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The Scene meets Bikini Haus, Berlin

Could this be the sexiest named shopping centre in the world? Bikini Berlin is how local Berliners christened the building when it opened in the 1950s because a closed in storey once separated the building into one upper and one lower area, which reminded them the bikini! In 2013, the completely renovated building reopened, complete with the 25 Hours Hotel and is now Germany’s first concept mall.

There are three levels, a ground floor, gallery and a huge green rooftop terrace which overlooks the Zoological Garden, Germany’s best known zoo. It has concept stores from the likes of Gant, Closed, Vans and Carhartt, Berlin’s Mykita and Ricardo Cartillone and more interestingly small stores from Vegan label Umasan, book publisher Gestalten and Andreas Murkudis. But what we love are the Bikini Boxes, wooden containers in five different sizes and can be rented by small labels and young designers for time periods between three and twelve months. We loved fashion labels Mr. Gugu & Miss Go from Poland and Rook & Rocks from Hamburg.

Bikini Berlin, Budapester Strasse 38-50, 10787 Berlin