into an exquisite collection. The athletic touch gives their clothes a distinctive look that was hugely applauded by the audience.

Heading over to Matthias Maus Mbrilliant night at Felix club we found the event was hugely sought after and attracted a crowd of curious onlookers and high nosed fashion snobs alike. The latest trend: when the models enter the catwalk and you’re in the front row, quickly look at your phone and make a point of being too cool to look at the dresses.

The NMGMT Night at Apartment Bar on top of Amano Grand Central was a welcome change to the catwalks – all the movers, shakers, and leading players from the international fashion & beauty scene got their party game going. Less fashion, more dancing! Berlin demands it!

Erika Lust at Berlinale

When Erika Lust invited us to the theatrical screening of her feministic approach to grown-up movies, how could we have said no! Who hasn’t dreamt of watching classy porn with 400 people on the big screen? With crystal-clear images, high production standards and user-committed storylines her project xconfessions.com sure stands out from the rest of the industry. After making it through the few two movies, it sure wasn’t only her project that was standing out. Crazy experience, but if it fits anywhere, it’s in Berlin!

Weyde Club Business Opening

When the world famous Berghain architects design a new techno club in Berlin, the expectations are bound to be high. Located in Schöneweide, Weyde Club’s business opening left us with mixed feelings, though. With electricity cables sticking out of the walls, a somewhat cocky entertainer to greet us and a DJ who didn’t do anything but press play, we found the most enjoyable part of the evening was when we left and were presented with a flashy UBS stick. That is one marvellous stick, though.


Vaudeville at Tipi is where the ghost of Berlin’s roaring twenties meets the open minded Berlin of 2016. Producer Sheila Wolf adds new dimensions to classy Burlesque shows by featuring thrilling Boylesque und Queerlesque performances, complimented by outstanding artistic acts and carbaret adventures. The third edition was completely sold out – but the show that Berlinagenten isn’t invited to has yet to be invented. We lived through a night of flowing champagne and perfomances, sometimes wildly funny, sometimes dazzling, sometimes plain sexy. We can’t wait for number four!

Cecconis Restaurant

 When Soho House launches a new project, you can be sure it’s going to be good. Especially if it includes hand-made pasta and a selection of Italy’s tastiest temptations. With an open kitchen, marble floor, wood oven and an outside terrace, newly opened restaurant Cecconi’s is the perfect addition to Berlin’s Soho House. It’s located right next to The Store on ground level – you can go from shopping to coffee to culinary treats in split seconds. A-celebs from all over the world are regulars at Soho House, so be ready for some potential star-spotting.

Hotel Zoe

Amano’s latest addition to the Capitols flourishing hotel scene makes for a cozy getaway location in the heart of Berlin. The opening event revealed a chiq boutique hotel, also home to the world famous Gin&Tonic Bar. Apart from the mind blowing view on Berlin’s skyline form the roof terrace, Hotel Zoe creates a luxurious and stylish ambience with dark contrasts and warm lightning. It’s both eye-candy and feel-good oasis without feeling pretentious. The opening event proved that the re-opening of Gin&Tonic Bar in Hotel Zoe was a splendid idea. We’ll definitely be back soon!

Henrik’s World of Glamour

When there’s glamour, the next Berlinagent isn’t far.

Henrik’s B-day Bash

When Henrik invites his closest friends and partners to his birthday party, don’t expect less than 100 colourfully clothed people. Two seperate doormen guarded the separee in Mitte’s new trendy Sharlie Cheen Bar, the designated location for the festivities. What happened behind the curtains was nothing the public would have digested without asking funny questions like “is that guy wearing penisses as shoes” or  “did I just see Gloria Viagra spanking Henrik with a steel whip?”. The answers to those questions are rather simple: Yes. And Yes. Somewhere between a stack of champagne bottles and a borat bikini, we celebrated Henrik’s big birthday bash until the early morning. Long live Berlinagenten!

Sash & Fritz

Germany’s next premium vodka is here! The vodka-lovers from Sash & Fritz have now claimed that title, and rightfully so. The brand has been on the market since August and is already selling world wide. Takers from around the globe are eager to get a taste of the new German high-end product – mindfully created in months of trial and error, until the perfect taste had finally been found. We imagine this was a pretty entertaining job! We’ve been to the exclusive tasting at The Grand Restaurant Berlin and what can we say – it was delicious. After “tasting” 3 or 4 shots and the perfectly justitied serving of caviar, we were more than convinced this product will take over the vodka world in no time. If you can get your hands on one the rare bottles by chance – don’t hesitate!

