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Insiders: Bastian and David from Berlin Dreamboys

This month we have two of Berlin’s finest high quality men strippers with us – Bastian and David from Berlin Dreamboys. They’ve successfully been rocking the business for a while now and offer shows that aren’t only sexy but add some artistic flavor. 

Looking at you guys makes it apparent why so many women (and men!) are delighted you two became strippers. Are your girlfriends just as glad?

B: You only have to find a woman who’s confident enough to cope with the job. One of us already found that woman, the other one’s still looking for the right one.

When did you decide to perform professionally and what made you choose pole dancing?

D: I’ve been into sports for as long as I can think, really. I started doing breakdancing when I was 14, which was bound to lead into the nightlife sooner or later. Young Bastian and even younger David eventually figured they would need money, too, so making the step towards stripping was an easy choice. But don’t get me wrong, it was never only about the money! It’s always been important to us to incorporate our shows with charm, acrobatics and of course, dancing.

What was your biggest success in your career so far?

B: After two years of hard work we were given the chance to perform in Las Vegas, alongside with the famous Chippendales. And David here actually won the german pole dancing championship not too long ago!

What does „sexy“ mean to you?

D: I feel like I’m mostly finding things sexy that seem just out of reach. I mean, a lot of things can be sexy. For example our lifestyle! How you interpret that is up to you.

To get a well-trained, thoroughly muscular body like yours, you surely have to spend a LOT of time in gyms. How often do you work out and what do you do to stay fit?

B: Daily exercise is anchored as firmly into our daily lives as brushing your teeth is for others. But it really isn’t about how many hours a day you work out, continuity and efficiency are much more important factors. The possibilities are virtually endless. Summing it up, I’m doing fitness, dancing, breakdance, acrobatics, wakeboarding, snowboarding… the list is long. 

Straight up – at your shows you probably meet a whole lot of slightly intoxicated ladies, who’re keen for more than just a men strip. Have you ever considered committing a folly?

D: We have a reputation to lose. It’s important to stick to your morals. If you’re willing to do this job professionally, that’s a no-go.

I’m sure with the uninhibited and enthusiastic atmosphere that comes with your shows, you surely have some amusing anecdotes in stock. Care to share?

B: Well, now you mention it, taking a closer look it surely is funny that we’re the last ones the future bride on a bachelor party has the chance to get laid by… with permission! And by laid I of course mean the part where the lady is positioned on a cloth so we can do a handstand on top of her.

Due to your profession you often get in touch with other well-trained, good-looking men… ever though about switching sides?

D: I think you’re either homosexual or you’re not. It’s definitely not the case with me so I haven’t given attention to that thought. But in our scene it’s actually a totally normal and well accepted topic and dancing for men isn’t something out of the usual for us.

No one here wants you to ever quit dancing – but do you have other wishes and dreams than stripping for the future?

B: Well, that’s quite a list. We’re actively following one big goal at the moment: We’re creating Europe’s best men strip group. It’s called „SIXX PAXX“ and will be featured on German television soon („Supertalent“ on RTL). See what surprises are in store.

You’re from Berlin – what’s Berlin’s essence for you?

D: We both agree on that one: Berlin is a lifestyle. And at the same time the most awesome city in the world… period!!!

Are there any clubs, bars or cool restaurants you can recommend in Berlin?

B: We don’t really have any favourite clubs, the coolest club is Berlin itself. If you’re keen for some good arabic food check out Marooush near Kurfürstendamm. We’ve also had some wild parties in the Kitty Cheng Bar… but if you’re just looking for some quality time with friends and want to have a beer at a really nice location, check out the rooftop terrace of the House of Weekend!

Thanks for taking the time. We hope to see you perform (again) soon!