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The Scene meets The Bowl

What comes to mind for most people when they hear “vegan” is: hippies, scrawny weaklings, salad leaves and a sad, sad life without meat. Poor vegans.

Our visit to The Bowl made us rethink our well groomed stereotypes. Their concept is “clean eating”. That means the food is 100% vegan, there’s absolutely no additives, no white sugar and no trans fats. All the ingredients are fresh from the farm and their quality is second to none. Honestly: we haven’t had such a good meal for a long time. Just reading the menu card kept us busy for 15 minutes, because ALL the dishes sound so good. One of the famous bowls reads like this:

California Bowl

lemon quinoa, fried sweet potatoes, sesame tamari spinach, raw apple carrot salade, avocado slices with sesame, tomato coriander salsa, teriyaki hibiscus sauce, mixed greens with superfood dressing.

Even us, known to be amongst the most prestigious meat lovers on the planet, had to admit their menu sounds amazing. We were just as surprised to see that all the customers looked like regular people! The place itself knows to impress with a light hearted interior design, matching the “clean eating” concept perfectly. Other than bowls, you can choose between starters, smoothies, side dishes, tapas and dessert, all of the finest quality. There’s also super tasty self made lemonade and of course various coffee specialities.

We can whole heartedly recommend The Bowl, even for meat lovers. There’s more than enough alternatives to make up for the lack of meat. And just in case: there’s no entry control, so in theory you probably could smuggle in a Schnitzel or two under your jacket. But psshhh, you didn’t hear that from us!

The Scene meets The Store

You can’t decide if you want to go shopping, be a couch potato, have some organic food, get your hairs&nails done, check out some art installations, buy some vinyls, read a book or even get some work done? There’s good news: you don’t have to. 

A concept store simply called The Store recently opened its doors in the Soho House Berlin and unites it all under one roof. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a privileged member or simply want to swing by to grasp some of the unique Soho Flair – it’s open to anyone. Anything you can touch can be bought (except people, as it turned out to our dismay. The staff is HOT). Don’t expect large crowds fighting over the exquisite selection of clothes, though, instead think of a huge shoppable living room where people come together to work, connect and share their ideas over a cup of coffee and buying things becomes more of a side activity. 

Roaming the hall we realized there’s something special about this place: the exotic smells. In one corner it’s scented candles, in the next the pleasant smell of old wood, then it’s the scents coming from the kitchen and then there’s a point where they’re all mixing together and create a whole new arousing smell altogether. Buzzy.

The Store carries well known labels like The Row, Alexander Wang, Jil Sander, Proenza Schouler, Issey Miyake and Baja East and offers a very exclusive selection of clothes. Lots of the stuff will be hard to come by anywhere else in Berlin as creative director Alex Eagle handpicks the pieces to be sold in The Store.

You don’t have to worry about getting tired shopping or working either, The Store Kitchen offers exquisite coffee and freshly squeezed juice to get you right back in the game. There’s also smoothies, salads and soups to be had, all made with high quality organic ingredients. Tasty!

Summing it up: The Store is an amazing place and fits all the needs that both a creative professional and a part-time shopping queen could have. Don’t miss out on this.

The Scene meets Le Faubourg

West Berlin is on the rise! The western part of the city has been evolving rapidly these last few years and has provided us with some real high-class restaurants. Among the many new establishments that enrich the scene on a constant basis, there’s one that’s already cooked its way into the very heart of Berlinagenten. Located in the prestigious Sofitel Kurfürstendamm, Le Faubourg only opened last month and still is a real insider tip (brought to you by – who else could it be! – us). 

The restaurant’s setting feels pleasantly classy and simple, yet timeless and appealing – making you feel comfortable but leaving the real focus where it should be – on the food. It’s cuisine is defined by chef Felix Mielke’s imaginative take on traditional french recipes, fusing the classic french cuisine with a modern touch. But fear not! If you’re a fan of traditional recipes, Le Faubourg won’t disappoint, leaving you with the choice of the modern version of a recipe or the classic one. 

The Choice is all yours: either the classic beef tenderloin with fries, salad and sauce béarnaise or the modern approach – a delicious dry-aged rumpsteak cooked sous-vide with balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, spinach, pine nuts and beetroot. Then there’s the traditional roasted turbot on saffron vegetables with tomatoe and bouillabaisse brew and it’s modern interpretation – turbot, cooked sous-vide, spicy chorizo, beans, white onions and pumpernickel. What sounds like an unlikely combination of ingredients makes for a real culinary highlight. I have to be honest here: I have been drooling all over my keyboard for the last 2 minutes. Surely, this is high class cuisine at its finest!

Apart from their obvious talent for cooking Le Faubourg knows how to impress their customers: the young and friendly team (chef Felix Mielke is only 29 and they also employ Mathias Brandweiner, whose 19 years make him the youngest sommelier in the whole of Germany!) specialize in using only regional and high quality organic products for their dishes. But it doesn’t stop there: 85% of their over 150 different wines are from Germany and France and make for some good stories. For example the background story of the fruity pinot-gris Teenage Dreams from Scherer&Zimmer, which features two young up-starters from Bad Krozingen, who fulfilled their dream of becoming winemakers by buying the cellar of an old pigsty and now successfully produce their own high quality wine. 

Although pricey (main courses range from 20-40€) Le Faubourg has everything the culinary heart could wish for. If money is no issue for you and your stomach craves for something innovative yet delicious – this is the place to go.