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On Tour – Traveller Made Is In Love With Berlin

A staggering 172 billion euros was spent on international luxury travel last year and Berlin ranks amongst the most popular travel destinations for high-price trips in Europe. To further promote Berlin’s luxury segment for the rich and famous, the city’s most prestigious hotels and visitBerlin have invited travel designers from Traveller Made to an exclusive trip to Berlin. The trip has one aim and one aim only: to display that Berlin has grown up and now offers an extravagant lifestyle scene to those who seek it.

Naturally there’s only one address when it comes to finding the best tours available for money: Berlinagenten. We were entrusted with the daily program for the 12 visitors and we’ll tell you this much already: Berlin was ranked 10 out of 10 points.

After throwing a classy champagne reception, we guided the travel agents around the city. From a private visit to the Platoon Art Hall and Berlin’s classical sights like Potsdamer Platz and Hackescher Market, to supper at the super tasty Studio by Tim Raue, no rock was left unturned. On Teufelsberg – Berlin’s highest hill – we did a graffiti tour and an on-the-spot graffiti workshop for all group members. What could be more exclusive than spraying on the walls of an old CIA listening station that’s shut down to public?!

After some of the darkest secrets of the Cold War were unravelled (if we told you, we’d have to kill you), we showcased Berlin’s upcoming high-end cuisine. While Berlin’s luxurious hotel and jetset scene is only slowly catching up with its European rivals, the quality of Berlin’s food scene has skyrocketed in the past years. Hence our super tasty gourmet tour through Berlin’s finest restaurants was a real mind-blower. The extraordinary french cuisine at Le Faubourg, the trendy Spindler restaurant by the Spree, the famous Sage restaurant and of course, Berlin’s new Asian star Zen Kichi were the perfect addresses to display Berlin’s new love for luxury.

The glamour wouldn’t run out until the early morning, when our now tired but happy travel agents were driven back to their respective 5 star hotels from the celeb-studded Pearl Club. The best VIP section and an endless supply of champagne bottles had our heads slightly spinning. The 10/10 ranking has proven that Berlin is ready for more high-end travellers, and we’re the perfect haven for top notch private tours through the city. We’re ready for more!


The Scene meets The Pit

As the food scene in Berlin is losing their mind over vegan and vegetarian food, we just have a couple of questions. What happened to our innermost desires for tender, juicy, red meat? Where is the meat love? Will we all eat hamsters’ food in the future?

Just as the questions became unbearable, a pitmaster from Texas descended upon the vegan-troubled grounds of Berlin. His trademark: Wagyu brisket. In 18 hot and sweaty hours of hand smoking Adam Ramirez creates a BBQ with a tender delicious taste, largely unknown to the untaught European tongues. The exclusive Wagyu beef stems from the same cow that Kobe beef is made of and is only bred in the USA. Adam took the liberty of buying the whole stock of Wagyu beef available for European buyers in 2015 to turn it into Berlin’s beefiest dreams. Thank you, Adam!

In an unforgettable 7 course experience, we were shown the power of the Wagyu. Slowly building up the tension with vegetarian dishes and smaller meat dishes, the 6th course brought the grand final. Everyone took a deep breath as the heavy odor of smoked meat filled the air. Were were now being served the most spectacular beef experience in Berlin – and this is hardly exaggerated. The richness of taste the smoking process creates is unmatched, the meat is tender, delicious and unlike anything you’ve ever eaten before. Just minutes after Adam served the opulent meal, all the plates were scratched empty – luckily another brisket was conjured out of the kitchen and everyone got their second helping. Our special recommendations go out to the superb combination of the courses and the chosen beverages. The food was amazing, but the combination of both was when the real tongue candy came in!

Unfortunately the whole event was based on a pop up concept, so right now you can only order Adam’s delicacies for caterings. However, Adam wants to find a place of his own in the future. He tells us there’s an old gas station near Hermannplatz with a rustical charme, that has put a spell on him. We definitely hope he gets the place. We can’t wait to have another bite!

Henrik’s World of Glamour

When there’s glamour, the next Berlinagent isn’t far.