Madonna’s Secret Berlin Party

Madonna is known to be a real Berlin lover. Whenever she’s in the Capitol of cool, she stays as long as possible and gets her party game on. Since the gods were on our side, we were hanging at Soho House at just the moment that Madonna decided to come in and throw a big fat party. In the blink of an eye a DJ booth was positioned at one end of the room and 50 trendy looking people walked in, giving the whole scenery the feeling of a MTV music video within minutes. Golden jackets, Geyshas, 80s dresses, teddy bear costumes – you got it, count us in. We danced with Madonna, Rita Ora and Hillary Swank until 5 in the morning. Got to love Berlin. Unfortunately Madonna’s security guards are stricter than Berghain – we weren’t allowed to take any pictures…

11 Years Weekend

Fore more than a decade now, the House of Weekend has been majestically sitting above Berlin’s roof tops, offering the undisputed best view over the city. Their 11-year jubilee saw all the hipsters, fashionistas and party goers unite on the 15th floor – they even opened a brand new floor that night, dedicated to friends, partners and everyone who got their hands on one of the sought-after golden VIP wrist bands. The club has become more stylish over the years, and it was no miracle that more than a couple of champagne bottles were spotted in the new VIP area (unusual for a techno club!). DJ legend Tiefschwarz made sure the crowd wouldn’t stop dancing until the place closed down, just like in the old days. Thanks Weekend, we’ll be back!

Hustla Ball

When you hustle and bustle through a room filled with leather costumes, naked upper bodies and occasionally see easily identifiable body parts swinging to the beat, you’re right in the middle of Berlin’s gay party scene. With the start of the Venus Erotic Convention, the traditional Hustla Ball takes place at KitKat Club. Actors, directors and VIPs from the homosexual porn scene all come to Berlin to get one of the wildest and most permissive parties of the year going. Naturally we were right in the middle of it. We even shook… hands with this year’s best actor – Logan Moore.

X-Mas Party Adlon

You can’t say no when one of the most prestigious Hotels in Berlin invites you to their Christmas party! Surrounded by VIP guests from the hospitality industry, we found ourselves in the middle of a winter wonder land. After designing our own cookies with sugar colors and enjoying a remarkable quantity and quality of mulled wine, the Christmas mood quickly kicked in. Next to chocolate fountains and crèpes, even star chef Tim Raue’s restaurant Sra Bua was lined up to serve some tasty Asian delicacies. Can’t say it any different: we were pampered! Merry Christmas!

Red Carpet – Henriks World Unplugged

We’re famous, we’re famous! Finally we’ve joined ranks with Hanno Kofler, Will Smith and the Power Rangers. Yes, you guessed correctly. We were on Pay TV! (for autograph cards please contact the office).

The renowned programme Spiegel TV Wissen shot an episode dedicated to Berlin’s flourishing clubbing scene. Guess whom they chose to be their star for the night? That’s right. Our one and only Henrik DiCaprio, Emperor of red carpets and Defier of booze curfews.

Film crews are’t the most popular guests in the clubbing scene. Few people apart from us enjoy seeing their faces on YouTube looking totally hammered, and understandably so – most people just don’t have the face for it. But give Henrik 5 minutes and a cell phone and club doors swing open faster than a Primark door on Summer Sale. The film crew couldn’t believe their luck.

And it wouldn’t run out, either: our nightlife tour set new standards. There was everything from enjoying the sunset with drinks and laughs high above Berlin’s rooftops to dressing up as sexy dancers in an edgy Burlesque wonderworld called Prinzipal Kreuzberg. We got some scandalous looks from the Burlesque dancers when we took the film team into the dressing room, but who cares! Before completely dancing our socks off at the Pearl, we served a refreshment that made the film crew drool over their equipment. Currywurst and champagne – the style of West Berlin.

By now both guests and film crew had realized what we do is far from your usual pub crawl. We took both guests and camera team to a world they hadn’t even dreamt of before. Berlin’s nightlife, 100% unplugged. Check out the full video here.

