On Tour: Urban Insiders

Our costumers from a famous swedish law firm – the market leader in providing marriage settlements and testaments – could count themselves lucky: their bosses appreciated their hard work over the past year by not only hooking them up with a 4-day incentive trip to Berlin, they also made sure their employees would get nothing but the best by choosing Berlinagenten to be their host.

The very first stop of the tour was one for all the meat lovers out there: a traditional Berlin Currywurst (we have the best Currywurst in Germany and don’t let anyone from Hamburg tell you otherwise!). Before being transferred to the stylish design hotel Amano the group had the chance to see one of the most famous avenues in Berlin: The Kurfürstendamm. A boulevard providing more famous shops, hotels, retaurants and fashion designers than any other street in Berlin, buzzing with life all around the clock.

Berlinagenten never disappoints their clients when it comes to finding the best eateries in town. First night kicked off with a al fresco dinner in an imposing formerbread factory on the River Spree. Following evening we made it possible to get a table at Tim Raue’s La Soupe populaire, which boasts a post industrial space with art exhibitions in the dinner area. Save the best for the last, the culinary highlight was no less than the Gastro-Rallye Deluxe, a tour where we take our guests to three trendy gourmet restaurants, one dish being served at each stop. If a farmer prepares the pig to get fat before Christmas, we definitely prepare our guests to roll back home!

Now before you get the impression that the whole tour consisted of eating and drinking (which might not even be such a bad thing, either) let’s talk about small cage-like cars with fumes so lovely, you’ll never want to smell another thing again. Or even be able to. The Trabbi! Fabricated in the GDR this car was roaming the streets in eastern Germany for decades and has nowadays become a nostalgia symbol. Berlinagenten booked Trabbis for the whole group and took a 2-hours „wild east“ route with an english speaking guide, providing an exclusive insight into Berlin history for our customers. At this point I think it’s only fair to say that those oldtimer Trabbis can be tricky little beasts: One of the Trabants had some issues with it’s exhaust gases (they were partly INSIDE the car, cough cough) and made for a nasty but surely unforgettable memory for the occupants. 

For the wild nights out Henrik took the group to the re-opened House of Weekend, the Avenue Club in the historic Café Moskau and of course we were granted VIP access to the Pearl, jumping queues and commencing a seemingly never ending night of partying. Our happy guests made that much clear: Never before have they been partying in such a vibrant and fashionable club!