Henrik’s B-day Bash

When Henrik invites his closest friends and partners to his birthday party, don’t expect less than 100 colourfully clothed people. Two seperate doormen guarded the separee in Mitte’s new trendy Sharlie Cheen Bar, the designated location for the festivities. What happened behind the curtains was nothing the public would have digested without asking funny questions like “is that guy wearing penisses as shoes” or  “did I just see Gloria Viagra spanking Henrik with a steel whip?”. The answers to those questions are rather simple: Yes. And Yes. Somewhere between a stack of champagne bottles and a borat bikini, we celebrated Henrik’s big birthday bash until the early morning. Long live Berlinagenten!

Sash & Fritz

Germany’s next premium vodka is here! The vodka-lovers from Sash & Fritz have now claimed that title, and rightfully so. The brand has been on the market since August and is already selling world wide. Takers from around the globe are eager to get a taste of the new German high-end product – mindfully created in months of trial and error, until the perfect taste had finally been found. We imagine this was a pretty entertaining job! We’ve been to the exclusive tasting at The Grand Restaurant Berlin and what can we say – it was delicious. After “tasting” 3 or 4 shots and the perfectly justitied serving of caviar, we were more than convinced this product will take over the vodka world in no time. If you can get your hands on one the rare bottles by chance – don’t hesitate!

Madonna’s Secret Berlin Party

Madonna is known to be a real Berlin lover. Whenever she’s in the Capitol of cool, she stays as long as possible and gets her party game on. Since the gods were on our side, we were hanging at Soho House at just the moment that Madonna decided to come in and throw a big fat party. In the blink of an eye a DJ booth was positioned at one end of the room and 50 trendy looking people walked in, giving the whole scenery the feeling of a MTV music video within minutes. Golden jackets, Geyshas, 80s dresses, teddy bear costumes – you got it, count us in. We danced with Madonna, Rita Ora and Hillary Swank until 5 in the morning. Got to love Berlin. Unfortunately Madonna’s security guards are stricter than Berghain – we weren’t allowed to take any pictures…

11 Years Weekend

Fore more than a decade now, the House of Weekend has been majestically sitting above Berlin’s roof tops, offering the undisputed best view over the city. Their 11-year jubilee saw all the hipsters, fashionistas and party goers unite on the 15th floor – they even opened a brand new floor that night, dedicated to friends, partners and everyone who got their hands on one of the sought-after golden VIP wrist bands. The club has become more stylish over the years, and it was no miracle that more than a couple of champagne bottles were spotted in the new VIP area (unusual for a techno club!). DJ legend Tiefschwarz made sure the crowd wouldn’t stop dancing until the place closed down, just like in the old days. Thanks Weekend, we’ll be back!

Hustla Ball

When you hustle and bustle through a room filled with leather costumes, naked upper bodies and occasionally see easily identifiable body parts swinging to the beat, you’re right in the middle of Berlin’s gay party scene. With the start of the Venus Erotic Convention, the traditional Hustla Ball takes place at KitKat Club. Actors, directors and VIPs from the homosexual porn scene all come to Berlin to get one of the wildest and most permissive parties of the year going. Naturally we were right in the middle of it. We even shook… hands with this year’s best actor – Logan Moore.

X-Mas Party Adlon

You can’t say no when one of the most prestigious Hotels in Berlin invites you to their Christmas party! Surrounded by VIP guests from the hospitality industry, we found ourselves in the middle of a winter wonder land. After designing our own cookies with sugar colors and enjoying a remarkable quantity and quality of mulled wine, the Christmas mood quickly kicked in. Next to chocolate fountains and crèpes, even star chef Tim Raue’s restaurant Sra Bua was lined up to serve some tasty Asian delicacies. Can’t say it any different: we were pampered! Merry Christmas!

Insiders – Dennis Creuzberg

This month we’ve met Dennis Creuzberg, who’s better known as one of Berlin’s finest hairdressers. International top stars like Jette Joop, James Blunt, Charlize Theron or Paris Hilton already trusted Dennis to spice up their looks.

Q: Hey Dennis! It’s quite astonishing that right after your apprenticeship you started working at Studio Steimel, one of the best hairdressers in Cologne. After that you worked at Udo Walz’ place in Berlin. How come you started right at the top of the food chain? Or rather, hair chain. 

