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The Scene – Summer’s Hottest Openings

The sun’s shining, dresses get shorter by the day and the hipsters on Torstraße can finally drink their club mate until sunrise on the street again. Even if you’re not looking to get your party game on, summer is a hugely interesting time. New restaurants and eateries sprout up in spring, and summer shows who’s on the road to full bloom. Naturally you can’t check them all out, so trust your favourite lifestyle agency to find  the best ones. We compiled a list of 8 hot new restaurants this summer. Each and every venue is a real tongue pleaser.

With all the hedonism at night, it’s no wonder there’s a craze for healthy food temples. Gärtnerei in Mitte is the latest landmark for exceptional vegetarian restaurants. The interior is an atmospheric oasis boasting green plush couches and a small bar counter. The menu is minimalistic – just the three main ingredients per dish are revealed. Fear not – for unwavering carnivores there’s also a few choice dishes with meat.

Golden Phoenix
Duc Ngo is Kuchi’s founder and the mastermind behind 893 Ryotei. He’s also one of the most formative wizards behind Berlin’s young dining scene. In Hotel Provocateur’s in-house restaurant Golden Phoenix, he’s fusing french and asian cuisine. His aim is to cook the dishes from his childhood, just even better. Is it even possible to top grandmother’s recipes? Find out in good old West Berlin.

You’ll find this new gem in recently opened Holzmarkt. It boasts lovely modern cuisine right by the Spree on the former premises of Berlin’s notorious Bar25. Kitchen head Hayk Seirig was already chef when they were serving beats rather than food, but how times change! The real candy: You can stay at surrounding Holzmarkt for beers, laughs and company after or before dinner. It’s an urban getaway for locals and travellers alike.

Let’s face it: If you’re super hungry, you’ll need to make quite an order at PeterPaul. They serve delicious German cuisine (yes, it exists) in snack-sized portions. The recipes are a blast from the past, served as modern interpretations. Think Königsberger meatballs, rolled beef, Swabian ravioli in exciting new variations. What made it stand out: The great atmosphere mixed with rich flavours and a superb Austrian wine selection.

Vertikal’s house facade is covered by an impressive ocean of plants. Their food is just as exciting. Contemporary European cuisine with Asian and African influences. Now, if that doesn’t sound promising! Owner Claire from New York came here 7 years ago – for love. After trying her toast with roasted onion, pickled avocado, goat cheese and poached egg, we know it’s the same reason we’ll be coming to Vertikal for the next 7 years.

Con Tho
Con Tho’s a culinary oasis in the middle Neukölln’s hustle and bustle. They put emphasis on serving “healing” food, so 2/3 of ingredients stem from regional productions. Their amazing selection of drinks was made with the knowledge of buddhists monks. Expect vietnamese vegetarian & vegan cuisine cooked to perfection.

Good Bank
Innovation done right: Good Bank grows its own food. Behind the small venue’s counter there’s an in-shop farming system that grows salad. Obviously they can’t grow all their ingredients in their restaurant, but it’s still a definite step towards more urban sustainability. You can choose your ingredients and create your own super-fresh food experience as you sit. The future is now.

Spreegold meets Bikini
Spreegold is the perfect all-rounder for upscale fast food in atmospheric venues. They serve great breakfast, salads, pasta, burgers, steaks and bar food at night. Their outlet at Bikini Berlin is their third venue in Berlin and stretches across three floors. First floor – to-go area for quick eats. Second floor – restaurant, lounge areas and workspace with 350 seats. Third floor – rooftop bar with great views of the surrounding area. When the weather’s good you can dine al fesco on their spacious rooftop terrace.

Red Carpet: Henrik Meets The Fashion Week

Berlin loves fashion! Fashion loves Berlin! Once a year the high pitched battlecry for new trends assembles countless labels in the heart of Europe to present their latest creations at the Berlin fashion week. This year was all about record breaking numbers, more visitors than ever, more than 3000 brands and about 200 glamorous events from celebrations to catwalks related to the happening took place all over the city. We’ve seen some great shows and jaw-dropping fashion, but let’s cut right to the most important point. The parties!

Tommy Hilfiger Opening

Tommy Hilfiger goes Berlin. His new anchor store in a cool, urban neighbourhood in Mitte sells anything from women’s, men’s and children’s wear to Hilfiger Denim and fragrances.

The grand opening came in the disguise of an exclusive in-store event with special guests like model Julia Restoin Roitfeld, the equally beautiful Eva Padberg, “Jungle”-Queen Melanie Müller, Olivia Jones, football player Christoph Metzelder and American singer&songwriter Chris Cab, who pampered our ears with his beautiful live perfomances over the evening. We mixed ourown fragrance at Frau Tonis Parfum before we left. Fancy.

The Kooples Party

The Kooples. Sounds strange, right? That’s because they’re French. The label recently opened their second store in Berlin, slowly but steady coming closer to their target of world domination. To make sure their latest collection would get the attention it deserved, they invaded England. Joking! Just the Chelsea Bar on every hipster’s favourite street, Torstraße. Catchy indie tunes performed by Baxter Dury and exquisite snacks by one of Neukölln’s finest, Café Roamers, definitely made the evening stand out from your usual night on Torstraße! Go Kooples!

USM Project50 

Nope, USM Project50 isn’t some undercover operation by the US forces. The swiss company (USM) invited artists, designers and students to attend their fashion week party, where apparently fashion isn’t limited to clothing anymore. USM is looking to reinvent the modular furniture business and tries to lure creative people from around the globe by ensuring the booze at their parties never runs out. An evil, yet successful strategy. We danced along to the live perfomance by Berlin-based band Schwarz Don’t Crack and might have had a few shots too many. But psshhh!!! 

Lavera Showfloor

The launch event of the Lavera Eco Fashion Show traditionally is one of our favourites. They pulled off a great show last year and managed to top it this year, so it was no wonder that it turned to be a true celebrity showcase. Models like Elisabetta Canalis, Bonnie Strange and Eveline Hall wore sustainably produced avantgarde couture and natural cosmetics, hence the motto “Celebrating Natural Beauty”. The showroom was stacked with VIPs – Lavera knows how to make an impression and the demand for seats at their shows is huge. We’ll be back next time!

Mercedes Benz Catwalk

We couldn’t believe our eyes when Boris Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakowa made an appearance as smooth as a supermodel at the fashion week and majestically presented some of Riani’s finest dresses. Just a few seats from us we could see her mother’s eyes sparkle with pride each time Anna went by. To top it all off, Riana’s chief designer Ulrich Schulte accompanied her for the final walk where they were greeted by thunderous applause by the enchanted crowd. Celebs like Cheyenne Savannah, Natascha Ochsenknecht, Olivia Jones, Marie Nasemann, Inka Bause, Bettina Cramer and former “Modern Talking” singer Thomas Anders took up the places around us and eagerly awaited Anna’s big performance. A wait well worth it.

Die Antwoord Nailed It

Die Antwoord have proven they know how to rock Berlin with glam and style. Even though Berlinagenten keep a busy schedule when it comes to partying, it has been a while since we’ve last seen anything that went straight through the roof like Die Antwoord. Either they have some of the most passionate fans in the world or somebody was handing out ecstasy pills at the doors (both seems likely enough). We danced through steaming hot 1 1/2 hours to a hypnotic mix of electro-trash, pop, indie and african drum grooves. Perfect start for an extended night of clubbing. If you haven’t heard of Die Antwoord yet, here’s your chance to catch up.