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Red Carpet – Henrik’s Excessive World

The end of the year is coming and we’ve used the opportunity to visit the hottest events before 2015!

Premiere of The Hunger Games – Mockingjay 

We chased Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks to the red carpet of the Berlin premiere after she had left the Soho House just a few seconds before we did. The special screening and 2nd premiere world wide took place in the Kraftwerk, a huge industrial power station which was one of the film locations an   d had that typical Berlin underground flair to it. Everyone had to hand in their phones to grim looking security guys before getting inside – they even had an x-ray scanner! Absolute highlight: the huge symbol of resistance was set on fire during the event, illuminating the airy hall with a fierce glimmer. We were driven home in a VIP shuttle after enjoying pulsing electro beats at the afterparty in the industrial complex. Direct neighbour: Tresor Club!

La Banca – Hotel de Rome

When luxury calls, Berlinagenten isn’t far! And neither is the rest of the world. Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming-Willis especially came to Berlin all the way from Los Angeles to attend the grand opening of the restaurant La Banca in Sir Rocco Forte’s Hotel de Rome. The new interior design is working out fabulously, it’s been redesigned nearly as gracefully as some of the richer guests’ facial expressions, cough cough. We lived through a night of tasty rosé-prosecco from Ferrari, super delicious macarons and got mighty drunk with the likes of Jette Joop, Hardy Krüger Jr. and Berlin’s most famous playboy Rolf Eden.

Hotel Zoo Opening

The newest addition to the ensemble of high class hotels in City West started off with a big bang. We came early to witness a thunderstorm of camera flashes greeting us and the oncoming celebrities. People just wouldn’t stop flooding into the hotel until midnight, a point at which you could count yourself lucky if you had enough space to stand on the ground with both feet. We bathed in groovy house beats, had too many vodka cranberries and were entertained well by the whole-hearted attempts of rich boys trying to dance to techno music! Read more about Hotel Zoo here.


When we found out that Crackers was about to open its doors we called up all our old raver friends and set sail for a revival. The new bar and restaurant comes with a modern design and was packed with anything from fancy-schmancy to old ravers, even the legendary party queen Britt Kanja paid her hommage (we did an interview with her last month!). True to the Cookies’ spirit, the crowd went completely nuts when the DJ played Tok Tok vs Soffy O’s “Missy Queen’s Gonna Die” – a tribute to the old days of Cookieness. The atmosphere went through the ceiling and never got back down – intense night!

Intercontinental Christmas Party

The annual celebration at the Intercontinental Hotel always knows to please with the classic treats for a good party: great food, even better drinks and a very pleasant crowd. Mostly. With big parties like this one you’ll always see a few hyperactive scroungers trying to set the world record for most eaten food in one night, but the supply was generous and the enthusiastic dancers in sparkling outfits performing to catchy Discoboogie tunes soon made us forget our troubles. We’ll definitely be back next year!

Meliá Hotels International meets Palazzo

Palazzo is where brilliant cooking meets award winning acrobatics and we honestly couldn’t decide what we liked better. Michelin-star chef Kolja Kleeberg created a breathtaking 4 course gourmet dinner, which was great. Our moderator Chantal was hilariously funny, which was great too, but her jokes almost made us throw up all the delicious food again and now our abdominal muscles hurt form laughing! Meliá carefully handpicked their guests – only 20 were in invited to this exclusive event. Nothing you’ll forget too soon!

Cadillac Experience

Who likes sexy American cars and cool underground locations? We do! Cadillac rented an underground parking lot near the Staatsoper and transformed it into a gigantic showroom deep under the surface. Fancy. Numerous stars and and celebs turned up, including Oliver Korittke, Natalia Avelon, Jana Pallaske, Nikolai Kinski, Cathy Fischer and act of the evening: Aloe Blacc and NYC DJ Nick Cohen, who really outdid themselves with their performance. Us and the other 300 guests consisting of car enthusiasts and VIP visitors were quite impressed with the efforts Cadillac had made to really hit the mood of the Berlin scene – it was spot on. Before we left we had a tasty Juicy Lucy Burger by chef Richard Blais, mmm!

On tour: The AIA Asia Berlin Gala Dinner Spectacular

One of the absolute pleasures of Berlinagenten’s repertoire of services is creating incredible events. Our end game is always mind-blowing spectaculars that reflect Berlin’s true nature. Hence we’ve created events Levis, Wella Japan, Roche, DDB and AXE, amongst others.

When Berlinagenten received the brief from Tumlare, a leading European destination management service out of Frankfurt, we knew this was going to be a huge one. AIA, the huge pan-Asian life insurance group were hosting 230 people from 12 countries in Asia, including India, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Korea, in Berlin.

They were looking for a company to produce a spectacular final gala and awards show that would leave their guests breathless, with an indelible memory of Berlin that would last forever. Originally, they floated the idea of an Oktober Fest event! Hang on for a second guys, this is Berlin, not Munich! Berlinagenten isn’t that kind of company. If we’re on board we wanted to give them the real Berlin, based on the city´s history and passed époques.

The client loved our idea of producing an event that showcased performances to reflect Berlin from roaring twenties, the divided city, the destruction of the war, reunification and what is quintessentially modern Berlin today. Okay, so how do we pull this together? First off, we needed a location that screamed Berlin. You want something baroque, put your event in Vienna!

Berlin is full of factories, abandoned spaces and industrial halls that reflect the city’s raw, edgy and creative vibe. We chose Umspannwerk am Alexanderplatz, a former power plant that hosts concerts, fashion shows and exhibitions. Ambion, an international event production service company, were brought on board to customize the space. When it came to catering, beverages and service, our brief was it has to be the best that Berlin has to offer. The Intercontinental hotel’s catering team sprang immediately to mind. They host everything from small exclusive dinners to immense catering events.

Now for the world-class entertainment! Berlinagenten has long since collaborated with the amazing Salon K.  We worked with creative director Patrick King to choreograph a brand new show, created especially for the event. The international cast came from Germany Italy, Sweden, America, and Norway and included ballet dancers, singers, hula hoppers and break-dancers.

After six months of intensive planning, it finally was show time! Our guests were standing on the huge balcony, glasses of champagne in hand, surrounded by billowing curtains. Then the curtains dramatically fell to the floor and the show began.

By far the most emotional moment of the night was when a replica of the Berlin Wall was constructed, as the guests sat down for dinner sectioning them off from each other into East and West. We commissioned 0815 Industries to construct the Wall in its actual three metre height. Two ballet dancers played a couple in love who were separated giving our guests a sense of the emotional context of the divided city.

The end result was an incredible night of fine food, amazing entertainment and a spectacular that could happen in Berlin, imprinted onto everybody’s consciousness.

To celebrate the event, we have made a brilliant video documentary of it! Enjoy!