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Your Berlinagenten blogger Lollie Barr meets the author/journalist/cabaret artist/Berlinagenten guide Lollie Barr in a weird space-time continuum, where she talks to herself in the third person. Yep, Berlin makes you that crazy!

LB: So, how did you end up in Berlin?

LB: I came to write a story for marie claire called ‘48 hours in Berlin’, four years on, I’m still here. Fortunately for me, the first person I met was Henrik, who is contracted by Visit Berlin to show journalists the hip side of the city. He took me on an Urban LifeStyle Tour around Prenzlauer Berg and sold me the city in three hours. Henrik mapped out every hot spot and neighbourhood going. I’m still discovering them. That’s what I love about Berlin, it’s fabulous, city-wide.

LB: And now you’re a Berlinagenten guide yourself?

LB: After seven travel articles and many nights out, Henrik thought I had earned my Berlin stripes. I was ready to be unleashed on the friendly tourists as a lifestyle guide. I adore it. Our clients are always so interesting and interested to know what’s going on beneath the surface of Berlin. My favourite tours are the Gastro Rallyes because I’m a dedicated foodie.

LB: What’s your favourite place in Berlin?

I’m in love with Liquidrom the super cool sauna and spa in Kreuzberg. There’s a huge warm salt-water pool, where you float about as music comes from beneath the water. If you’re visiting on your birthday, it’s free! Just remember to bring some ID for verification.

LB: What the hell is going on with that photo? Is that you?

LB: Oh her? That’s Fifi La Muff, my French sex kitten alter ego, who is occasionally let out of her box to perform cabaret. I can often be found playing guitar and singing in my local bar The Marquee on Brunnenstrasse.

LB: Any other talents we should know about?

LB: Apart being able to bend back my fingers like a Balinese dancer?

LB: Impressive but yes.

LB: I write novels mainly. I have one published The Mag Hags, one due out on the 1st of April  and The Nine Months Three Weeks & Five Days that I was Famous’, is out in July.

LB: You’re busy then.

LB: Yes, better get back to blogging. Nice to meet you.

LB: You’re mad, I am you.

LB: Now you’re really confusing me!

Photo by Katrina James.