A: I was rather lucky to get invited for a work trial. I had to prove my talent and from there it wasn’t such a long way to get hired. Also, male hairdressers were still a bit of novelty back then, so that was a plus point for me, too.

Q: What are the requirements to become a great hairdresser?

A: Even though there is lots to be learned, not everything can be learned. A certain portion of talent is essential for the work. You also have to be fashion-conscious and follow the latest trends.

Q: What is the price range for hair cuts at your salon?

A: The standard treatment for men starts at 55€, including consultation, massage and haircut. A haircut with colour and all the trimmings will be around 250€, and time-consuming desires like extensions might end up costing up to 2000€.

Q: How did the beauty scene change in the past 10 years?

A: By the end of the 90s, men had a bit of a low point when it came to styling. When I got here in 2003, only few Berliners were willing to spend much money on good haircuts. It was the time of cut&go hairdressers, who charge about 10€ for a haircut. Everyone looked remarkably unremarkable and didn’t want to catch too much attention. But as Berlin became more fashionable and expensive, people developed a new attitude towards that topic.

Q: What does Berlin mean to you?

A: Diversity. Today you’re getting a coffee with your joggers on and tomorrow you’ll sit at an event in your suit. There is no fixed direction in Berlin, you just go where the wind takes you. I love that!

Q: What do you do on a Saturday night?

A: I like to meet with friends and enjoy the Berlin food scene. I don’t really go out much anymore…but when I do, going to Berghain wouldn’t be so far fetched.

A: Berghain? Are you a techno kid?

Q: When I was 20ish I went dancing to techno a lot. We used to get our game on at the Wartesaal Club in Cologne, and afterwards head over to a little club in Neuß, where everyone met for the afterhour. There were lots of great parties back then!

A: Do you think Berlin has become a trendsetter?

Q: Definitely. In the last years Berlin has really developed a deep vein for fashion and has given itself its own distinctive face. Under the slogan “I do what I like and I am what I am” Berlin’s face represents the need for freedom, for every person on an inidividual scale – but also for fashion on a general scale. I think the whole Hipster trend developed from that mind set, and has become really popular world wide.

Q: What funny things happened during your career?

A: I once had this customer in Cologne. He was a pimp. One day he asked me if I wanted to come to his brothel to cut his girls’hair and well… I said yes. So once every month I would pack my things an stay at the brothel for two days and cut the girls’ hair in the private area. They were really grateful to have someone come by who wasn’t just there for the one thing. When I started cutting they would just start chatting away… I got to know some names of really prominent customers.

Q: Like who?

A: I wouldn’t tell.

Q: Just a test. Do you already know beforehand when prominent international figures come to your salon for a haircut?

A: Not always. When James Blunt came for a haircut, they told me it was him just minutes before he arrived.

Q: Last but not least – whats your favourite place in Berlin that you can recommend to our readers?

A: My favourite place is my couch!

Q: But we can’t send our readers to your couch…can we?

A: You can try! But no. There’s this lovely Italian place called Delizie D’Italia on Kollwitzstraße. Real Italians, real Italian food, real Italian flair. Not the prettiest of places, but the realest. I’ve been going there for years.

Alright! Thanks for taking the time Dennis. We’ll see you at the next haircut! 

On Tour – Berlin’s Booming Beauty Scene

The beauty scene didn’t always have an easy life in Berlin. In a city where it’s common to just hop in your joggers to do your daily errands – or even go clubbing – opening a beauty store once was a dreary venture. But with Berlin rising high on international popularity scales, the city’s face is undergoing constant change. To be precise: Berlin now wears make up, a 100€ hair cut and has a secret loathing for barber shops.

When the Nordic branch of a world wide beauty company asked us to show them the hippest & upcoming spots in the beauty scene, we put our joggers aside and proudly presented Berlin’s latest feel-good oases in one of our popular cool-hunting tours.

We visited an exclusive range of Barber Shops like BeardyBoys and Wheadon, where especially men can get their beauty game on – anything from beauty products to hairdressing and shaving is on the menu. As befitting for the topic, we paid hommage to a whole range of beautifying institutions, such as The Store or Jacks Beauty Department. The trend definitely goes towards creating fancy All-In-One stores, where beauty customers get all their wishes fulfilled under the same roof.