Barca Avenue Night

You don’t win the Champions League in Berlin every day, but if you do, you better get ready for the craziest night of your life. And there’s no better club to pop champagne bottles in than in our second living room, the trendy Avenue club! We always get in, no matter the party, hence we feel obliged to present to you this rare exclusive footage of the night of the champions. With guests like Shakira, Dirk Nowitzki and of course the whole Barca crew the atmosphere was completely off the hook. But see for yourself!

5 Years Volt

Food porn! Food porn, everyone! Restaurant Volt has been a real heavy weight on Berlin’s culinary radar for quite some time now, so the invitation for their 5th anniversary almost made us wet our pants with excitement. A premium selection of Berlin’s finest chefs served an immensely satisfying range of tasty snacks, cheese and how else could it be – booze. Champagne upon arrival? Why not, it’s 1pm already! Another one? Yessir! We were especially impressed with Christoph Hauser from Herz&Niere, who served tartar of duck heart with wild cherries, marjoram and mustard seeds. So good. Hungry yet? Have a look at the pictures and you’ll wish you were a Berlinagent yourself.

Thaos Lindner’s Euphoria

“Euphoria. Suspense. Extasy. Excitement. Frenzy. Fever. Excess. Fire. Ember. Courage.” Let me think… uhm, yep, this must refer to us. Why else would an other worldly creature wearing close to nothing but a reflecting mask pick us from all the audience and give us a card with these words on it? The Trust Bar in Mitte set a dark yet atmospheric mood for the extraordinaire launch event for Thaos Lindner‘s latest collection “Euphoria” – definitely one of the hottest fashion week events. The models took a remarkable liking to us, handing us not one but four of the much coveted cards of wisdom as they went down the catwalk. The envious fashionistas sitting next to us wouldn’t get over it – why did Berlinagenten get all the attention? After less than an hour the strangely satisfying show was over and we got a little tipsy, before taking the trip back to reality.

Amerano Fashion Summer Night

Flashy club nights with hot chicks and overpriced booze are your favourite thing? Welcome to the First Upper West Club. Once a sleazy afterhour bar, the club has been completely remade and with flashy 360° surround LEDs now looks like a wet partying dream. Amerano, known for making awesome-but-pricy tailor-made suits, was the perfect candidate to hold their fashion week party at Upper West Club. Since Berlinagenten won’t be forced into roles, we came their looking casual cool as usual, opposed to the fancy-schmancys who nervously eyed us from the corner. What can we say? We rocked it.

Red Carpet – Henrik’s World of Glamour

As always Berlinagenten has no fear of red carpets, crowded openings or once again standing in the spotlight because we’re slightly hammered. This is Berlin, baby!

Soulfashion VIP Opening

What happens when an Australian DJane and a Berlin based fashion designer get together..? Yep. We get drunk! Premium women’s wear label Berlina Pflanze and DJane Cherokee proudly hosted the first Soulfashion party, whose concept it is to help aspiring brands and artists on their way to the top by giving them the chance to display their products at the party. We got our groove on while trying on some designer pieces (Oops. Is that a tomato stain? Wasn’t us.) and happily slurping on our proseccos. Drinks, music and fashion – what else could we wish for? We’re already looking forward to the next Soulfashion party!

Senses Award

Each year the Senses lifestyle magazine hosts a pompous ceremony to award the world’s best Spas and Hotels that put a focus on wellness and healthy lifestyle. We joyfully swept up the red carpet at the brand new Titanic Deluxe Hotel and joined what was definitely not one of your standard industry events: Surrounded by prominent figures like Julian FM Stoeckel and Fiona Erdmann from German TV’s Jungle Camp, Harald Glööckler, there even was a touch of royal-flair in the air: best-selling author prince Asfa Wossen Asserate from Ethiopia, prince Fay Jahan Ara from Dubai and even some of the remnants of the German royalty joined Berlinagenten to find out who would climb the lifestlye olymp!

Even though Titanic Deluxe Hotel only opened its doors this March, they already took home the award for Best Architectural Expression. Congratulations!

Berlin Wormland

The Mall of Berlin’s fashion family has a new member -  Wormland. We’re always in for tasty snacks and free booze – even better when they’re combined with groovy live music and an extravagant Calvin Klein fashion-installation. On the far side of the store, you’ll find a classy clinker brick look next to warm oak elements, while on the other side you’ll find yourself surrounded by hand-painted concrete and black steel. A tasteful mix! With singer Jesper Munk performing live, other singers like Dandy Diary, Larry Poppins and Andreas Bourani took the time to have a closer look at the impressive collection of fine Calvin Klein clothing. What we found most remarkable about this event: people duly waited in line to get a drink – which happens about once in every 1000 events.

