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Insider – Niko Thomas, Model Booker

Meet Niko Thomas, head-booker for McFIT Models. Here he talks fitness, models and staying out late.


Berlin is known for its partying, rather than its gyms, how important is working out and keeping fit to Berliners?

As a real Berliner, I can tell you that I’m seeing a change in Berlin’s approach to sports and fitness. There seems to be more of shift towards keeping fit now and this is a change from the years before when more of a focus was on going out and getting wasted every night. I will accept that this may just be my age, but nevertheless, I’ve noticed it.

What is your favourite Saturday night out? 

My perfect Saturday night would start with meeting up with my close friends and heading somewhere for dinner, such as Beef Bar, Soho House or Grill Royal (I can thoroughly recommend all three). After a good meal, it’s normally on to drinks at Bar Saint Jean or somewhere similar and we see where the night takes us.

So you’re head booker at McFIT MODELS. What does your job entail?

Essentially my work involves liaising with both models and the clients that want to book them, using my skills and expertise to help form an agreement from both sides. I also need to assist in the negotiations for the budget and rights involved in each campaign. Naturally this budget needs to be reasonable and I have to ensure every cost is justified. I have to communicate with other departments to think of ways that the company can become stronger, better and more innovative. It’s a very hands-on role that means I have to be personable at all times. I need to be approachable to everyone in the booking team to ensure the company gets the best out of our department and the resources at our disposal.

Tell us about McFIT MODELS concept? The concept is pretty simple. The only criteria for modelling with us is that you are a member of McFIT, look after your body and look healthy.

Do you practise what you preach? How many times a week at the gym or sports, are you? 

Personally, I really enjoy going to the gym and working out. You’ll usually find me there 3-4 times a week. I really do feel that you need to lead by example but not only that, I want to reap the physical and mental benefits of exercise. In moderation, there can only really be benefits to keeping fit.

What is your biggest campaign that you’ve booked?

I don’t really want to give preference to a certain campaign by calling it bigger than the others. Every campaign counts and we feel proud with each and every campaign we run. Of course, one day we would love to have world famous clients such as Gucci or Nike, but we have already ran campaigns for some of the biggest companies, Reebok for example. We also assisted in the latest AXE campaign, which was very exciting to be part of. On the whole though, the impetus is on finding the right models for the right client. That is our main aim.

Where would we find you on a Sunday morning at 9am? At a fitness class or at Berghain? Be honest!

To be honest, at 9am on a Sunday I am definitely going to be in my bed. I am much more of a night owl than an early bird.

Have you got a tip for something extremely fit and healthy to do in Berlin? For example, indoor climbing wall or a cycle ride around your favourite park etc?

Well, I just bought a new bike a few months ago and I’m really enjoying using that to explore more of the city. I normally start in Prenzlauer Berg – where I live, in the north of the city – and head south East through Treptow. Berlin is a city with lots of open public spaces, lots of lakes and parks and in the Summer the greenery really takes over. This is the perfect scenery for a bike ride in my opinion. The snow in winter may make for some pretty photos but if you’re planning a trip to Berlin, nothing beats summer time.

Red Carpet – Henrik’s world

Henrik swept up the red carpet in the company of Swedish Director Måns Herngren as the paparazzi snapped away.

The Beef Bar

When it comes to style, Berlin has a reputation for down played casualness  – leather jackets, t-shirts, old jeans and scuffed boots, however, there’s another scene. A city of well-cut designer suits, ties and shiny shiny leather shoes, lashings of hairspray, botox, cocktail dresses, furs,  luxury handbags and towering high heels.

Sophisticated Berlin is becoming ever more prevalent and you can really see this when it comes to the sheer volume of luxury establishments that are opening. The Beef Bar started in Monte Carlo, then opened in Moscow and now has come to Berlin. Who would have thought it?

Berlinagenten were invited to scrub up, polish our shoes and don our best smoking jacket for the opening in the historic Hausvogeteiplatz area of Mitte. We swept up the red carpet, as the paparazzi snapped away. The restaurant itself is all slick minimalism, arranged around slatted dark-wood wall paneling, brilliantly white marble columns and tables, and black leather chairs, lit in a buttery yellow downlighting.

We were immediately handed a glass of Tattinger Champagne that flowed throughout the night. In attendance were old Berlin family money, businessmen in suits, skinny women in long dresses and furs, actors, politicians and old school divas. Canapes kept coming out of the Beef Bar’s kitchen. The cuts of meat were delectable, the tartare perfection and the Foie Gras, delicious.

However, you cannot erase old Berlin, which was in evidence, as a Sven from Berghain lookalike DJ pumped out electronic beats to the crowd.

The Beef Bar, Hausvogteiplatz 10, 10117, Berlin.