But no Berlinagenten tour without a touch of glamour – between the stations we made a stop at the Platoon Art Hall, finding our way into a sercret bar, hidden in one of the containers. Our unexpecting customers had the Berlinagenten treatment coming towards them – everything is more fun after you’ve had a beer.

Finishing the tour, our guests already felt like Berlin beauty pros and got the chance to show off the day’s best pictures at a gala dinner at Soho House in the evening. The night ended as all nights should end – delicious cocktails, DJ Superzandy playing funky tunes and dancing until the feet hurt. Thanks for the amazing day!

The Scene meets Weyde

There is a new star rising on Berlin’s nightlife sky! It’s neither in Mitte, Friedrichshain nor in Kreuzberg – which is rather unusual. Instead the new dancing temple is located in the insider’s district Schöneweide, located east of Friedrichshain. Right now Schöneweide isn’t exactly considered a cool hood, but our Berlinagenten instinct tells us the area will become a trendy and sought after place to live in within the next years.

The Weyde takes up the role of a techno pioneer – bringing the music that has made Berlin’s heart beat since the 90s to the outer district. With the same architectural office as the world-famous Berghain, it’s bound to have a distinctive visual touch to it. Our visit to the construction site has assured us that the concept behind the club is just as promising as the architectural planning.

With a wide array of techno/electronic music on the weekend and even Indie or Rock bands taking up the premises on workdays, we can imagine the whole thing working out quite well. For their 2 main floors they have made sure the sound will be ear pleasing to whatever audience: the industry standard Funktion One sound system will be installed at the club, which is used by the biggest music festivals world wide.

Another promising attempt to breath some fresh air into the every day life of Berlin clubbers: there will be a water-cab bringing you right from the inner city to the club’s own pier. How cool is that?! Forget cabs and traffic jams, from now on we’ll drive to the club with style and glam…on a boat!

What’s really unique about the club is its dimension and multi-functional spaces which make it seem like three clubs in one. Apart from the three floors (four if you add the wardrobe floor) there is a promising outdoor area, that will most likely be home to the biggest party trend in Berlin for years: open airs. Also the roof of the multi-storey car park the club is in will be used for cultural events, such as vinyl flea markets and open-air cinemas.

There was a small pre-opening party on December 12th, but the real gems AKA the two main floors were still under construction. We’ve already received our VIP invitation to the grand opening in January. Looking forward!

Global Destination – Miami, The Magic City

Here in Europe, only few people know Miami is often considered the “Magic City”. And rightfully so, considering that a hundred years ago, the city which is home to millions today was nothing more than insect-infested swampland. To be precise Miami’s population as of 1900 was 1.681 living souls. Today Greater Miami has a population of around 5.5 million people. That’s a growth of 327000% in a hundred years!

Miami’s idyllic location has gained it the reputation as the “American Riviera” or “Gateway to the Americas”, boasting blue skies, art deco buildings, designer districts, international art events, hip hotels, gallery-filled neighbourhoods and top-ranked beaches. Due to its close proximity to the Bahamas and Cuba, many of Miami’s inhabitants are hispanic, infusing the city with the magic of a multicultural metropolis. Admittedly, 250 days with sun a year probably helps that magic unfold!

It was about time for us to pack our things, hop on a plane and visit the pearl of the USA, where jetset fantasies become reality and we can finally put our favourite speedos on again. Watch out, Miami, here comes Berlinagenten!


South Beach 

The action in South Beach (or rather “SoBe”) centres on world famous Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. Search your brain for an episode of “Miami Vice” – or any movie shot in Miami – and you’ll instantly remember the amazing setting. In the daytime South Beach can be a family friendly getaway location, inviting you to work on your tan as you watch your kids swim next to water-friendly hipsters (…or get eaten by sharks – they like Miami, too). You can wave to bronze-tanned rollerbladers, celebs behind their sunglasses and lots, lots of tourists as they make their way down Ocean Drive. Here it’s snowing glamour flakes.