Eurovision Song Contest Party

We never miss the best parties! The Hofbräuhaus near Alexanderplatz was filled to bursting with gays and fag hags as we took places at our VIP table. We’re not sure how she does it, but Nina Queer seems to be the only person who gets away with constant malicious gossip while moderating. The audience took one ironic stab after another and loved Nina for every word she said! A privelege that only comes with being Nina Queer. On that night Henrik enjoyed a special privilege aswell. As an official representative (cough cough) of the winning nation, Henrik got on the stage with a bunch of other intoxicated Swedes and celebrated their glorious victory Berlinagentenstyle – right in the spotlight. The audience appreciated the stage’s optical upgrade by going completely insane! Next year, we’ll be in Sweden for the ESC 2016. We won’t miss that huge European party!

Red Carpet – Henrik’s World of Glamour

Thousands of visitors poured into the city when March brought the traditional start of the Berlin ITB (international tourism fair). With long exhausting days at the Expo and many new faces around, visitors are not the only thing pouring into the city. Countless trucks are on their noble quest to supply all the party hosts from the travel industry with the one thing that never runs out at good parties: Booze! No party without Berlinagenten, so here we went again.

Travel + Leisure Magazine „IT list“ Party // ITB Party

T+L magazine rocks. And we don’t just say that because they mentioned our well-loved Gourmet Tours in the 2014 print of their 50 Dream Trips. They’re also awesome party hosts who know how to throw exclusive parties with glamour and style! Each year the who-is-who of the international hospitality scene assembles at Das Stue and the chic guests get to enjoy the mouth-watering canapés and cocktails the boutiquee hotel has in store for this special occasion. We just can’t get enough!

Wyndham Excelsior // ITB Party

Sometimes it really shows Berlinagenten is something special. And not just to us. While 90% of the guests on this party had to put up with regular prosecco, we were downright chased by waiters with Moet Chandon bottles, begging us to have another glass of champagne. Always glad to help, boys! Thousands of cocktails made their way across the bars as well as special icecream lollypops that made our evening even sweeter. 0815industries did a great live graffiti show in the large backroom, which unfortunately fell off the wall a little later… that might or might not have been due to the insane amounts of cocktails given out. Definitely wasn’t us though… or was it?

Kempinski Bristol // ITB Party

Let the party begin! Kempinski invites their best travel partners, agencies, tour operators and sponsors to their annual ITB party. The hotel’s bar feels a little old-school among all the up&coming design hotels in Berlin and somehow reminded us of a very small ocean liner’s bar. The hosts made up for it with high quality food and and a high volume live band, though. We only left when the cleaning personell started mopping the floor around us. Where did the night go again…?


3 courses, 3 extra-ordinary locations. And even under the same roof! Now that’s something you don’t see every day. The first course was served in the historic-chic castle hall that is the Humboldt-Carré, the second course in the all new Gendarmerie where once white and beige walls have given way to strident colours and portraits of famous Berlin actors and actresses, and finally the third course in the underground Austernbank, a super cool old treasure vault turned into a restaurant. Chef Michael Weigt created a delicious menu based on typical Berlin dishes, reinterpreted and rounded up with an international flair. Only thing that was lagging behind was the dessert… wobbly jelly? We had to drink a few extra glasses of champagne to forget about that.

Skykitchen Opening Party

The new culinary gem in Lichtenberg. Actually, the only culinary gem in Lichtenberg! Their opening party on the 12th floor of Andel’s Hotel attracted countless curious Berliners and international guests. Chef Alexander Koppe was recently granted a highly coveted Michelin-Star, so naturally the supply of canapés coming from the kitchen were gone the second the hungry scavengers around us laid eyes on them. Thankfully no waiters were injured though. Let the scavengers have it, we’ll have the champagne instead! Read more about Skykitchen here.

