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On Tour – P&G And The Mini Disco

We’re not exaggerating when we claim we know what’s cool in Berlin. As true Berlinagenten it’s our job to know – and to find out. The scene is always changing and new trends emerge faster in Berlin than people get rejected at Berghain on a Saturday night. Every day we’re roaming Berlin’s streets with our coolness radar in hands and wait until it violently starts beeping. We offer the same service to companies with our specially tailored Cool Hunting Tours.

When Procter&Gamble‘s Japan division asked us to be their hunting-partners in crime, we couldn’t say no! Of course P&G is especially interested in finding Berlin’s hairy trends. Viktor Leske’s contemporary hair saloons are what’s hot right now – they offer a minimal, sleek design that goes perfectly with the typical Berlin understatement.

In the Bikini mall our customers didn’t only hunt trends, they became trend setters. At LNFA Concept Store they were to choose their own set of super trendy clothing and experienced what it’s like to be a model first hand. Each and everyone became part of a cool photo shooting and we looked like a kinky group of Kreuzberg fashionistas when the photos were shot.

The coolest part of the day was our session in the world’s smallest club on the RAW premises. If you toss in a coin in on old telephone cell, a disco ball appears, lights start flashing, party music starts playing and smoke machines do the rest to create an instant party atmosphere. Some things only exist in Berlin…

On Tour: Wella Japan Meets The Creative Scene

Berlin is all about individuality. You’re free to be whoever you want to be and spending just a few minutes on the streets will assure you that you can look as absurd as it pleases you, too. Tainted Sunglasses, peacock feathers and ripped jeans with your suit jacket? No probs. Undies on your head? Happens all the time. Hence, no one so much as batted an eye when a whole bunch of super trendy looking stylists from WELLA’s Japan division led by Berlinagenten started roaming the streets of Berlin Mitte to hunt for the coolest trends in the city.

Berlinagenten took them on a specially designed Cool Hunting Tour to fulfil their inspirational needs and really help them to dig into Berlin’s creative atmosphere – after all they were here to broaden their horizons and catch some of the city’s unique flair to bring it back home.

After visiting some of Berlin’s mandatory landmarks, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting four simultaneous tours through different trendy boroughs, all well known for their cool&edgy restaurants, bars, design stores and hip boutiques. Every now and then we’ve made somewhat longer stops at the locations to give our vigorous youngsters the chance to ask in depth questions and have a look behind the scenes – we promised to really give them insight into the Berlin fashion and art scene and we didn’t let them down! Visits included fashion labels like Picapica (known for high quality plant-dyed organic-clothing), Tausche, Devaki (they make some of the finest hats), but also the Art Center Bethanien and Berlin’s newest design temple, the Bikini House.

After an eventful day our guests boasted all the pictures they had taken that day over a gourmet dinner at the Soho House, sharing all the colourful memories of a day that’s bound to stay on their minds for months to come. A few of our japanese guests just couldn’t get enough of the city (and Berlinagenten) and decided to join us for a wild night out – strictly off the books. If the others won’t forget Berlin anytime soon, they certainly never will. We ended up partying until the early morning at Berlin’s sexiest cult party – Chantal’s House of Shame and our guests (literally) screamed with delight, all night! We’re already looking forward to having you guys again.

Insider fashion: Sevil Uguz from LNFA


As it is Berlin Fashion Week from July 8 to the 13th, we have chosen to feature a young woman tasked with getting Berlin’s fashion’s hippest and brightest out in the world. Sevil Uguz runs the fashion-forward store and PR agency LNFA (Live Networking for Fashion & Art) that champions young designers in their fabulous store/PR agency in the funky Bikini Berlin. She started her career as a editor in chief of a Blogzine named Bloggers Melting Pot.

Here’s Sevil to fill us in her concept and Berlin Fashion Week.

Tell us about your company and what you do?

We’re run as a shop, event platform and agency for young fashion designers. The LNFA Shop cherry picks the best designers such as  Esther Perbandt, Ewa Herzog, Aurelia Paumelle, and Trippen. We support young fashion designers with our work in sales, public relations and advertisements.

Who are your clients and bit about them?

We have a mix of clients – young and older, hipsters and tourists, who love seeking out new fashion. For some, it’s first time they discover this kind of designer clothing. We serve the kind of people  who love a lot of diversity in their wardrobes. We give them the option to jump on board with the young designers before they get too famous!

Is there a Berlin style?

The three words I’d use are brave, innovative and always changing.

Tell us a bit about your store at the Bikini House and how it came about?

I was asked to open the store. We have lots of events and the idea was to build a platform to showcase the newest trends and fashion designers.

How has the fashion scene changed over the last few years as Berlin has become a fashion hub?

The Fashion scene is getting harder. As a PR Agent I know there is a huge amount of talented competition. The biggest problem is that building the scene when many the upcoming designers leave Berlin for London, Paris or New York. For example, Achtland and Patrick Mohr. Fortunately though, it’s such a creative city there are new fashion unknown designers in the wings.

What are you most looking to at Fashion Week?

I can’t wait to see the Marina Hoermanseder & Esther Perbandt shows. And of course, the parties!

What is the best party?

When you’re working it’s hard to say which is the best party.  We usually only get a sneak peak of every party, as there is always another event waiting.

Has there been an influx of worldwide interest in the last few years?

There’s definitely a lot more interest from other countries and their fashion press. I meet a people from all around the world, during the last fashion week. With a lot of hard work, Berlin could be the next Paris for fashion.