However SoBe’s gloriest days are numbered. The scene has started extending north and with the major facelift of Fontainebleau, Mid Beach is undergoing a renaissance that could soon close the coolness gap between South and Mid Beach. The really cool kids now move to upper South Beach, enjoying the best of the two worlds and creating a new jetset hubs.

Design District 

Coolhunters have long found this once-forbidden neighbourhood to be the next star on Miami’s art radar. With the artsy Wynwood neighbourhood to the South, the historic 1920s Buena Vista to the north and the wealthy Upper East Side to the east, the Design District brings a lot of different currents together. The once worn-dorn district is now home to more than 130 art galleries, showrooms, creative spaces, luxury fashion stores, chique eateries and trendy bars. Don’t miss out on this!


Much like the Design District, Wynwood has a troublesome past. However it has developed to become a trendy arts hub, now containing over 70 galleries. Some call Wynwood an outdoor street art museum, and it’s easy to see why. The gentrified renaissance has led to an upspring of cafés, pop up parties and galleries – often leading to unlikely collaborations between muscians, artists and all kind of creative types. Wynwood offers a whole selection of international joys. There’s new craft beer bars similiar to the ones in Brooklyn, hip restaurants reminding you of the Shoreditch dining scene and creative coffee roasteries as known from Sao Paolo. It’s safe to say that right now, Wnywood is the center of cool in Miami.


Downtown used to be an area closely linked to Miami’s image as a trading city. Business, business, business. Now the city’s hipness is on the up. With the finishing of numerous new condos in the last years, Downtowns population has more than doubled since 2000. The cosmopolitan flair has lured a wealthy social class into the the city’s core, creating a whole industry branch responsible for the entertainment of said class. Listing all the museums, parks, cultural spots, shops, restaurants and bars Downtown now has to offer would probably take longer than visiting them.

Coloral Gables

Coloral Gables translates to “city beautiful”. The once tiny suburb has become as truly vibrant arts community. The trademark of the habitat are terracotta roofs, flashy colours and lush vegetation. The Mediterranen flair is reflected by landmarks as the Biltmore Hotel, which boasts a 300-foot bell tower and one of the largest pools in the whole U.S. 

Coconut Grove

Just down the road from Coloral Gables you’ll find the palm-lined Coconut Grove. The name sounds promising, and the Grove lives up to the expectations. It’s a picturesque bayside oasis and considered the oldest continuously inhabited neighbourhood in Miami. The bohemian village boasts the world famous CocoWalk, where festivals, open air dinners and concerts keep you busy day and night. The laid-back ambience attracts a crowd of shoppers, bar-hoppers, students and tourists alike.


Life is too short for bad meals. 

Katsuya (top pick!)

THE best sushi restaurant in town. Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi has long been on our top notch list for sushi chefs, but our visit to Katsuya this year blew off our hats. With extraordinairy sushi rolls, Uechi fuses Japanese tradition and American cravings to a truly unique outcome. Do try the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno and Black Cod – it’s your dreams come true.

Michael’s Genuine

Hands down to Michael for bringing the trend of using local ingredients to Miami. His cuisine is fresh, simple and stands for one thing: quality. Do book your table early, Michael’s restaurant is popular with both locals and tourists. We were especially impressed with the wood-roasted farm egg with aged gruyere. Simple, but delightful! 

La Mar by Gastón Acurio

Enjoy the view on Miami’s bay and skyline as you delightfully eat your way through Gastón Acurio‘s masterpieces. Gastón is considered to be Peru’s Jamie Oliver and has opened restaurants in Madrid, London and Buenos Aires and San Francisco. His approach of creating a mix between international gourmet cuisine and typical Peruvian ingredients as reviewers world wide go crazy! Make sure to rob a bank before visiting!

Florida Cookery

Chef Kris Wessel considers his cuisine a “love letter to Florida”.

STK Miami

With signature starters like Japanese Wagyu beef, grilled octopus or mango escabeche, the steaks aren’t the only good eats to be found on the menu. Must-visit for all meat lovers!

SuViche – Las Olas

The full range of the latin cuisine for a reasonable price.


Choose your poison.