ZenKichi // Secret Opening

Though it was more of a sneak preview than an opening, our visit to soon-to-come ZenKichi already blew our minds. Owners Motoko Watanabe and Shaul Margulies already run a ZenKichi in New York and they’re now setting sail to conquer Berlin’s japanese dining scene. Unlike most japanese restaurants they’ll not be selling sushi but instead offer a well-sounding à la carte selection and something that really makes ZenKichi stand out from the rest. They’re creating a whole new level of intimacy by shaping the interior so that instead of one large dining room, you’ll have 35 private séparées offering space for up to 6 guests per table. We can’t wait until the restaurant is completely set with cosy interior design and Japanese deco

Red Carpet: Henrik Meets The Fashion Week

Berlin loves fashion! Fashion loves Berlin! Once a year the high pitched battlecry for new trends assembles countless labels in the heart of Europe to present their latest creations at the Berlin fashion week. This year was all about record breaking numbers, more visitors than ever, more than 3000 brands and about 200 glamorous events from celebrations to catwalks related to the happening took place all over the city. We’ve seen some great shows and jaw-dropping fashion, but let’s cut right to the most important point. The parties!

Tommy Hilfiger Opening

Tommy Hilfiger goes Berlin. His new anchor store in a cool, urban neighbourhood in Mitte sells anything from women’s, men’s and children’s wear to Hilfiger Denim and fragrances.

The grand opening came in the disguise of an exclusive in-store event with special guests like model Julia Restoin Roitfeld, the equally beautiful Eva Padberg, “Jungle”-Queen Melanie Müller, Olivia Jones, football player Christoph Metzelder and American singer&songwriter Chris Cab, who pampered our ears with his beautiful live perfomances over the evening. We mixed ourown fragrance at Frau Tonis Parfum before we left. Fancy.

The Kooples Party

The Kooples. Sounds strange, right? That’s because they’re French. The label recently opened their second store in Berlin, slowly but steady coming closer to their target of world domination. To make sure their latest collection would get the attention it deserved, they invaded England. Joking! Just the Chelsea Bar on every hipster’s favourite street, Torstraße. Catchy indie tunes performed by Baxter Dury and exquisite snacks by one of Neukölln’s finest, Café Roamers, definitely made the evening stand out from your usual night on Torstraße! Go Kooples!

USM Project50 

Nope, USM Project50 isn’t some undercover operation by the US forces. The swiss company (USM) invited artists, designers and students to attend their fashion week party, where apparently fashion isn’t limited to clothing anymore. USM is looking to reinvent the modular furniture business and tries to lure creative people from around the globe by ensuring the booze at their parties never runs out. An evil, yet successful strategy. We danced along to the live perfomance by Berlin-based band Schwarz Don’t Crack and might have had a few shots too many. But psshhh!!! 

Lavera Showfloor

The launch event of the Lavera Eco Fashion Show traditionally is one of our favourites. They pulled off a great show last year and managed to top it this year, so it was no wonder that it turned to be a true celebrity showcase. Models like Elisabetta Canalis, Bonnie Strange and Eveline Hall wore sustainably produced avantgarde couture and natural cosmetics, hence the motto “Celebrating Natural Beauty”. The showroom was stacked with VIPs – Lavera knows how to make an impression and the demand for seats at their shows is huge. We’ll be back next time!

Mercedes Benz Catwalk

We couldn’t believe our eyes when Boris Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakowa made an appearance as smooth as a supermodel at the fashion week and majestically presented some of Riani’s finest dresses. Just a few seats from us we could see her mother’s eyes sparkle with pride each time Anna went by. To top it all off, Riana’s chief designer Ulrich Schulte accompanied her for the final walk where they were greeted by thunderous applause by the enchanted crowd. Celebs like Cheyenne Savannah, Natascha Ochsenknecht, Olivia Jones, Marie Nasemann, Inka Bause, Bettina Cramer and former “Modern Talking” singer Thomas Anders took up the places around us and eagerly awaited Anna’s big performance. A wait well worth it.

Die Antwoord Nailed It

Die Antwoord have proven they know how to rock Berlin with glam and style. Even though Berlinagenten keep a busy schedule when it comes to partying, it has been a while since we’ve last seen anything that went straight through the roof like Die Antwoord. Either they have some of the most passionate fans in the world or somebody was handing out ecstasy pills at the doors (both seems likely enough). We danced through steaming hot 1 1/2 hours to a hypnotic mix of electro-trash, pop, indie and african drum grooves. Perfect start for an extended night of clubbing. If you haven’t heard of Die Antwoord yet, here’s your chance to catch up.

