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On tour – Urban Living

When Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken, okay that’s a mouthful, let’s say BVR were having their conference, they asked Berlinagenten for a Damenprogramme’, whereby spouses could entertained during daytime while their other half was at conference. In total there were 200 spouses, and 20 were lucky to sign up for the most exclusive of all tours ‘The Urban Living Tour’, where you visit the homes of three Berlin personalities.

Henrik got the idea looking up at the windows and wondering – who lives behind those curtains? How do the live? How do they decorate their apartments? How do they make their living?

“I wanted to offer my guests the answer of these questions,’ he says. “I know so many cool people and fun personalities in Berlin that I pulled together a concept to open their front doors to visit. I find locals who have stories to tell, odd things to show/share in a fun/cool/design/arty apartment. Most of people are artists or freelancers in the creative fields.

It´s like a reality TV show’ where you step into a room, an apartment and the manuscript is written live on spot. There are many fun surprises will occur depending on your curiosity and eagerness to ask questions. You will be able to sneak around in somebody´s home and have look in each room, or, even discover their sex toys if you are (un)lucky!”.