Bardot (our top pick!) (Wnywood)

This place is inspired by the early 1920’s in Berlin and definitely is one of the coolest places to go out in Miami. Live acts such as Nicolas Jaar, Moby, Will Smith and Florence Welch show just how  popular the Bardot has become – yet they’re also home to celebrated underground artists and DJs, offering a wide spectrum of musical perfomances.

The Broken Shaker (South Beach)

The pop-up bar that turned permanent. They serve some of the best cocktails in town, all handcrafted with fresh ingredients and self picked spices&herbs. 

Area 31 (Downtown)

Dress up, ladies and gentlemen. Miami’s professionals like to take the elevator to the 16th floor to Area 31, an epic outdoor terrace amidst skyscrapers. The seasonal cocktails here are real mind-blowers.

Crown Room (Miami Beach)

The Art Deco bar that belongs to the newly opened Thompson Hotel. White marble bar, long-stemmed cocktail glasses and exquisite taste.

Rec Room (South Beach)

A stylish place featuring palm-tree walls cozy leather couches. Comes with live music, DJs and a punchy sound system.

Ball & Chain

The vivid recreation of a 1930 Jazz hotspot. The Cuban influence shows on the cocktail list: try the Mojito Criollo with mint leaves and extra sugar or the Canita with white rum, lime, house-made honey sryup, guarapo juice and sugarcane stick!


Some of the best things to do in Miami are done after the sun goes down. The jetset girls put their fancy make up on the and Ferrari’s are fueled for the night. Miami offers everything from Spanish-flavoured Latin clubs to sweat-breaking EDM clubs, where international top DJs like AVICII, Tiesto and Calvin Harris are regulars. Some of the party guests look more like Barbie and Ken than anything real persons, but that’s just something you have to get used, too. This is Miami afterall.

Here are our top night clubs!

Club Space (top pick)

Visiting Club Space at Sunday 5-6am in the morning almost feels like hitting a club in Berlin. Energetic crowds dance to loud and blaring electronic dance music, even long after sunrise. International top DJs like Dubfire, Carl Cox, Boris, Loco Dice and Jamie Jones are residents in Club Space. Most clubs can’t even afford one of them! On top of that, the upstairs loft and the rooftop patio make party goers scream with delight time and time again. Definitely Miami’s best nightclub!

E11even Club 

Therapy 305

Heart Nightclub 

Nikki Beach (classic for sunday parties)

Nr 5 Twist (gay club)


When you’re on the hunt for trendy clothing, unique jewelry or designer accessoires, Miami is the place for you. They feature some of the country’s coolest shopping malls and their downtown shopping areas are very distinctive. Whereas Berlin’s Kudamm is stacked with design and luxury stores only, Miami has a different approach. Don’t be surprised if you find a 5$ “I’m in Miami, b****” shirt store next to an uber-chiq boutique. With the sun up and the mood high, you’ll even find numerous sex shops, thrift stores and vintage clothing stores in the streets of South Beach. No wish needs to go unfilled here. Check out our selection of great shopping malls!

Aventura Mall

The mother of malls. More than 300 retailers from high-end couture to inexpensive clothing shops call Aventura their home. The mall draws more than… wait for it… 28 million visitors a year. That’s more than the whole city of Washington D.C. 

Bal Harbour Shops 

Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, Etro and Chanel. Do we need to say more? Bal Harbour is all about black credit cards and massive sales.

Lincoln Road

A great shopping destination with unique boutiques, trendy newcomers and the promise of full shopping bags, even if you’re not Richie Rich. Also, there’s a church on the strip. Just saying.

Dadeland Mail

We love comparisons. Miami’s oldest shopping mall still looks like sweet 16 and draws 17 million visitors each year. That’s more than Buckingham Palace.

Bird and Ludlam Strip Mall

Eclectic shops for your off-the-beaten-path shopping experience. No fancy super mall, but Bird and Ludlam pays hommage to Miami’s vintage style from the 70s. There’s retro-styled clothings shops, vinyl, vintage newspapers. Everything you don’t need but absolutely want. 