Red Carpet – Henrik’s Excessive World

The end of the year is coming and we’ve used the opportunity to visit the hottest events before 2015!

Premiere of The Hunger Games – Mockingjay 

We chased Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks to the red carpet of the Berlin premiere after she had left the Soho House just a few seconds before we did. The special screening and 2nd premiere world wide took place in the Kraftwerk, a huge industrial power station which was one of the film locations an   d had that typical Berlin underground flair to it. Everyone had to hand in their phones to grim looking security guys before getting inside – they even had an x-ray scanner! Absolute highlight: the huge symbol of resistance was set on fire during the event, illuminating the airy hall with a fierce glimmer. We were driven home in a VIP shuttle after enjoying pulsing electro beats at the afterparty in the industrial complex. Direct neighbour: Tresor Club!

La Banca – Hotel de Rome

When luxury calls, Berlinagenten isn’t far! And neither is the rest of the world. Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming-Willis especially came to Berlin all the way from Los Angeles to attend the grand opening of the restaurant La Banca in Sir Rocco Forte’s Hotel de Rome. The new interior design is working out fabulously, it’s been redesigned nearly as gracefully as some of the richer guests’ facial expressions, cough cough. We lived through a night of tasty rosé-prosecco from Ferrari, super delicious macarons and got mighty drunk with the likes of Jette Joop, Hardy Krüger Jr. and Berlin’s most famous playboy Rolf Eden.

Hotel Zoo Opening

The newest addition to the ensemble of high class hotels in City West started off with a big bang. We came early to witness a thunderstorm of camera flashes greeting us and the oncoming celebrities. People just wouldn’t stop flooding into the hotel until midnight, a point at which you could count yourself lucky if you had enough space to stand on the ground with both feet. We bathed in groovy house beats, had too many vodka cranberries and were entertained well by the whole-hearted attempts of rich boys trying to dance to techno music! Read more about Hotel Zoo here.


When we found out that Crackers was about to open its doors we called up all our old raver friends and set sail for a revival. The new bar and restaurant comes with a modern design and was packed with anything from fancy-schmancy to old ravers, even the legendary party queen Britt Kanja paid her hommage (we did an interview with her last month!). True to the Cookies’ spirit, the crowd went completely nuts when the DJ played Tok Tok vs Soffy O’s “Missy Queen’s Gonna Die” – a tribute to the old days of Cookieness. The atmosphere went through the ceiling and never got back down – intense night!

Intercontinental Christmas Party

The annual celebration at the Intercontinental Hotel always knows to please with the classic treats for a good party: great food, even better drinks and a very pleasant crowd. Mostly. With big parties like this one you’ll always see a few hyperactive scroungers trying to set the world record for most eaten food in one night, but the supply was generous and the enthusiastic dancers in sparkling outfits performing to catchy Discoboogie tunes soon made us forget our troubles. We’ll definitely be back next year!

Meliá Hotels International meets Palazzo

Palazzo is where brilliant cooking meets award winning acrobatics and we honestly couldn’t decide what we liked better. Michelin-star chef Kolja Kleeberg created a breathtaking 4 course gourmet dinner, which was great. Our moderator Chantal was hilariously funny, which was great too, but her jokes almost made us throw up all the delicious food again and now our abdominal muscles hurt form laughing! Meliá carefully handpicked their guests – only 20 were in invited to this exclusive event. Nothing you’ll forget too soon!

Cadillac Experience

Who likes sexy American cars and cool underground locations? We do! Cadillac rented an underground parking lot near the Staatsoper and transformed it into a gigantic showroom deep under the surface. Fancy. Numerous stars and and celebs turned up, including Oliver Korittke, Natalia Avelon, Jana Pallaske, Nikolai Kinski, Cathy Fischer and act of the evening: Aloe Blacc and NYC DJ Nick Cohen, who really outdid themselves with their performance. Us and the other 300 guests consisting of car enthusiasts and VIP visitors were quite impressed with the efforts Cadillac had made to really hit the mood of the Berlin scene – it was spot on. Before we left we had a tasty Juicy Lucy Burger by chef Richard Blais, mmm!

Red Carpet – Henrik’s Glamorous October

October descended on the city with a sexy red cocktail dress on and generously supplied us with the one thing we can never get enough of: grand openings. Our inbox was bursting with invitations and many a tear was shed over deciding which event to dump and which to attend to, but eventually we managed to handpick the five finest.


