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The Scene – Sustainable Berlin

Can sex save the world? Berlin moans “yeees“. NGO Fuck For Forrest sells home-made erotic videos to buy a piece of rainforest and save the indigenous population. Sustainability meets hedonism. Level: Berlin. In a city where dreamers become makers, sustainable lifestyle has become an increasingly profitable business opportunity. Eco start ups, healthy eateries and sustainable business models create the chance for a greener future. Not just for Berlin, but the whole world.

FUCK FOR FOREST – Trailer from Michal Marczak on Vimeo.

Berlin-based Veganz is Europe’s first vegan supermarket chain. Their outlets are surrounded by organic eateries like The Bowl, urban gardens like Princess Garden or Holzmarkt and fair-trade fashion brands such as Wunderwerk and Bleed Clothing. Even more remarkable are Berlin’s trendsetting eco start ups. At Luritec, they’re fighting pollution with a clever system that prevents wastewater from being discharged into rivers and oceans. Europe’s biggest aquaponics project ECF is an eco-friendly urban fishfarm that uses nutrient rich water from their farm to grow vegetables indoor. The all-new eco center for out-of-the-box thinking is Circular Economy House CRCLR. Here you’ll find workshops, exhibitions and panels about resilience, longevity and circular economy. Circular economy describes a system without waste, just like nature’s own ecosystem. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world without pollution?

When you’re in Berlin, open your mind and explore these innovative start ups. Make sure to visit at least ECF Farm Systems to be amazed, Wunderwerk to shop sustainably and Holzmarkt to enjoy a drink in an urban oasis. Still not sure where to begin? Write us a love letter and we’ll organize a tour for you that would make even Al Gore proud.

The Scene meets The Bowl

What comes to mind for most people when they hear “vegan” is: hippies, scrawny weaklings, salad leaves and a sad, sad life without meat. Poor vegans.

Our visit to The Bowl made us rethink our well groomed stereotypes. Their concept is “clean eating”. That means the food is 100% vegan, there’s absolutely no additives, no white sugar and no trans fats. All the ingredients are fresh from the farm and their quality is second to none. Honestly: we haven’t had such a good meal for a long time. Just reading the menu card kept us busy for 15 minutes, because ALL the dishes sound so good. One of the famous bowls reads like this:

California Bowl

lemon quinoa, fried sweet potatoes, sesame tamari spinach, raw apple carrot salade, avocado slices with sesame, tomato coriander salsa, teriyaki hibiscus sauce, mixed greens with superfood dressing.

Even us, known to be amongst the most prestigious meat lovers on the planet, had to admit their menu sounds amazing. We were just as surprised to see that all the customers looked like regular people! The place itself knows to impress with a light hearted interior design, matching the “clean eating” concept perfectly. Other than bowls, you can choose between starters, smoothies, side dishes, tapas and dessert, all of the finest quality. There’s also super tasty self made lemonade and of course various coffee specialities.

We can whole heartedly recommend The Bowl, even for meat lovers. There’s more than enough alternatives to make up for the lack of meat. And just in case: there’s no entry control, so in theory you probably could smuggle in a Schnitzel or two under your jacket. But psshhh, you didn’t hear that from us!