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The Scene meets Briefmarken Weine

Wine. Pasta. Even more wine. And here goes another one. Yep, we do love wine and we just found the perfect spot for our passion. Briefmarken Weine recently opened in Berlin Friedrichshain and the Italian owners Nicola and Alessandro deliver a promising concept. Their approach is to fuse the rustic charm of an old GDR post stamp shop with a classic italian wine bar without losing the original atmosphere of the surrounding. Works like a charm, if you ask us.

They offer more than Italian 130 wines, most of which originate from small, exclusive wineries, that often don’t produce more than a few thousand bottles of a particular grape variety. It’s important to the sympathetic team to not only sell wine, but to sell wine that tells a story, a wine that has a history of its own. Best example: we’ve had a Vignammare, a wine grown only on Sicily – just 50m from the shore. We were in for a surprise… this white wine actually tasted salty! It’s made with absolutely no fertilizers and you can really taste the italian sea on your tongue. Sounds a little strange at first, but it’s actually quite delicious, especially if combined with some fresh truffle mortadella that we had for starters. The food isn’t bad at all, quite on the contrary, but they only offer a very limited variety of dishes, clearly stating what their number one passion is: wine. God, we have so much in common!

With our cheeks slowly beginning to turn red (we’ve had had a few by then) we couldn’t help but to adore the laid back atmosphere of the bar. Screw Christmas, we’ll stay here for the next few weeks!