Silver aliens hovering over our heads on flashing surfboards, dozens of drag queens jiggling along with a bunch of smoking egyptian goddesses and a fabulous looking Nofretete rocking the stage. To answer the question that immediately arises: no, we have not taken any acid. The brand new 10 million euro show in the Friedrichstadtpalast by fashion tsar Manfred Thierry Mugler literally blew our minds. We were introduced to a concept of energetic, modern and timelessness performance missing a comprehensible narrative. When it got too confusing we just counted the celebs who had lined up to be part of the premiere: Inka Bause, Thomas Hermanns, Wolfgang Joop, Inka Bause to name just a few.


We were especially looking forward to this one. Our friend The Beautiful Jewels opened the doors of her new vaudeville bar/night club hybrid, destined to become an uninhibited get-together location for artists and all sorts of wondrous looking folks. A steady tickle of people shuffling down from Eberswalder Str. U-Bahn station got the place packed in no time and quickly befriended the excessive booze supply. Shortly after our arrival the lights were dimmed down low and Jewels warmly welcomed everyone to her fancy world of underearthly delights. Loud grunts of approval from the wildly mixed audience were the last things we heard before immersing into a night of magic, belly dancing and the constant thrill of escaping from a homosexual blue rabbit drinking vodka on the rocks. Read more here.


Berlin has a new healthy food temple. 100% organic. 100% vegetarian. 100% overcrowded opening. The idea of an organic restaurant doesn’t seem new, but it really is. By juicing the ingredients later used for cooking are extracted at the best quality possible and can then be easily absorbed by the body. The juice isn’t heated and hardly comes into contact with air, hence it keeps a very high percentage of the healthy ingredients. Pure. Raw. Superfoods.

The opening itself felt very raw, too. Huge masses of hipsters forced the not-so-joyfully-looking waiters to climb through the windows (!) in order to serve food samples to the waiting guests outside, who never even stood a chance to get inside. Now we wouldn’t be Berlinagenten if we hadn’t somehow squeezed in to see what was really going on – a nicely decorated wall (feathers sticking out of it, making it seem alive), pumping electro beats, hungry visitors eagerly devouring whatever food they could get their hands on and thank god, champagne to assist our mood in disregarding the fact our feet were constantly being stamped on. The food itself? Delicious.

Rio Party by Design Hotels

Till Harter came up with the brilliant idea of creating a so called pop-up hotel in Rio de Janeiro during the hot sommer months that have been home to this year’s FIFA World Cup. He hosted a series of parties called Berlin de Janeiro over in Brazil and their vibrant atmosphere made them a great success -  now he’s back in Berlin to celebrate that triumph. The coming home party of their brazilian success story took place in the luxury boutique hotel Stue, nestled in the Tiergarten park near to the Zoo. Berlinagenten was invited and we followed the call to battle! Who would look the most stylish? There really was no way of telling. The guests looked just as chique as the hotel and blended in perfectly. If Henrik had worn a red jacket he would have blended in pretty well, too. Why red, you ask? After half a dozen well-mixed cocktails Henrik spent a surprisingly large amount of time crawling across the red carpet while making incomprehensible sounds. Go Berlinagenten!

Hotel Ultra

This will be the first hotel in history to never receive a single complaint from their guests. That’s because all their guests are furniture. Since we’re still in 2014, furniture isn’t very likely to complain. Yet. The owners of Hotel Ultra are however pushing open the doors to the future by re-inventing the concept of selling furniture – from a total of 36 rooms, customers are free to pick any piece of the interior furnishing and take it home right after they’ve finished their cake&coffee. Technically you can’t spend a night in the hotel (rumor has it that the chairs come alive at night and take up the most comfortable rooms), but Berlinagenten has never been a friend of restrictions! No, we didn’t sneak in, but we were invited to the opening party that went on well into the night. The dressed bell boy with his guest list made it feel like a real hotel opening and all the fashionably dressed folks around us added up to the impression. As with most parties that offer free booze many seemed to feel it was time for the old game: „I came, I saw, I conquered all the drinks I could before the supply ran out“. The poor bar staff never got a rest and still had to cope with many a soul who’d flash them angry glances if they didn’t have their glass of champagne in 5 seconds. After sobering out the next day the foremost impression we had the night before still remained in our heads: great concept, great venue. Good luck!

