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The Scene – Bite Club, the street food market.

In Berlin, Bite Club could be fetish club for biters, but it’s not. It’s a fabulous street food market. The first rule of Bite Club, don’t talk with your mouth full. The second rule of Bite Club, is eat food and drink booze. The third rule of Bite Club, you can dance if you want to.  Essentially, its a food party with lashings of booze, live music & DJs.

Bite Club have been curating their fabulous food market overlooking the Spree at Arena in Kreuzberg. Now, they’re in Mitte every Saturday during summer bringing Buns Mobile, Jolesh, Mogg&Melzer, Pic Nic 34, Bun Bao, Heisser Hobel, Maria Maria Arepas and Orlando, along for the ride.

They’ve found the perfect location for it at one of our favourite places, Platoon Kunsthalle. It’s running every Saturday afternoon and evening, throughout the summer.

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Platoon Kunsthalle, Schönhauser Allee 9, Mitte.