Miami isn’t cheap. Even value for money hotels start at 250$ at night in high season. The great thing is you have a wide range of different hotel types, from intimate boutique hideaway to full blown luxury resorts, all your needs are covered. Also South Beach is no longer the only cool place to say in, Downtown and Mid Beach have taken the hotel world by storm and now offer some of the most advanced properties in town.

Soho Beach House (top pick!)

Just north of South Beach, the Soho House sets new standards in the hospitality industry. It boasts two pools (one for adults only), a cowshed spa (the BEST massages on the whole beach), a snug screening room and a laid back club bar. There’s also no less than three restaurants. The member club floor with al fresco & drinking and the new Mandolin Beach deli in a tropical garden are reserved for members only. Just like the London-based private club Soho likes it, their audience is a little more sophisticated than your regular Miami visitor. The only restaurant open to public is the celeb hotspot #1 Cecconi’s Miami, which requires a reservation well before your vis

The Edition

Chiq boutique hotel that boasts interlinked structures, spaces and offers a whole world of luxury. The wow experience!

The One

A new mission-driven luxury hotel in South Beach. Organic foods and nature-inspired design for a sustainable and refreshing experience in Miami.

The Setai

Mixes Art-déco with the laid back beauty of the far east. 


First-class lodging in one of the hotels that made the Miami hotel scene big. Pricey, but with wow-factor!

SLS Beach

A touch of Latin America, a touch of Asia, and a touch of the Mediterranean. SLS Beach is a feast for the senses.

Art Scene & Walks

Every year thousands of artists gather for the Art Basel in Miami. The fair has become a central meeting point for galleries, sellers and art collectors to buy rare masterpieces. Even Picassos are on sale here. There worth of the art displayed exceeds 3 billion dollars! Miami’s love for art doesn’t only show in the art fair, the whole city is full of rare designs and unique neighbourhoods. 

Wynwood, a district once avoided by locals and tourists alike is now a magnet for galleries and studios. Art and design have given the district a unique personality. 

The so called Art Walks in Wynwood and the Design District take place every 2 weeks and lure thousands of visitors into the districts, where they can wander up and down the streets and enjoy Miami’s vivid art scene.


The sun loves Miami. As Florida’s most southern point, hardly a day goes by without sunshine. Miami’s beaches are great for sun bathing, swimming, surfing or just soaking up the atmosphere. They’re also well-suited for watching the amazing outcomes of pricey plastic surgery! We approve.

Here are our 5 top beaches.

Miami Beach Central (top pick!)

A popular beach for strolling, jogging and skating. It’s close proximity to sidewalk cafés, bars and the Soho Beach House make it the ideal spot for jetsetters.

Haulover Beach

The dense vegetation on the dunes blocks the views from curious onlookers. Perfect if you want to get away from crowdy beaches or spend some time on the nude section of the beach.

Hobie Beach

If you’re looking for fun, Hobie beach is the place for you. You’ll find windsurf, jet-ski and boat rentals onsite.

South Pointe Park

A 70 000 sqm park boasts a white sand beach with picnic areas, a playground, a fishing pier and great views of impressive cruise ships passing by.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

A picturesque beach complete with bronzed lifeguards, coconut palms and a slightly fancier crowd that the Miami Beach area.

Other Highlights

Star Island

As the name implies, Miami’s stars take residency on the Island. Expect the biggest, most pompous villas in the city, with billionaires picking up the daily mail from their mailboxes.

Key West

Relaxed, free-spirited, artsy and scenic – Key West is a refuge from the normal life and boasts some of America’s most cultural heritage.

Coconut Grove Cemetery

We’ve all see the legendary music video of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. This Bahamian graveyard is were the movie was shot in 1983! Spooky: the coffins aren’t located under the ground, but at ground level…


The national park is right in Miami’s backyard and boasts a spectacular wildlife. Make sure not to get too close to the crocodiles!

Little Havanna

In little Havanna you’ll find what makes the Cubans’ spirit rise. The ultra-strong coffee cubano. It’s made from equal parts espresso and sugar and is guaranteed to blow life into you faster than Berghain’s sound system.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

With its beautiful paths, vistas and outstanding horticultural displays it’s easy to see why Fairchild Botanic Garden ranks amongst the world’s best tropical gardens.