10 year anniversary party Berlinagenten


Everybody is a celebrity! On Friday, the 5th of September 2014, the longest red carpet probably in the history of Neukölln district was pulled out – almost 50 meters! The owner of Berlinagenten, Henrik Tidefjärd, organized the 10th anniversary party at the trendy restaurant “Kantina Eins44” and many big names in Berlin’s nightlife scene came to celebrate.Finally, Henrik Tidefjärd is one of the people in Berlin who puts Berlin on the world´s„hippest“ destination map.

Nina Queer, Dominique Insomnia, Ruda Puda, Tara la Luna, Sheila Wolf, Rolf Scheider, DJ Divinity, leading managers of large companies like DDB, H&M, Air Berlin, Design Hotels ™, Visit Berlin, ic!berlin, Soho House and actors like Felix Maximilian or Martin Stange among others walked up the red carpet in the spot light. The strictly limited guest list included Berlin´s gastronomy, creative and queer scene, but also global business partners did not miss this one-of-its-kind event. The250 VIP guests were enjoying the perfectly organized and never ending Variety program: the Catwoman”Hauptsdtadtharfe” Simonetta, a 3D street art installation by 0815industries, a sexy dance performance by the Dreamboys, ic!berlin´s pop-up tombola with Ruda Puda, a rock-n-roll acrobatic show by Ihor Yakymenko and the Swedish artist Linda Vagnelind who painted portraits of Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Prince up-side-down are just a few examples of the unique line-up. The highlight was the “Grande Entree” and speech by the owner Henrik Tidefjärd short before midnight. Out of the industrial elevator in the courtyard came Nina Queer with Henrik in a tight red necklace accompanied by Dominique Insomnia with her fetish slave around her feet.

The party lasted until the early morning hours thanks to the diverse playlists by Dj StaBi Rec, Dj Aera (Innervision) and Dj Superzandy (GMF / Chantal house of shame). Not even the police who walked up the red carpet at midnight and demanded silence could stop the party. The sexy staff kept on serving pure vodka and champagne to the guests, for some guests it resulted in disaster, for others it ended up with just a serve hang-over the following day but overall it was disco fetish explosion!

The Berlinagenten thanks all sponsors who made this wonderful event happen: Eins44, Ambion, ic!berlin, Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt, the Pearl club & bar, Berlinmobil, 0815 Industries and Vagnelind. Thanks for your support!

Some press clipping with pictures to enjoy: Am-Ende-Des-Tages, LeMatin, Qiez & Sheila Wolf


Black carpet: Goodbye Cookies :(


It will be the end of an era on July 19th, when one of our favourite clubs in Berlin, Cookies will spin its last disc. It was way back in the early 90′s that Cookies opened its doors for the first time in a shabby basement in Mitte. Henrik arrived in town some years later and found himself naturally drawn to the hottest ticket in town. ‘Berlin’s Studio 54,’ as he recalls it.

Once he put his hand in the Cookie jar, he just couldn’t take it out! It was Cookies that cemented Berlin’s status as a city so happening that he just couldn’t leave. Thirteen years later, he’s still here.

Back then it was wild, a crazy mix of creatives, cool kids, fashion victims, bohemians, artists who partied like there was no tomorrow. Often there wasn’t. Tomorrow was obliterated by the night before that just went on and on. For a long time, it was ‘Nur für Freunde’ (only for friends). Hollywood stars like Jude Law, Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson, Nicolas Cage and Halle Berry only just managed to pass the door bouncers!

Henrik, however, became best friends with club and could be found on the dance-floor during their opening days Tuesdays and Thursday in their 6th location, a former bank in the Charlottenstrasse/Unter den Linden. In 2007, the club opened its door for the seventh time ina  movie theatre of the former French Cultural Centre in GDR, during the legendary era of electronic music, featuring the Germany´s biggest DJ´s, Dj Hell, Turntablerocker, Sven Väth and Miss Kittin. Before moving to its current location in a smelly lane behind the Westin Grand Hotel.

Berlinagenten has not only partied with friends here, but also arranged events and dinner parties for our style-pack leading clients. In 2009, Henrik arranged the official party for Levis during the Bread & Butter fashion fair.

Now Berlinagenten will definitely be at the Berlin’s hottest July ticket for the final ‘Black Carpet’ parties. The last days of disco are very close, so see you on the dance floor!  To find out more, check out the line up at Cookies.