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Insiders: Dominic Hofer from Soho House Berlin

Cute photos Dominic! You look like you have a lot of fun. So, what is your role at Soho House? I’m a Director for International Sales & Relations. What does that involve? I basically bring the Houses and creative companies together to make them one! What is the most challenging aspect of the job? The business runs 24/7, it never sleeps. All of our Houses are very individual, so it is a great opportunity and challenge to find the right solution for our guests. What does Soho House offer that others don’t? We are a private members club, some of the clubs have a boutique hotel attached. All of our Houses have their own character. However, which ever club you’re at, you always feel like you’re coming home. Where can we find you at a midnight on a Saturday night? Simple! I’m ordering hazelnut Schnapps after a great dinner. Getting ready for trouble. GIMME MORE! I love to hunt for chickens in clubs – as you obviously can see from the photo above 🙂 Where can we find you at midday on a Sunday? Mostly in my amazing apartment. I love to spend the Sunday home doing pretty normal things. After a very demanding week full of energy and glamour and fun, I love to clean and have a cup of tea in my hand. I always have music and fragrant candles on. If a celebrity guest asked you for a club recommendation where would you suggest? It always depends. I would suggest Chalet, as it is a very nice location especially in summer times. Winter is Watergate time. I love to see the frozen river spree and the club scene from one point. Is any client’s request ever impossible? We have a YES! YES! YES! philosophy. The word NO does not exist. What was the most glamorous thing you did last year? Spending time with my best friend in Budapest.  Britney Spears live in Vegas on NYE.  And celebrating Christmas, with my family, of course. What has been the highlight of your role so far? I’ve never had so many lucky moments with amazing smiles on guests’ faces. This makes me feel very blessed.

Red Carpet … Henrik’s world

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In pursuit of the highest ideal of red carpet partying, our fearless leader Henrik will go to extreme lengths to make sure he knows the hip and happening of Berlin.

  • Berlin is always hot-to-trot but this was one, very naughty evening, even for us! First stop was Playboy night at The Pearl. There was no sign of Hugh Hefner is his dressing gown but there was copious amounts of flesh on display as Playboy Bunnies strode around, as well as burlesque performances. Next, we went to Insomnia, the infamous fetish and sex club at Templehof. Dominique, the owner of the club and Germany’s foremost dominatrix, had invited us to her birthday party! How could we possibly refuse a dominia without getting a severe spanking? We stripped down to the bare minimal and danced the night away, as people all around us were getting down and dirty. Yes, that means exactly what you think it means!


  • Berlinale always means parties, premiers and star spotting! Eventually, all the red carpets blur into one dazzling red rug, the size of Berlin! Soho House was the epicenter of everything, as usual. The Oscar nominated ‘American Hustle After Party’ took place in the Soho House basement with stars Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, and Topmodel Toni Garrn in attendance. Soho House also made the most of their fabulous new loft spaces for the party after the premier of Monuments Men, as A-listers George Clooney, John Goodman, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, Matt Damon attended. Rumour has it that George Clooney was seen trying to get into the Olympic Fruits party but we can neither confirm or deny this.
  • Kreuzberg gets trendier and trendier, by the day. The once trashy area is now turning into the place to go five-star bar hopping. Offering some high camp glam is the PrinzipalBerlinagenten went to the opening party. Like the best bars in Berlin, there is no sign. However once you enter into the long, thin bar, it’s like stepping back into the roaring twenties.  There are two floors, upstairs is a fabulous bar, with a burlesque acts including a girl on a cloud swing high above the patrons heads as the uber cool bar staff, the girls in corsets, the boys in suits made old school cocktails. We loved the make-up table downstairs, so if you’re looking a little rough you canready to take on the night once again.
  • It was the opening that the entire city wanted to get invited to – 25 hours launching their fabulous new hotel – 25 hours Bikini Berlin! They didn’t disappoint with a two-day non-stop party with over 3000 invited guests coming to check out the new hotel. The whole building was made into a party space as the media, hotel and hospitality industry, local celebs and hardcore party people invaded every floor. Every available space was turned into a bar, dance-floor or food station, including an oyster bar, a falafel station, a dessert bar, as well as the 25 Hours signature Neni restaurant, turning out delicious food.There were DJ’s rocking dance floor in the sky sauna, drinks in the corridors and in the bedrooms, where we were encouraged to test out the beds! Most of the action took place in the Monkey Bar, which has in just weeks, cemented itself as the bar to be seen at in Berlin. With performers roaming around the hotel, fire jugglers and fire works, dancing until sunset, the 25 hours Bikini Berlin have set the bar pretty high for the party of the year. For more photos click here




  • Papparazzi! Fashionistas! Bloggers! Film stars! Heino Ferch! Swoon! Unknown D-list German celebrities from soap operas that the paps snapped furiously, as if they were Brad and Angelina! No sign of Kate Moss but models from Germany Top Model who came 10th careening down the catwalk! I must be at Mercedes Berlin Fashion Week. I got hold of a couple of tickets last minute and pimped myself up for the Schumacher, Holy Ghost and Ewa Herzog runway shows. Afterwards in the VIP sponsors lounge, the luxurious hotel Intercontinental laid on champagne and delicious canapés. I caught up with Britt Kanja, a Berlin legend who founded the club 90 Grad together with Bob Young in a car repair shop back in 1990’s, where the doorman refused Britney Spears entry at the door. Also in attendance was my friend Rolf Scheider who was on the jury in Heidi Klum´s show Germany’s Top Model. He always cuts a fashionable figure. Next time, I would like to see him walking in killer heels on the catwalk!
  • Word had it that Katy Perry was looking for a date to go partying with after performing on The Voice Germany. Of course, I was on hand in her five star luxury hotel on standby ready to paint the town red. Two bottle of champagne later, we found out she had suddenly flown out of town. Anyway, who needs a celebrity to cramp their style and jump the queue at Berghain, when I’m the regular? Okay next time, Katy!
  • It was West Berlin’s big moment, the red carpet for the relaunch of the Zoopalast cinema in Charlottenberg. It opened in 1953, as the original Berlinale cinema and over the last two years has been completely refurbished with state-of-the-art light and sound systems. There were 800 selected VIP’s guests, the champagne flowed as did the live performances, comedy acts and a special movie screening. In the spotlight were actor Matthias Schweighöfer and Berlin´s major Klaus Wowereit but the guest of honour was Swiss movie star Liselotte Pulver, who became internationally known in 1961 in Billy Wilder’s comedy One, Two, Three. I can’t wait for Berlinale in February.
  • Happy birthday to one of Berlin’s favourite restaurants Mani who celebrated their two year birthday in fine style with delicious food and a tonne of booze!
  • I partied with literary types and too-cool-for-school glasses wearing hipster nerds at the launch party of Where Magazine in the club 40 Seconds. I love a pair of hipster glasses, so I fitted right in!

See you next month!